Blackjack is the most popular casino game in the world.

One of the main reasons is that it represents one of the best available ways to beat the house at a land-based casino. The same holds true for New Jersey online casino blackjack. The built-in house edge is among the smallest of all the games available at New Jersey online casinos.

In fact, by employing a little bit of blackjack strategy, players can reduce that house edge even further.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll break the bank. Nonetheless, following a tried and true online blackjack strategy should increase your chances for a big win.

Counting cards

Card counting is easily the most popular blackjack strategy. Movies have been made about the most successful card counting teams in the world. Their exploits are the stuff of legend in the casino and gaming industry.

Look around the internet and you’ll find a plethora of card counting training sites promising to teach you their method for beating the house.

Card counting isn’t against the law. However, it is frowned upon by most casinos. In fact, the list of players barred by casinos across the United States for counting cards at the blackjack tables seems to grow almost daily.

Basically, card counting involves assigning a value to each of the cards dealt, determining when the shoe is heavy with high-value cards, and betting big when the odds fall in a player’s favor.

It’s a simple enough strategy. Many players successfully employ it at land-based casinos around the world. However, that same success has not been duplicated online.

New Jersey online casinos employ random number generators. These essentially act the same way as a continuous shuffle machine in blackjack games. This makes each card dealt independent, random, and impossible to keep count of.

Of course, there are Live Dealer blackjack games available at New Jersey online casinos. However, even the most experienced card counters may have difficulty employing the same strategies they do in person with the same speed and accuracy.

Online cheat sheets

You may not be able to count cards, but you can still find a way to give yourself an edge.

In fact, there are a number of cheat sheets available online. These will help you play perfect blackjack strategy, hitting when the timing is right and standing when it isn’t.

These charts provide information on the best odds play for every scenario you’ll face playing blackjack online. That information includes every holding you could possibly have against every dealer up card. They may not guarantee you a win, help your luck, or make the cards fall one way or another, but they will ensure you don’t make costly mistakes that increase the house edge.

Blackjack betting systems

The Martingale system

The Martingale System is a negative progression system for blackjack betting that involves increasing bets with every loss in an effort to pull back to even. 

For example, should you bet $5 on a single hand of blackjack and lose, you would bet $10 on the next hand. Lose again and you would bet $20. A player must keep doubling the bet until they get a win and break even. Moderate profits are found collecting wins on the initial bet.

On the surface, it’s a can’t-miss strategy, but you’d better have deep pockets with which to cover the big bets or a lengthy losing streak could break you.

Additionally, players employing the Martingale System need to pay strict attention to table limits. Doubling the bet with each loss quickly adds up. When the table limit is reached, you could be shut out.

The Martingale System is a risky blackjack strategy. However, it is one that could be employed successfully online, assuming you’ve got the bankroll to handle the swings and patience to play within the table limits.

The parlay system

The parlay system is a positive progression system for blackjack betting that involves increasing bets with every win in an effort to maximize profits playing with the house’s money.

Essentially, a player employing the parlay system would double the bet after every win. Those who have been successful with the parlay system set strict win and loss limits and stick to them. Without setting a win limit, a player would conceivably keep betting profits until they’ve lost them. Leaving the table when you’ve hit your win limit ensures profitability. On the same accord, setting a loss limit allows players to avoid extended losing streaks.

There’s no reason why players can’t employ the parlay system playing online blackjack. However, it is just as important to set win and loss limits when employing this system online as it is offline.

Other positive and negative progression systems

There is a myriad of variations on the Martingale and parlay systems. Most involve varying the bet sizing in one way or another in a less-than scientific fashion.

There is the Paroli system, a positive betting progression system with incrementally increased bets that helps players avoid letting all profits ride like the parlay system.

Similarly, the 1-3-2-6 betting system is a positive betting progression system using multiples of 1,3,2, and 6 on each successive bet for some undetermined reason.

The D’Alembert is a betting progression system whereby a player raises a bet one unit after a loss and lowers it one unit after a win.

Players can employ these betting systems, or any other variation of positive and negative progression systems, to online blackjack games. However, it’s important to understand there’s very little method to the madness here, outside of the basic Martingale and parlay systems.

Playing with the house’s money

There isn’t a blackjack betting system in the world that can beat playing with the house’s money. In fact, when you play online blackjack with an online casino’s money instead of your own, you get the exact same chance to win big while avoiding all of the risk.

New Jersey online casinos give away money to attract new players every single day. Take a look at the PlayNJ online casino reviews to find out which sites’ deposit and no-deposit bonuses best suit your needs.

Note the promo code you need to use at sign up, read the fine print to make sure you understand all the wagering requirements involved, ensure they are not too onerous for blackjack players, and then dive right in.

No matter what online blackjack betting system you decide to employ, taking advantage of these bonus offers and playing with the house’s money will give you the chance to test it out risk free.