eCheck Sports Betting Sites In New Jersey

Online sports bettors and casino players in New Jersey never have to worry about the safety and privacy of their accounts when they deposit and withdraw funds.

Players can choose from a variety of convenient payment methods that have stood the test of time and are approved by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE).

So, it’s a matter of choosing a method that’s easiest for you and best suits your needs.

Many customers like to go with a payment method they are already familiar with. For that reason, echecks are a popular choice at New Jersey sports betting sites. Virtually all online and mobile NJ sportsbooks offer this option.

What are e-checks?

An e-check is simply an electronic version of a paper check. Another frequently used term that means the same thing is ACH, which is short for the automated clearinghouse.

You can use echecks for virtually any transaction, including funding an online gambling account. The transfer of funds is subject to the high level of protection as paper checks, but with additional advantages that make it a win-win for the sender and recipient alike.

Using e-checks makes paying on time a lot more convenient while getting the payment where it needs to go more efficiently and benefits both parties.

If you do any online banking, then you are doing so via e-checks.

Instead of having to travel somewhere during business hours, you can complete the transaction from the comfort of your home. The payment also reaches the recipient compared faster to sending a paper check in the mail.

Other reasons to use e-checks

When you pay by e-check, as soon as the bank releases the money, it reaches the sportsbook account immediately.

However, some banks act faster than others in this regard.

In other words, the money gets transferred quickly, but not instantaneously, so relying on them for sports betting isn’t ideal. However, they have certain advantages over other payment methods.

For example, paying by e-check gets around the frequent problem of trying to use a credit or debit card to make deposits for gambling purposes, only to have the transaction declined.

The only way an e-check may be declined (at the bank’s discretion) is if there weren’t enough funds in the checking account. Also, there is no need to travel to another location, e.g., a 7-Eleven, to deposit cash. Moreover, you can save the extra fees that would incur with e-wallets.

Lastly, you can use e-checks for deposits and withdrawals, whereas some payment methods are only suitable for deposits.

Given all of these compelling advantages, it is no surprise that all NJ online casinos and most NJ online sportsbooks accept e-checks.

How to use e-checks to make deposits

Out of all of the deposit methods that are available remotely, the e-check method is one of the oldest.

E-checks have been in the gambling industry since its infancy. New Jersey sports bettors will find that e-checks are an easy way to transfer money from their checking account to their online or mobile sportsbook account.

For the e-check to process, you must have a valid checking account issued in the same name as the registered gambling account. Also, you have to provide the online gambling site with your bank account number and routing number. This info allows you to make deposits into your sports betting account by withdrawing the funds from the checking account balance. The money is debited through the ACH network.

Each time you wish to deposit in their sportsbook account, you must go to the “Cashier” page and select “e-check” or “ACH” from the drop-down menu. Then, you must enter the amount you wish to deposit and any applicable promotion code and click on “Submit.”

High approval rates

Using e-checks to fund an online sports betting account is associated with a high rate of approval (more than 80%). However, there are several cautionary measures any customer should take beforehand to ensure they won’t have problems:

  1. Verify the Balance: Players should make sure they have sufficient funds available in their checking account to cover the amount of the transaction. Be mindful of other payments made that haven’t cleared yet.
  2. Enter Numbers Accurately: Players should make sure they enter the bank account number and routing number correctly.
  3. Pre-Authorize Large Deposits: If bettors wish to make a large deposit, inquire beforehand what the limits are and don’t try to exceed them without authorization.

A company called Certegy Check Services processes ACH transactions in New Jersey for online gambling purposes.

In rare instances, it could block the transaction, such as when the inputted information is incorrect or you have exceeded the deposit limit.

How to use e-checks to make withdrawals

If you are using e-checks as the method of deposit, you will be pleased to know you can use the same process for withdrawals.

In fact, even if you use another method for depositing — as long as it doesn’t restrict the use of the same method for withdrawal — you can request to make a withdrawal via e-check.

You can only withdraw money that is in the cashable wallet and within allowable limits. If you received an NJ online casino bonus that has yet to be fully cleared, the bonus money and any additional winnings will be restricted until you complete the wagering requirements.

How quickly will you get your money?

Unfortunately, using the e-check method to withdraw money out of a sports betting account and depositing it into a checking account is a slower process.

Before the gambling site can take any action to process the withdrawal, it must first approve the request. The sportsbook may ask to verify the bank account by providing proof such as a copy of a recent statement. You should be sure to have this type of documentation handy in case you need it. Any delay will further stall the processing of the withdrawal.

Also, if you are requesting a substantial withdrawal, we recommend that you contact customer service to avoid any issues.

Withdrawal processing time varies at different sportsbooks. In general, allow for 24-72 hours, although it could take longer. But wait; the money still has to credit to your bank account, which could take another three to five days, or even longer.

Once the funds are available, if you need the cash for your use, rather than make a special trip to the bank, you can go to any ATM.

How to get your money immediately

Alternatively, if you need the cash quickly, here’s another suggestion. Instead of using ACH, cash your winnings at the sportsbook’s retail counterpart.

Or, for sports betting sites like Borgata, Caesars and Golden Nugget, which also have an online casino, you can transfer the money you wish to withdraw to your casino account. Then go to the casino cage in Atlantic City and withdraw the cash instantly.

E-check pros and cons

If you’re new to online sports betting and are having a hard time deciding on a deposit and withdrawal option, consider e-checks.

The only real drawback is the lack of immediate access to your funds. This reason particularly applies when requesting withdrawals. But first, if you can deal with the inconvenience of waiting a few days, don’t dismiss this option and overlook its considerable advantages over other payment methods.

Here are some compelling reasons to give e-checks a try.

E-check advantages

  • Security

Using e-checks to transfer money in and out of your NJ sports betting account is completely safe and a lot faster than sending or receiving a paper check.

Furthermore, electronic checks give you a greater degree of protection than paper checks due to their extra built-in security features. These include digital signature authentication, public key inscription (to prevent tampering of funds), and duplicate check detection (to prevent fraud).

Electronic check processing takes place through the ACH network, the same reliable system that has successfully handled direct deposits and automated payments for many years. The highly automated nature of the process minimizes the chance of error.

Also, prior to approving the use of e-checks at sports betting sites as of November 2013, the NJDGE approved of their application at online casinos, too.

  • Almost every NJ sports betting site offers it

How frustrating it is for some NJ sports bettors to want to use a particular payment method, but only to find that their favorite sportsbook doesn’t offer it. You are unlikely to run into that problem with e-checks. Of the many approved payment methods, it is one of the most readily available.

  • Very high acceptance rate

Another frustrating problem that many online gamblers run into, but with credit card deposits far more than with e-check deposits, is having the transaction declined. As long as you keep your deposits within allotted limits and have enough funds in your checking account, you should have no problem at all.

  • No need to open a new account

Most NJ sports bettors not only already have a checking account but have been using it to make other types of e-check payments. If you fit into that category, you are already familiar with how such payments work. You can use the same account to fund your online sports betting. There is no need to open a new account.

  • Can be used for deposits and withdrawals

Some of the payment methods that NJ sports betting sites offer, like Mastercard or Visa credit or debit cards and PayNearMe, can only be used for deposits, not for withdrawals. However, you can use e-checks for both.

  • Low minimums and high maximums, working equally well for all levels

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the guidelines beforehand. Specific minimums and maximums for deposits and withdrawals vary with the bank and the betting site, as well as with an individual’s account status.

However, the range is more than wide enough to accommodate almost any player’s needs. If you are a large depositor and need a higher limit than the site is offering, you should discuss your needs with customer service.

  • No extra costs

Regardless of what size player you are, but particularly if discretionary funds are limited, additional fees can add up. Therefore, it is best to avoid them, if possible.

E-checks usually cost less to process than either paper checks or credit card payments, and the bank passes those savings on to you. There is no intermediary like you have with e-wallets.

This translates into deposits and withdrawals that are completely free. The only time you will encounter a fee using e-checks is when you overdraw your checking account. Otherwise, your bank might charge regular monthly fees to maintain your account. Nevertheless, those fees do not increase when you use the e-check option, and the gambling site doesn’t charge for using this service either.

  • Eligibility for bonuses

Lastly, unlike some deposit methods, like PayNearMe or cash at a casino cage, which makes the depositor ineligible for certain bonuses that the sportsbook might offer, e-checks are fine.

If your deposit entitles you to a bonus, you will get it. If you’re a first-time player with the betting site, this is especially important because that’s when the sportsbook is likely to make its most generous offer.

E-check disadvantages

Compared to the many advantages that e-checks offer, there are a few disadvantages.

However, as any sports bettor knows, you only have a certain limited window of time to place your bets on a particular game. Within that window, the right timing is also critical, as moneylines and point spreads can change quickly. Obviously, for anyone wishing to make in-play bets, the window of time available might be only a few minutes.

For these reasons, any delay in getting the needed funds into your betting account could potentially preclude you from making certain plays.

However, no less annoying is an even longer delay when you try to withdraw money from your sports betting account and return it to your checking account. The use of e-checks delays the availability of your money with both deposits and withdrawals.

  • Anytime you use this method to deposit money into your sports betting account, there could be several days between when the money is taken out of your checking account and when it becomes available for use. So, if you need the money immediately to make a wager, you’re out of luck. In fact, if you need the cash anytime the same day, you cannot count on having it in time.
  • Later, when you would like to have some of your winnings transferred back to your checking account, you run into the same problem in reverse. In every instance, there is a time when the affected funds are not available to you in either account.

You might want to use some of the money you have won to pay a bill, purchase something special, or celebrate with a night out on the town. But regardless of how you plan to spend those extra funds, it will have to wait until they are in your bank account.

If you’re lucky, it will be in a day or two. But it could take as long as a week.

NJ eCheck Sports Betting FAQs

No, if you don’t reside in New Jersey, you can still open an account at an NJ online or mobile sportsbook and use e-checks or any other accepted payment method to fund it. However, in order to use the deposited funds to place bets on the site, you must be physically situated in New Jersey at the time of play.

You don’t need to be 21 years to open a checking account and make payments via e-check. However, you must be at least 21 years old to use this money to place legal bets at an NJ sportsbook.

No, the account must be in your name.

Yes, you can use e-checks to make deposits and withdrawals.

No, your requested transactions will be processed quickly, but not immediately. First, before the process can begin, the party initiating the transaction (the bank for deposits and the betting site for withdrawals) must approve it. Then you have to allow for additional time for the transfer of funds. Deposits typically take 24 hours to a couple of days, while withdrawals could take as long as a week.

No, as long as you have enough funds in your account to cover your payments, the service is free.

Absolutely. The ACH system has been in use for years for every type of financial transaction imaginable and has built-in safeguards to ensure that the funds being transferred are fully protected every step of the way. NJ online casinos have been offering players the same option since 2013, and the Division of Gaming Enforcement endorses e-checks as a safe and reliable method for depositing and withdrawing money at NJ online and mobile sportsbooks as well.

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