These Jackpots Are What Keep Golden Nugget Hitting The Online Jackpot

Written By Bart Shirley on November 21, 2017 - Last Updated on November 20, 2017

The New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement released an update to its running list of jackpots over $75,000 on Oct. 15. In 2017, New Jersey online gamblers have pocketed over $2.6 million from major jackpots.

Players won roughly 17 percent of the largest jackpots online, but the two seven-figure wins both occurred in live play. Here are the top five online jackpots in 2017:

Date Jackpot Amount Bet Amount Casino Game
8/24/17 $271,268.00 $10.00 Golden Nugget Divine Fortune
8/7/17 $207,350.00 $100.00 Golden Nugget Jungle Spirit
8/7/17 $200,362.00 $20.00 Golden Nugget Get Clucky
8/17/17 $197,760.00 $5.00 Betfair Quick Hit Platinum



$160,000.00 $0.10 Borgata Game King Bonus Poker

Interestingly, the four largest jackpots occurred in August, with two on the same day. The three-way tie for the fifth-largest jackpot is even stranger, occurring within a week’s time in May on the same website on the same machine in the same denomination.

Less surprising is the fact that the two most successful online casino sites in New Jersey were also the main sources of jackpot wins. Golden Nugget has awarded over $1 million in 2017 on six jackpot wins. Borgata has had seven big winners, and has given out roughly $840,000 in cash prizes.

In fact, all other online jackpots arose out of partner sites to Golden Nugget and Borgata. Betfair and SugarHouse, both licensed under Golden Nugget, have awarded five jackpots worth nearly $700,000 to players so far this year. Partypoker had a lone $80,000 bink in September, and its revenues fall under Borgata’s heading.

Numbers reveal contrast in importance of online gaming for the Big Two

The neck-and-neck results suggest that Borgata and Golden Nugget have the same interest in luring players with the promise of jackpot wins. However, a closer examination of state revenue filings reveals a wide difference in the importance of online gaming for the two operators.

The impact of Golden Nugget’s online presence is far more important to the company than Borgata’s offerings are to Borgata. Golden Nugget’s online sites have earned over $56 million in revenue in 2017, far surpassing its closest competitor.

However, that figure represents 23.5 percent of Golden Nugget’s overall revenue, a far greater percentage of revenue than any of the other five online operators in New Jersey. In fact, of the five online operators, Golden Nugget’s live take only exceeds Resorts’s revenue, and those two casinos don’t even approach the top three.

Borgata’s live revenue is almost 3.5 times that of Golden Nugget. So, even though Borgata’s online presence represents just under 6 percent of its total revenue, the big casino is winning the war. However, Golden Nugget still has room to grow – its 27.5 percent market share could expand in the coming years.

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