What are the specific rules of Blackjack Atlantic City Single Hand Pro?

Blackjack Atlantic City Single Hand Pro is a standard Blackjack game available at New Jersey online casinos. An alternate version exists, Blackjack Atlantic City Single Hand Pro Micro Limit. This is for people who like lower stakes and extremely long game names. Both games use the following rules:

  • Standard payouts of 3:2 on Blackjack and 2:1 for Insurance
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • Player may double down on any two cards, and may double down after splitting
  • Player may split any two cards of matching value
  • Player may only split once
  • Split aces receive only one card
  • Dealer follows the American Hole Card rule and peeks on aces and cards with a value of 10
  • There is option to surrender a bad hand after the peek

Blackjack ACSHP is a high-stakes game with a minimum bet of $25 and a maximum of $1,000. The Micro Limit variation allows bets from $2.50 to $100. The games are played with eight decks, which shuffle after every hand.

What is the house edge for Atlantic City Single Hand Pro?

There is a return of 99.59 percent when played optimally. This is a good return among regulated online casinos in New Jersey. At the sites offering ACSHP, these are the best odds available for a Blackjack game with a $1,000 limit.

What advantages and disadvantages are in these variants?

Atlantic City Single Hand Pro offers decent enough terms. While the eight-deck shoe and the splitting limitations are unfortunate, they are offset by the double-down options and the ability to surrender, tipping this game to above-average for legal online NJ play.

Also, while the Micro Limit form does not have nearly as low a minimum bet as most Blackjack variants with that label, it does avoid most of the disadvantageous side rules common to other micro limit games.

Where can I play Blackjack Atlantic City Single Hand Pro?

The standard version can be played for real money or play money at Caesars and Golden Nugget. The Micro Limit stakes version is only available at Caesars.

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What is the software like?

The interface is adequate, and the software runs well but can be slightly sluggish even when set at the fastest game speed. Graphic options are limited to changing the table felt color. Sound settings include an option to change the dealer’s voice from an American woman to a British woman.

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