Online Casino Happy Hour Bonuses in New Jersey

Loyalty is a valued characteristic, and casinos find ways to reward customers who exhibit that trait. They typically do so with NJ online casino promos and, in this instance, use a happy hour bonus, which can be for online or real-world casino use.

New Jersey casino happy hour bonuses help players play — and potentially win — more. For casinos, it’s a fantastic way to get customers through the door or onto the site.

What is an NJ casino happy hour bonus?

A casino happy hour bonus is an offer for those who have signed up and used the online casino app to return and play again. This is a rare offering from online casinos in New Jersey, but it can be an effective way to have players get back into the app. You’ll usually see this type of bonus connected to slots and free spins.

You’ll also see happy hour bonuses at retail casinos, which is a more common way to get this kind of offering.

The most frequent types of happy hour bonuses for players at NJ online casinos are:

  • Free slot play for making a deposit online or visiting a casino;
  • Free online play for visiting a casino and/or making a deposit into your online casino account;
  • Players who deposit a qualified amount into their online account within the allotted window receive free spins on a slot machine for a short period.

There are many other types of happy hour bonuses. You should consult your preferred online casino by navigating to the “Specials” or “Promotions” section of the website.

Who can use an online casino happy hour bonus in New Jersey?

Usually, the happy hour bonus targets frequent users of online NJ casino apps or visitors to the brick-and-mortar casino. The casino is attempting to enhance the casino play for loyal consumers. It may be that the user has not tried to play online, so the casino offers free online casino spins. Or perhaps that customer has not visited the partner casino, so a happy hour bonus offers free slot spins at the casino to entice the customer inside.

Tips for using casino happy hour bonuses

Here are our seasoned casino betting tips for the happy hour bonus:

  • Look for a bonus that ties to a casino game you already enjoy playing. For example, if the happy hour bonus gives out free spins on a slots game you play frequently, that’s the perfect bonus for you.
  • If you’ve been meaning to visit a casino near you but have been putting it off, watch for a happy hour bonus tied to free play. Your typical monthly or weekly deposit into a mobile casino app may be all that’s needed to qualify for the bonus.
  • Eye bonuses that match your typical play. Make sure you aren’t chasing bonus dollars by increasing your gaming budget. Practice responsible gambling. Remember: Bet with your head, not over it. Call 1-800-GAMBLER if you think you or someone in your life has a gambling problem.

Note there may be playthrough requirements for the free play offered in a New Jersey happy hour bonus. For example, you will be required to play your free spins at least one time (1x), but there may be other requirements before you can withdraw any winnings that result.

How to find happy hour casino bonus offers in New Jersey

At the moment, no online casinos in the state offer happy hour bonuses. However, this can change from week to week depending on the type of offers casinos put out.

Allowing alerts or email messages from your preferred casino is a great way to find out if a happy hour bonus is available. You can also check out the “Specials” or “Promotions” tabs on the casino app to see what they’re currently offering and if it’s something you want to use.

Depending on how often you visit Atlantic City casinos, that’s another way to get a happy hour bonus since it’s more common at retail casinos. You could also check with the help desk to see if any happy hour bonuses are planned for the online casino.

Since online casino happy hour bonuses remain rare, it’ll be interesting to see casinos start using them more in the future for experienced users.

Pros & cons of an online casino happy hour bonus


  • Eligibility is usually simple: make a deposit (you’re already depositing anyway) or visit the casino during the promotion hours.
  • Anyone who has an account can qualify for the happy hour bonus.
  • The happy hour bonus can benefit online and retail casino players.
  • Great for testing an online or retail casino with free spins.


  • The happy hour bonus is often restricted to certain hours of the day or night. It may also be limited to free spins or free play on a specific game, either online or in the actual casino. This limits your choices.
  • Playthrough requirements can be confusing.
  • Online casino players may be required to visit a partner casino to take advantage of the happy hour bonus.
  • The bonus may only provide free spins or play on a game you don’t like or are unfamiliar with.
  • Sometimes, a happy hour bonus isn’t taking place during the hours you prefer.
  • Happy hour bonuses are typically smaller than welcome bonuses or deposit matches.

When can you collect a happy hour casino bonus in New Jersey?

You must be a registered user to claim your happy hour bonus. Those steps are straightforward. For an online account, do the following.

  • Download the casino app.
  • Create a unique username and password.
  • Enter your full name and date of birth.
  • An email address is required.
  • You’ll need to enter your home address to confirm your in-state residence.
  • Enter the last four digits of your Social Security number for identification.
  • Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to receive bonuses for mobile or retail casino play.

A happy hour bonus is often conveyed to the consumer via an email or the casino’s mobile app. Ensure you have opted in to receive emails from the casino: this is one form of marketing you want to receive.

You may receive a push notification about a new happy hour NJ bonus. A push notification appears on your mobile device like a new message, often as a popup window on the screen from outside the app. The notification will alert you that a new happy hour bonus is available.

Some casinos schedule their happy hour bonus offerings when they are less busy. That could be during winter months or midweek during peak times. Weekday mornings and early afternoons are typically the slowest periods for a casino.

An online offer touting a “virtual happy hour bonus” could arrive almost any time. It may even be non-specific. You could be asked to satisfy a requirement (deposit $10 into an online account, for example) and receive 20 free spins to use during an upcoming two-day period. The offer may expire in 72 hours or seven days.

For those happy hour offers tied to a casino or resort location, you’ll typically have a more specific timeline, such as 6-8 p.m. or “25 free spins to be used within the next seven days.” As always, read the details of any bonus offer.

Be mindful of significant events at a casino or casino resort. A casino operator may offer exclusive promos for happy hour surrounding a grand opening or a holiday.

Sometimes, a casino offers customers a happy hour bonus to get them to play a new game. You might see an offer like this, for example: “10 free spins on Super Duper New Shiny Slots Game when you visit from 5-7 p.m. and make a $10 deposit to your game card.” If you’re already making a deposit, you may as well take the casino up on this offer and try a new slot.

Cashing out a happy hour bonus in New Jersey

Most happy hour casino bonuses require you to play the free credits 1x before withdrawing winnings. But that information will be available in the rules. Consult the email or webpage that explains the offer.

Once you satisfy the playthrough requirements, the money you’ve won will appear in your account, and you can withdraw winnings to your chosen form of payment.

Common online casino happy hour bonus terms and conditions

What are the common conditions for a happy hour bonus in New Jersey? Online casinos usually supply that information under the ‘Promotions’ tab. Let’s break down a few typical stipulations.

Expiration of offer

Be mindful of when the casino happy hour bonus expires. It may only be available for a set period or during a particular month. Don’t miss a deadline and let your bonus accidentally expire.

Minimum deposit

A casino happy hour bonus will have an attached qualifying deposit. For example, you may be required to deposit $50 to receive the bonus.

Playthrough requirement

The playthrough requirements vary based on each casino and its happy hour bonus. You may have to play your bonus five times (5X) or be awarded playthrough on a percentage of your money wagered, say 10-15% of your money deposited and bet.

Other restrictions for NJ casino happy hour bonuses

We advise you to read the terms and conditions of the happy hour casino bonus thoroughly. There may be restrictions on which slots or table games you can play (or whether table games are allowed at all). Read the rules carefully.

Happy hour slots bonus

Yes, there is a difference between a happy hour casino bonus and a happy hour slots bonus. So as you go through the promotions or specials on the casino app, make sure you’re reading to know exactly which offer you’ll receive.

A retail casino may offer happy hour specials on their gaming floor (lower or free drink rates or complimentary appetizers), but that’s not what we mean by a happy hour bonus either.

Gamble responsibly with the NJ casino happy hour bonus

You should never place yourself or your family at risk by wagering more than you can afford. Stick to a budget, and never “chase winnings” or bonuses. Just because the casino offers you a financial incentive doesn’t mean you should ever play outside your means or take risks you ordinarily wouldn’t.

Other things to know about happy hour casino bonuses

While happy hour online casino bonuses are still relatively uncommon, they can be valuable promotions for existing players when offered. We’ll see if online casinos start to use them more frequently in the future. If that happens, this guide will help you.

Online casino happy hour bonus FAQ

No, the “happy hour” in happy hour bonuses is unrelated to alcohol. It refers to the period of time the casino requires you to use the bonus credits either in their app or on the gaming floor.

Many games are usually eligible for an NJ casino happy hour bonus. For example, a casino might give you free spins or freeplay for a vast swath of slots and table games. However, the casino sometimes only offers free spins for a specific game.

The bonus spins or play do not count as reward points on your loyalty card. Consult the bonus rules for details. Typically, only the credits you purchase with real money count toward rewards programs at casinos.

Yes, both online and physical casinos in New Jersey are known to offer happy hour bonuses. For example, a user of the Caesars Palace Online Casino app may receive 100 free spins in the Caesars Atlantic City Hotel & Casino when they deposit a certain amount of money, like $10. That offer may be all it takes to prompt you to make a night of it in Atlantic City.

You have to use your happy hour bonus during the happy hours and in the exact way required by the offer details. That may not make you happy, but it makes the casino happy. Someone has to be happy, right? And if you win, boom, you’re happy with your NJ happy hour bonus.

The online casinos we surveyed in New Jersey do not have a daily happy hour bonus. In most cases, their bonus is for a certain window (say two hours) on one or two days of the week. The online happy hour bonuses are often valid for a several-day window (like 5-10 days after you become eligible).

These offers often expire within hours or days. Check the offer for specific details on your happy hour bonus. Frequently, the online happy hour bonuses are valid for a longer period of time than the retail bonuses.

Yes, but only after you play through the bonus. For example, if the casino gives you 200 free spins for making a $25 deposit, you must play those spins ‘x’ number of times to be eligible to cash out the winnings. The same idea holds for online happy hour bonuses. Often, we’ve observed that online bonuses have higher playthroughs than physical casino bonuses.

No, we prefer deposit matches or odds boosts. While many casinos will not give a deposit match to existing customers, it can happen. That’s always an optimal time to make your regular deposit and receive a little something extra.

Then, with an odds boost, a typical payout may be boosted from, say, 3x to 5x. That means if you win on that casino game, your winnings are multiplied. This offer is also often called a multiplier boost or bonus.

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