For many gamblers, the goal of having a go at a game is to win large sums of money. Unlike other forms of gambling, online gambling holds the allure of being able to play in different casinos from the comfort of your home or office or even while on the move. You can, therefore, spread the risk and your chances of winning.

What is the best NJ online casino for slot jackpots?

If you are in New Jersey, the way to walk away with a significant amount of money is by playing progressive slots on New Jersey online gambling websites. Although there are websites that give New Jersey residents access to illegal offshore gambling sites, it is best to play on those that are recognized by the New Jersey Gambling Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

Apart from being a legal requirement, playing on recognized websites also gives players avenues through which they can seek recourse in case they have any complaints against a casino. Also, through this regulatory body, players who are developing or already have a gambling problem can get counseling as well as any other help they may need from state-funded bodies.

Understanding slots

Before answering the question of what is the best NJ online casino for slot jackpots, it is important to understand slots and the differences between progressive and regular slots.

The two are quite similar. The main difference is the maximum payout. With progressive slots, the jackpot increases gradually every time the game is played. When a player hits the jackpot, it resets to a predetermined seed amount.

The main advantage of progressive slots is that players can potentially win millions. The disadvantage is that the payouts can be low in comparison to regular slots after the seed amount is reset before the jackpot starts increasing in small increments.

The first time a progressive slot is seeded, a player’s returns can be as low as 85 percent. As the payout increases in increments with every play, the returns go through the roof. This is especially the case when jackpots hit very high numbers. Players typically track the jackpots on NJ online casino forums. You can also keep checking where the jackpots stand on the different casino websites.

Legal online casinos in NJ that offer progressive slots

With this understanding of how progressive slots work, we can get into looking at what is the best NJ online casino for slot jackpots. The following is a rundown of the casinos:

Tropicana and Virgin Casinos

Tropicana Casino has a sister site Virgin Casino and both offer the progressive slot Wonderland that has a jackpot of at least $75,000. The figure keeps increasing minute by minute.

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Borgata online casino

Borgata Casino has a number of slot machines which have a huge collective jackpot in its Big Series. It goes as high as over $1,800,000. What is so great about multiple slots being linked to the same progressive slot is that the jackpot keeps increasing at a significantly higher rate. Also, you get to play different games rather than just one as you try to hit the jackpot.

Borgata Casino has a choice of four different slot machines on which players can play for a chance of hitting the Big Series jackpot. They are:

  • Biker Pigs
  • Going Nuts
  • Loot’En Khamun
  • Melon Madness

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888 online casino NJ

Some time ago, 888 Casino offered the largest progressive jackpot. As at Feb. 18, 2017, it stood at a staggering $2, 565,928. As is the case with Borgata Casino, 888 Casino is able to offer such a huge jackpot because it is linked to a number of machines. To get a chance to hit the jackpot of over $2.5 million, players can play any of the following slots:

  • Millionaire Genie
  • Pirate Millions
  • Rise of the Pharaohs
  • Irish Riches

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Harrah’s online casino

Harrahs Casino also offers a considerably high jackpot of over $873,588. Players have a chance of grabbing it by playing on their Ultimate Genies progressive slot machine.

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No deposit online casino bonus offers

If you are a new player and you haven’t played on any of these sites, you can take advantage of their NJ online casino welcome bonuses. In answering the question of what is the best NJ online casino for slot jackpots, Virgin Casino and Tropicana Casino take the cake in regards to new player bonuses. They offer a starter bonus of $20 to try your luck on their website.

To access your bonus on Virgin, use the bonus code 20BUCKS. On Tropicana, use PLAY20.

Deposit bonuses on NJ gambling sites

Apart from new player bonuses, Virgin Casino and Tropicana Casino are also the answer to the question of what is the best NJ online casino for slot jackpots when it comes to deposit bonuses. Players who deposit funds into the account for the first time get a $100 cash back promotion.

The way it works is that players deposit $100 or more into their account and go for it on the slot machines. Should they lose it within an allocated time of play, the casinos refund the money up to $100. This is great to ease new players into the game who are afraid to play. They can get their feet wet without any risk.

Higher risk, higher reward

Progressive slots have higher risks than regular slots for sure. Also, the odds of a player winning smaller amounts of money are significantly lower than those on non-progressive slots. However, the disadvantages outweigh the shortcomings. After all, it is on progressive slots that you can win life-changing amounts of money.

The above is a short list of the best NJ casinos for slots. You can arrive at your own answer of the best one by first deciding whether you want to go for the big stakes. You can also get the most out of your play by going for the best deposit offers.