What are the rules of Vegas Blackjack?

Vegas Blackjack is a classic Blackjack variant that, despite its name, is played on certain New Jersey real-money online casinos. Its rules are:

  • Blackjack pays out 3:2
  • Insurance pays 2:1
  • Dealer must stand on a soft 17
  • Player may double down on any two cards, including after splitting (except split aces)
  • Player may split any two cards of matching value
  • Player may only split once
  • Split aces cannot be hit, you only receive one card
  • Dealer peeks on potential Blackjack hands (American Hole Card Rules)
  • There is no surrender option
  • Play up to five hands at once.

Vegas Blackjacksurprisingly plays with only four decks, shuffled continuously. The minimum bet per hand is $5 and the maximum is $100. While this is a somewhat restrictive limit, the multi-hand option offsets the downside.

What edge does the house have in Vegas Blackjack?

Vegas Blackjack has a return of 99.60 percent with an ideal basic strategy. This is exceptionally good for legal sites in New Jersey, and the highest return of any Blackjack game at the particular casinos that offer it.

What are the specific disadvantages?

Vegas Blackjack is one of the more advantageous offerings for real-money play in NJ, but still has its minor drawbacks. The inability to resplit hands is a limitation. Although this makes sense, given the ability to have five hands going at once. Also return would be much higher with a surrender option.

While standard for NJ regulated sites, the shuffle after each hand is the biggest disadvantage. After all, the ability to play multiple hands with the small shoe otherwise allows for more complex strategies. The continuous shuffle negates this outside of rare exceptions.

Where can I find Vegas Blackjack?

The game is available for real-money play in New Jersey at Caesars and Golden Nugget as Vegas Blackjack, and at PartyPoker and Borgata under the name SP Vegas Blackjack.

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How is the software?

At first glance Vegas Blackjack is stable but basic, with thorough graphics and sound settings for performance and very simple play options such as auto-decline/accept insurance.

However, Vegas Blackjack offers two very powerful features for automatic play. There is an Auto-Strategy option that plays your hand(s) for you based on an editable grid of rules, and an Auto-Bet that continues initiating additional hands. Together these features allow very high-speed play as players sit back watch their balance grow or diminish on its own.

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