What are the rules of Single Player BlackJack (Pala)?

Single Player BlackJack is the standard version of the game available at PalaCasino.com, Pala Interactive’s online casino authorized for legal real-money play in New Jersey. The rules are:

  • Blackjack pays out 3:2
  • Insurance pays 2:1
  • Dealer must hit on a soft 17
  • Player may double down on any two cards, including after splitting
  • Player may split any matching value cards, including mismatched picture cards
  • Player may only split once
  • Split aces only receive one card, no additional hitting
  • Split hands that reach 21 with two cards count as 21, not blackjack
  • American Hole Card Rules; the Dealer peeks on 10s, picture cards, and aces
  • Late surrender is available, where a player can forfeit only half their bet if they hdon’t draw any cards after the first two

Blackjack is played with eight decks. The game shuffles those decks after every hand. The minimum bet is $0.50, with a maximum of $2,500.

This is not only a very high limit for a New Jersey online casino, it is also a very broad range. It is ideal for a player who prefers to start betting small and increase stakes over time. With a Martingale strategy, this allows players to double the minimum bet 12 times before losing terribly.

What is the house edge with BlackJack?

With optimal play Pala’s Blackjack offers a return of 99.39 percent. This is below average for legal online casinos in New Jersey. However, it is still not quite the lowest among online New Jersey casinos.

Are there any player advantages?

This is a very restrictive variation. The only real kindnesses are the late surrender rule and the ability to split any pair. Unfortunately they do not make up for the eight decks and the dealer hitting on a soft 17. That is certainly a crueler combination than ordinary for online blackjack in New Jersey.

Where else can I play Pala’s BlackJack?

Nowhere. This variation is only available at PalaCasino.com and its skin, Scores Casino. Even the demo play version accessible outside NJ is an alternate program supplied by NYX.

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How is the software?

The game program is simple, though it can run a bit sluggishly on an older device. Interface allows players to enable/disable voice description of the action, which some people will appreciate.

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