Online Casino Cashback Bonuses in New Jersey

Online casino cashback bonuses offer exactly what the name implies: a chance to recoup some of your losses as bonus money. Also known as insurance and lossback bonuses, they allow casinos to bring new users into the fold and reward them for playing.

On this page, we’ll walk through the best cashback bonuses in New Jersey. We’ve tested and confirmed each one.

What is a casino cashback bonus bonus?

Cashback, or lossback, bonuses give players a short window to play online casino games in New Jersey with the opportunity to get losses refunded as bonus credits. Typically, such bonuses give you 24 hours to play and stipulate a maximum net loss you can get back. Net losses are then returned as bonus credits, which you can use to keep playing. The 24-hour window typically starts when you place your first bet, and the credits arrive in your account when it ends, usually within 72 hours.

We particularly like insurance bonuses because they don’t require a hefty deposit upfront and are great for gaining experience with real money games without too much pressure.

How do lossback bonuses work?

Let’s say a casino offers a cashback bonus of up to $1,000 in a 24-hour period. FanDuel gives NJ players this exact welcome bonus, so it’s a perfect example.

Once you sign up, make a deposit and start playing games. Placing your first bet will trigger the 24-hour timeframe. From there, simply enjoy casino games for your first full day with the casino. After the time is up, any net losses you incurred will be returned to you as bonus credits. If you cumulatively lose $200 during that first day, you will get $200 in credit.

Terms and conditions vary for online casino cashback bonuses. Some have lower maximums; others might impose a high playthrough requirement on the credits. We will cover each lossback bonus in more detail below.

If you ever encounter problems or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the online casino customer service. Representatives will be able to assist with whatever you need.

How to collect your New Jersey casino cashback bonus

First, select your preferred NJ lossback casino from our list of trusted and recommended sites. Follow our link and sign up by providing the requested information. Keep in mind that lossback bonuses are available only to new players. Have some personal information handy, including:

  • Government-issued photo ID (driver’s license or passport)
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email

During the sign-up process, enter a NJ promo code if the casino has one for its lossback bonus. You must also be physically located in New Jersey, which will be confirmed using geolocation.

New Jersey cashback casinos

Cashback bonuses tend to be flexible with their requirements, meaning casinos don’t have too many restrictions on the games you can play with the bonus. Here’s a glance at our top NJ lossback bonuses, their playthrough requirements, and which games you can play with them.

CasinoBonus CodeLossback bonusPlaythrough requirementGames you can play
FanDuelNone - Use Links24 hours up to $1,0001xSlots and table games
BetRiversPLAYNJRIV24 hours up to $5001xNo restrictions listed
Virgin30BUCKS7 days up to $100NoneNo restrictions listed
BallyPLAYNJ507 days up to $100NoneNo restrictions listed

As you can see, lossback bonuses come with very few restrictions. All four of the offers above have either a 1x playthrough or none at all. Additionally, you can play almost any game to qualify. FanDuel is the only site that lists specific game categories, leaving live dealer out of its terms.

Cashing out an NJ online casino lossback bonus

Your ability to cash out a lossback bonus, also known as an insurance bonus, depends on the individual casino’s terms. Fortunately, New Jersey online casinos make it easy with only two major types of insurance bonuses.

The first type is from FanDuel NJ and BetRivers Casino NJ. Though these offers have different maximums, their terms are almost identical. Once you play for 24 hours, you get the credit into your account (usually within 72 hours of the initial day ending). The credits you receive are subject to a 1x playthrough requirement.

Say, for example, you get $250 back from BetRivers as bonus money. You can’t withdraw that bonus money until you’ve played with it at least once. In other words, you can use the $250 in credit to play casino games. After that, you can cash out the winnings.

Virgin and Bally online casinos take a different approach. They give you seven days to play and return up to $100. The kicker? That’s straight-up cash—cold, hard, withdrawable cash. No playthrough is necessary. While the amount may be lower, the ability to withdraw it is a nice perk.

These structures are a big reason we like lossback bonuses. They make it easier to withdraw than other bonus types.

Comparing cashback bonuses to other NJ casino bonus types

Casino bonuses come in many shapes and sizes. Cashback, also known as lossback bonuses are on the rise, but there are many other bonus types available. Let’s take a look at different welcome bonuses and compare them with lossback offers.

Lossback vs. deposit match bonuses

These are the two juggernauts in the welcome offer arena. Truth be told, they’re both great.

An NJ online casino deposit match bonus grants credits upfront with a player’s initial deposit. The catch? You have to deposit the amount you want to be matched. For a $1,000 match, you’d have to deposit $1,000. That’s a lot.

Lossback bonuses, too, require a deposit, but not a full amount upfront. For example, you could deposit $200 to get started with BetRivers. If you lose it before the 24 hours is over, you could deposit an additional $300 and still be eligible for the $500 total bonus.

Choosing between these bonuses will come down to player preferences.

Lossback bonus vs. free spins

Free spins (sometimes called bonus spins) tend to come in conjunction with other offers. For instance, FanDuel gives out 50 bonus spins in addition to its lossback bonus.

NJ free spins have some similarities with lossback bonuses, though. Namely, they tend to carry low playthrough requirements. Free spins can’t simply be withdrawn; you have to use them to play a game, and any winnings then become withdrawable.

It’s hard to compare these bonuses because they’re frequently offered in tandem and have many similarities.

Lossback bonus vs. no deposit bonus

An NJ online casino no deposit bonus typically grants a small amount of bonus money or casino credit just for creating an account. That’s the main difference. While a lossback bonus requires sign-up, a deposit, and actually playing games, a no-deposit bonus is essentially a “thank you” from the online casino for signing up.

No-deposit bonuses tend to come in conjunction with other offers, so you may see them paired with cashback bonuses. However, no-deposit bonuses are more commonly associated with deposit matches.

Tips to get the most out of your casino cashback bonus

Ready to get started with the best online casino cashback bonuses? Go for it, but keep some of these tips in mind.

  • Know your deadline: Keep the lossback window in mind so you know exactly when your net losses will be counted and the subsequent credits will hit your account.
  • Understand the terms: Bear in mind any game restrictions or additional terms the casino imposes on the bonus.
  • Play responsibly: Just because you’ll get some losses back doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed cash winnings in most cases. Play within your means and keep it fun.
  • Know the odds: Casino games always favor the house, so you’re never guaranteed to win. However, you can play games with a low house edge to maximize your chances.

Use casino cashback bonuses responsibly

Responsible gaming should always be a top priority. Lossback bonuses are a good way to get in the groove and understand responsible play without fully risking your own money.

That said, casino cashback bonuses can teach bad gambling behaviors by making players feel like losses don’t matter. Remember that after the bonus expires, any losses you incur will not be returned. It’s important to play with responsibility in mind.

Here’s our best tip for responsible gambling in New Jersey: set limits and stop when you hit them.

Lossback bonus FAQ

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s true for bonuses as well. Our favorite lossback bonus is FanDuel’s because it grants up to $1,000, the most value of any online casino lossback bonus.

This comes down to player preference. We certainly think FanDuel and BetRivers have lossback offers that can go toe-to-toe with other big-name operators’ offers.

Yes. Insurance bonuses are an excellent opportunity to give an online casino a try without risking too much upfront.

If you fail to use your bonus within the deadline set forth by the casino’s terms, you lose it. Make sure you use the bonus before the time is up.

Yes. You can play slots using any of the cashback bonuses currently running in New Jersey. We consider insurance bonuses an excellent way for players to try new slots and find a new favorite.

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