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New Jersey Online Bingo

In March of 2015 New Jersey online casinos became the first to offer legal online bingo games.

Bingo was one of the first forms of online gambling, with the game making its Internet debut way back in 1996. The game was a perfect fit with the Internet, and the online bingo industry quickly grew until it eventually dwarfed traditional bingo parlors and halls. In 2015 85 percent of all bingo games are now found online.

Online bingo is a very popular form of gambling for a number of reasons.

    • Online bingo cards are cheaper to purchase than cards at brick and mortar bingo halls.
    • Players with a bit more gamble in them can play multiple cards and/or increase the stakes they are playing at, as the numbers are automatically marked off by the software.
    • Because of the nature of the Internet, the number of players participating in an online bingo game can far exceed the number of people that would fit in a typical bingo hall.
    • The lottery style random number generator is both familiar and easy to understand.


How to play online bingo

Playing online bingo is a snap, new players can sign up at Virgin CasinoPala Casino or Tropicana the only online casino currently offering bingo to New Jersey residents.

online bingo NJYour first decision is to choose which stakes you’d like to play at – current game options for New Jersey online bingo games are FREE, $1, $2, and $5 – $5 games are only available from 5 pm to 11 pm.

Furthermore, with bingo online it’s possible to play at multiple stakes at the same time in the same game.

Your next decision is to decide how many strips of bingo tickets you would like to purchase. The more tickets you purchase, the better your odds of winning – particularly the Super Jackpot, which requires a player to cover all three lines on their 90-ball bingo card (15 total numbers) in 51 ball calls or less.

Once you’ve purchased your tickets, all you have to do is sit back and watch, as the software will mark your numbers for you.

Currently available New Jersey online bingo games

The only bingo game currently available in New Jersey is 90-ball bingo.

90-ball bingo is quite different than traditional bingo games with their 5×5 grid bingo cards. A better comparison for 90-ball bingo would be a cross between traditional bingo and keno, as there are multiple payouts depending on how many lines you’re able to cover.


Pala online bingo

Pala offers bingo games every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET. Each evening, the games feature $900 in added prize money and free bingo tickets.

The site features auto-daubing. This means, rather than pick how many boards you play based on how quickly you can daub them all, you can pick however many games you want, knowing the software will do the heavy lifting, ensuring you never miss a ball or a bingo.


Tropicana and Virgin online bingo

As sister sites, the bingo offerings on Tropicana and Virgin are effectively the same. Both sites offer round-the-clock bingo action. The buy-ins for games are $1, $2, and $5.

If you do not feel like spending any money to enjoy the bingo fun, both sites offer free games every half-hour throughout the day and evening. Both sites are going for a social vibe to the game, emphasizing chat features. In order to allow players to chat, the sites offer autodabbing and card-sorting features. With those activated, players never have to worry about missing a number.


NJ online bingo FAQ

Do online bingo sites offer deposit bonuses?


In the Garden State, online bingo games are run through licensed New Jersey online casinos. Any deposit made to these sites to play online bingo is eligible for the standard deposit bonus the online casino offers.

Can I play bingo for free online?


Players can claim one free strip of six tickets per game in New Jersey, but free play tickets are not eligible for the Super Jackpot money.

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