What are the Blackjack Micro Limit rules?

Blackjack Micro Limit is a variation on Blackjack with particularly lower stakes than most options available on real-money online casinos in New Jersey. The version follows a number of unique side rules in addition to standard ones, including:

  • Blackjack pays out 6:5
  • Suited Blackjack pays 2:1
  • Insurance pays 2:1
  • 777 pays 3:1
  • 21 with five or more cards pays 2:1
  • Dealer must stand on a soft 17
  • Player may double down on any two cards, including after splitting
  • Player may split any two cards of matching value
  • Player may only split once
  • Split aces may be hit or doubled down
  • American Hole Card Rule is used
  • There is no surrender option
  • Up to five hands can be played at once

Micro Limit is played with eight continuously shuffled decks. The game is available at two limit levels. One with a minimum bet of $.10 and a maximum of $10, and another with a minimum of $.50 and a maximum of $25.

What house edge does Blackjack Micro Limit have?

Blackjack Micro Limit has a greater than usual house edge, thanks to the strict side-rule limitations on the game in exchange for the low minimum bets. The game offers optimal strategy players a return of only 99.3 percent. This is very bad by the standards of New Jersey regulated online casinos. In fact, the game has the worst return percentage of any Blackjack offered on the sites where it is available.

Are there any advantages to Micro Limit?

Not many. While there are a few unique strengths, they are too rare to be of significant value. The bonus for suited Blackjack does not compensate much for the usual 6:5 payout, which is the biggest weakness of this game. The other bonuses are only possible when playing hands with bad strategy. The only real case in favor of this variation is the small minimum bet.

Where can I play Blackjack Micro Limit?

The game is available for real-money play at four New Jersey online casinos under different names. The lower limit version is listed at Caesars and Golden Nugget as Blackjack Micro Limit 10. At Borgata it is Blackjack Micro Limit SP 10. The higher limit version is Blackjack Micro Limit 50 at Caesars and Golden Nugget, but is Blackjack Micro Limit SP 25 at Borgata and at Party Poker.

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How is the software?

Graphics and sound are adequate, though occasionally slow. Micro Limit appears to run on the same software as Vegas Blackjack, which is offered at all the same NJ real-money online casinos. However, it is missing the incredible Auto-Strategy feature from Vegas Blackjack, only including the Auto-Bet. This other feature is still useful but is the less powerful of the two options.

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