What are the side rules of AC BlackJack?

AC Blackjack is another variation of Blackjack played at Caesars Casino Online, a real-money online casino accessible in New Jersey. The game uses standard Atlantic City rules:

  • Blackjack pays out 3:2
  • Insurance pays 2:1
  • Even Money pays 1:1
  • Player may double down on any cards, including after splitting
  • Dealer must stand on a soft 17
  • Player may split any matching value cards
  • Player may not resplit
  • Split aces cannot be hit
  • Dealer peeks on 10s and offers insurance on aces, per American Hole Card rules
  • There is no surrender option
  • Up to three hands may be played at once

AC Blackjack is played with eight continuously shuffled decks. You may play at one of three tables with different betting ranges:

  • $1-100
  • $5-250
  • $15-500

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What is the house’s edge?

Players following ideal strategy can expect a return of 99.51 percent from AC Blackjack. This is middle-of-the-road, as far as NJ online real-money sites go.

What are the advantages?

Regarding advantages and disadvantages, AC Blackjack is unremarkable. The restrictions on splitting are unfortunate, but minor and relatively common.

A surrender option likewise would have inched this variation above average. There is the Even Money option, but generally this is not statistically helpful.

Where else can I play AC BlackJack?

Caesars is the only real-money online casino in New Jersey that offers this exact game.

What is the software quality?

The program is typical, but adequate. Sound and graphic options are few, betting controls are simple, and no real frills are offered. Performance is slightly slow, but sufficient.

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