New Jersey Casino Reload Bonuses 

An online casino reload bonus is exactly what it sounds like: bonuses offered to players for reloading their online casino accounts. New Jersey online casinos use these bonuses to encourage repeat visits and deposits, while players can use them to boost their funds at a specific site.

This guide will cover the key details, what you need to know, and the most common NJ casino reload bonus offers.

What is a casino reload bonus?

An online casino reload bonus usually serves the purpose of enticing players to return to an online casino. Because the bonuses hinge on New Jersey players replenishing their account balances, reload bonuses apply only to existing users.

Reload bonuses can take many forms. For example, one online casino’s reload bonus might offer free spins. Another may provide a partial deposit match upon reloading.

As far as NJ online casino bonuses go, a reload offer is among our favorites. They help casinos by keeping players coming back. They benefit players by providing excellent opportunities to extend their play.

Who can use an online casino reload bonus in New Jersey?

There are only three requirements to claim a New Jersey online casino reload bonus. You must be:

  • 21 or older
  • Physically located in New Jersey
  • An existing user at the casino offering the bonus

These requirements are remarkably similar to the requirements for playing at any online casino in the state. That’s by design. Reload bonuses are accessible to anyone who can legally play at an online gambling site, so long as the promotion is available. Unlike welcome bonuses, reload bonuses are only for players who already have an account.

Tips for NJ players using casino reload bonus

Generally speaking, an NJ casino reload bonus is pretty straightforward. The form the bonus takes will determine how you can use it. For example, a free spins reload bonus will be usable only on slot games (often, specific titles are eligible).

Our biggest tip, though, is to mind the playthrough requirement on reload bonuses. Chances are you’ll need to play through a multiple of your reload bonus amount before the funds become cash. Therefore, you should check the terms and conditions carefully before claiming the bonus.

Also, check the promotions page at the casino offering the reload bonus. You may need to opt in for the offer. Do this before reloading your account to ensure you get the promised reward.

Check your email frequently for potential reload offers. Sometimes, online casinos will offer reload bonuses via email campaigns.

Our final tip? Check the promotions page at your favorite casino frequently. Reload bonuses aren’t always offered, and they can rotate in and out. Checking back often will keep you in the know and help you stay informed about the latest reload offers.

Top casino reload bonus offers in New Jersey

Online CasinoReload bonusPlaythrough requirementOpt-in required?
Caesars Palace Online CasinoUp to 20% deposit match on deposit ($60 max credit rewarded)2x on slots, 4x on all other games (excluding craps)Yes
Bally Casino5% reload deposit match up to $20 (minimum deposit of $200 required)1xYes
Bet365 Casino60% reload bonus up to $100 (minimum deposit of $10 required)10x (only works on slots)No
Ocean Online Casino20% deposit match up to $100 ($50 minimum deposit required)25xYes, use promo code DRDE2B

Best casinos for NJ reload bonuses

Though reload bonuses are typically solid offers, they are still rare in the online casino world. Fortunately, New Jersey has the most legal online casinos of any US state, giving players plenty of destinations for reload bonuses.

Note that the offers we cite for each of the casinos below are meant as examples. The actual terms and amounts will vary based on when you check the promotions page at your preferred site.

Caesars Palace Online Casino

Caesars Palace Online Casino NJThe exact terms tend to vary, but Caesars Palace Online Casino is known to offer reload promos regularly. In the past, reload bonuses have included deposit matches that grow depending on your deposit (for example, 10% on deposits up to $100 and 15% on deposits up to $200).

Caesars reload bonuses tend to come with small playthrough requirements. One recent offer carried a 2x requirement on slots and 4x on other games (excluding craps). These player-friendly terms make Caesars a prime destination for reload bonuses.

Bally Casino

Bally Casino NJIf you’re on the hunt for reload bonuses with a low playthrough requirement, Bally Online Casino is the site for you.

Bally is among the most consistent online casinos offering reload bonuses. Almost every time we visit the site, there’s some sort of offer for existing players to reload their accounts and earn a reward. They usually come with only a 1x playthrough requirement.

The catch? Bally Casino’s reload bonuses tend to have hefty deposit minimums. One recent offer matched 5% of a deposit, requiring at least $200 to qualify for the match. For this reason, Bally Casino might be a better fit for high rollers.

Bet365 Online Casino

Bet365 Casino LogoQuickly rising through the ranks of top casinos in the state, Bet365 online casino further solidifies its stance with regular reload bonuses.

There’s good news and bad news, though. The good? Bet365 tends to offer a high percentage match compared to the competition. One recent offer promised a 60% deposit match with a $10 minimum deposit required. The bonus offered up to $100 in bonus credits. The bad news? It came with a 10x playthrough requirement that could only be achieved by playing slots. Bet365, then, has the best reload bonuses specifically for slot players.

One more thing: we couldn’t find an opt-in requirement for Bet365’s reload bonuses, but we still recommend you check the terms and conditions before depositing.

Ocean Online Casino

Ocean Online Casino LogoOcean Online Casino will regularly offer reload bonuses. Most recently Ocean Online Casino advertised two casino reload bonuses for New Jersey players. One was for any player, offering a 20% deposit match up to $100 with a minimum deposit of $50 required to qualify. The second offer was by invitation only, promising a random deposit match up to $300. That offer came with a code sent to individual players by email.

We like this slate of offers because it shows that Ocean is invested in players and willing to offer interesting promos. However, the playthrough requirement of 25x is incredibly high. While they may not currently be available, regularly check the casino promotions page to see if a New Jersey casino reload bonus is available.

Pros and cons of online casino reload bonuses

✅ Pros:

  • Reload bonuses come in different forms like free spins or deposit matches.
  • They are easy to claim, often requiring a simple opt-in and a subsequent deposit.
  • Reload bonuses can boost your deposits as an existing player long after a welcome bonus is complete.

❌ Cons:

  • Not many casinos have reload bonuses, and the offers change frequently.
  • The terms and conditions of reload bonuses can be hard to decipher, often having a high playthrough requirement.
  • Minimum deposits to qualify are often very high, limiting who can claim the promotions. In other words, they’re usually not a fit for casual players or low-spenders.

When can you collect an online casino reload bonus in New Jersey?

There are two times you can claim an online casino reload bonus. The first is simply when a casino offers one on the promotions page. In this case, visit the promotions page, opt-in, use a promo code (if necessary and provided), and make your deposit to earn the reward. When you see this type of reload bonus available, act fast. They expire and rotate quickly.

The second time is by invitation or exclusive offer. For example, you might receive an email from your favorite online casino inviting you to deposit and claim a reload bonus. You’ll usually receive a code to redeem while making said deposit in order to earn the offer.

How to cashout a casino reload bonus in New Jersey

You can withdraw casino credits received as part of a reload bonus only after you’ve met the playthrough requirement attached to it.

Let’s use Caesars Palace Online Casino’s recent offer as an example. Caesars offers a 20% deposit match reload bonus with a 2x playthrough requirement on slot games. Say you deposit $200, earning you a $40 bonus. That $40 is subject to a 2x playthrough on slot games, meaning you’ll need to play $80 on slots before the bonus becomes withdrawable.

Reload bonuses grant credits that will expire after a certain window of time (often a few weeks or even up to 30 days). You must complete the playthrough requirement by the deadline or the credits will expire.

Common online casino reload bonus terms and conditions

Reload bonuses tend to have similar terms and conditions, covering a few key areas.

  • Opt-in or promo code: You typically need to opt into the reload bonus and/or enter a promo code before depositing to claim it.
  • Minimum deposit: Reload bonuses come with minimum deposit requirements. After opting in, you must deposit at least that much to earn the promised reward.
  • Playthrough requirement: After receiving your credits, you must meet the playthrough requirement within the deadline for your credits to become withdrawable.
  • Game restrictions: Some reload bonuses will offer free spins that can only be used on certain games. Deposit match bonuses might also have restrictions, only contributing to the playthrough requirement when the credits are used on eligible game types.

Those are the basics, but we highly recommend perusing the terms and conditions of every offer before claiming it.

What is the difference between a welcome bonus and a reload bonus?

Welcome offers come in all shapes and sizes: deposit matches, free spins, cashback bonuses, and no-deposit bonuses, to name a few.

Beyond the variety, welcome bonuses differ from reload bonuses in two key ways. First, welcome bonuses tend to offer much higher amounts in an effort to entice new players to sign up. Second, welcome bonuses are only for new players, while reload bonuses are for existing players.

Practice responsible gambling when using a reload bonus

Gambling should be a form of entertainment. The core tenet of responsible play is to enjoy gambling within your means and stop playing if it isn’t fun or if you feel your behaviors are becoming problematic.

New Jersey has numerous responsible gambling resources for layers in need of assistance, including:

Take advantage of the rare casino reload bonus

We hope our guide helped you understand everything you need to know about reload bonuses in New Jersey. They’re still relatively uncommon, but they can be valuable promotions for existing players.

Casino reload bonus FAQ

Yes. Online casinos offer reload bonuses for New Jersey players, though they still aren’t quite as common as other bonus types. To find reload bonuses, monitor online casinos’ promotions pages.

On occasion, yes. Reload bonuses take many forms, occasionally offering daily perks to players. Reload bonuses more commonly offer one-time deposit matches, though.

This depends on the reload bonus’ terms and conditions. Some casinos have very few restrictions, letting you play slots and table games. Others may list specific eligible titles for a reload bonus.

Yes, but deadlines vary. Thirty-day deadlines are often imposed on playthrough requirements for welcome bonuses, though some are far shorter. Check the terms and conditions for details.

Caesars Palace Online Casino, Bet365, Ocean Online Casino, and Bally Casino are the four casinos that most frequently offer reload bonuses.

Yes, but only after you’ve met the playthrough requirement.

This varies depending on the offers at any given time. We recommend Bally and Caesars Palace Online for frequent reload bonuses.

Yes. In most cases, playing with a bonus will earn you rewards for the casino’s loyalty program.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! We generally like reload bonuses because they’re a great way to get the most bang for your buck. Other popular existing player bonuses include bet-and-get deals and happy hours.

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