What are the rules for Blackjack Classic (NetEnt)?

Blackjack Classic is a standard variant of Blackjack available from NetEnt at several New Jersey real-money online casinos. The specific side-rules are as follows:

  • Blackjack pays out 3:2
  • Insurance pays 2:1
  • Even Money option available on player Blackjack and dealer ace
  • Dealer must stand on a soft 17
  • Player may double down on any hand, even after splitting (except aces)
  • Player may split any matching hand, but only once
  • Player may play up to three hands at a time
  • Player cannot hit on split aces
  • Dealer peeks for Blackjack on 10 or ace (American Rules)
  • There is no surrender option

Blackjack Classic plays with six decks, shuffled after each hand. The game has different limits, depending on which NJ online real-money casino you are visiting.

What house edge does Blackjack Classic (NetEnt) have?

Blackjack Classic has a player return of 99.54 percent with ideal strategy. This is the median for real-money NJ sites.

Are there any specific advantages with Blackjack Classic?

While the side rules do not allow many useful options, the six-deck shoe offers slightly better odds than most NJ online Blackjack offerings. Those usually play with eight decks. The rarely offered Even Money option does not add any significant advantage.

One interesting feature of the program is a tracked history. It will show you the last ten hand values for the Dealer. However, this is of minimal usefulness due to the continuous shuffle.

Where can I play Blackjack Classic (NetEnt)?

The game is available for real-money play at three of New Jersey’s online real-money sites.

Golden Nugget offers the game with a minimum bet of $.10 and a maximum of $1,000.

SugarHouse also offers the game with a $.10 minimum, but the maximum bet is only $500.

Betfair, however, requires a minimum bet of $1, but has an upper limit of $5,000. This is unusually high for real-money Blackjack in New Jersey.

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What is NetEnt’s software like?

Computer players have settings to adjust game speed and multiple choices for background music. That said, the software response is sometimes sluggish. The game controls are a bit awkward, particularly the rolling wheel used to select chips. While the interface is more limited for tablets, the touch-control version of the game runs much better overall and offers a superior experience.

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