We Think You Can Carry This 888 Casino Promo All The Way To A Touchdown

Written By Daniel Smyth on September 20, 2018

Celebrate the 2018-2019 football season at 888 Casino with a new deposit bonus offer where the size of your reward is as random as the results on NFL gameday.

Get ready for a $500 Football Surprise at 888 Casino NJ

As most of you already know, football season is well underway, which means the NFL’s finest are doing their best to entertain.

However, what you might not be aware of is the fact NJ online casino bonuses are as much a part of the action as punts. With NJ sports betting fever taking hold following the demise of PASPA, the leading casino operator’s are starting to embrace their sporty sides. 

The latest site to jump on the bandwagon and make a break for the end zone line is 888 Casino. (And let’s not forget that the 888 brand in New Jersey now also has a sportsbook, 888 Sport.) This week, the promotion team is full of surprises, quite literally.

Dubbed Football Surprises, the offer is open to new and existing players that make a deposit before 11:59 p.m. ET on Sept. 23. Those that make the cut will be given a random multiplier worth up to 500 percent of your deposit.

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You never know which way the game will swing

The beauty of this deal, much like a game of football, is that you never know which way things are going to go.

When you deposit at least $20 using the promo code FOOTBALL20, you’ll be assigned a random multiplier worth between 15 percent and 500 percent. As you’d expect, the chances of hitting the top multipliers are lower than those at the bottom of the spectrum:

  • 15% multiplier (max bonus of $50) = 14% probability
  • 25% multiplier (max bonus of $50) = 1% probability
  • 50% multiplier (max bonus of $50) = 1% probability
  • 100% multiplier (max bonus of $50) = 1% probability
  • 500% multiplier (max bonus of $500) = 0% probability

Before we talk about the probabilities outlined by 888 Casino, let’s complete our roundup of the terms and conditions.

Active players can collect up to three random deposit bonuses each day using the Football Surprises promo. The maximum number of bonuses you can claim during the promotional period is 10. Finally, any free credits you receive will be subject to a 30X playthrough before you can withdraw the cash and any associated winnings.

Probable, possible and almost impossible

Now we’ve given you the specifics of this offer, let’s look at the probabilities. The eagle-eyed among you will notice two things.

Firstly, the percentages don’t add up to 100. Secondly, it says there is a 0 percent chance of hitting the 500 percent multiplier. Although we can’t say exactly why 888 Casino NJ has calculated things in this way, our suspicion is that your chances aren’t actually zero. In fact, under licensing laws set out by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, operators can’t make false claims.

Therefore, if you really did have a 0 percent chance of hitting a 500 percent multiplier, 888 Casino wouldn’t be able to list this as a possible prize.

Assuming everything is in order here, it’s either the case that the zero is a printing error or the mathematics used are slightly confusing. Either way, you will be able to hit a 500 percent multiplier. This aside, what we can say for sure is that the percentages are a guide as to how often each bonus will be released.

Looking at it from this perspective, it’s clear you’re going to get a 15 percent multiplier more often than anything else. Beyond that, anything from 25 percent to 100 percent has an equal chance of rolling in when you make a deposit.

Tailor your deposits to suit the playing conditions

From this, the obvious strategy is to go at this promotion hard and fast.

The more deposits you make, the more chances you have of hitting a higher multiplier. What’s also important to factor in here is the max payout. Other than the top prize, you’ll be able to receive up to $50 in bonus credits. Working on that basis, it’s not worth depositing more than $330. If we assume you’re going to receive a 15 percent multiplier the majority of the time, $330 basically gets you the full $50 bonus i.e. 15 X 330 = 4,950 / 100 = $49.50.

Of course, this is the safe play if you want the full $50 bonus. If you’re a small stakes player and can’t afford to deposit that much, just make sure you meet the $20 minimum and add as much as you like. However, if you’ve got the necessary funds, this strategy will maximize your potential returns during the promotional period.

Yes, there will be times when you receive a 100 percent multiplier and you’ll lose out on some value. However, because the 15 percent prizes are going to be a lot more common than anything else, it pays to use this as a baseline.

A nice surprise for mid-volume grinders

Overall, 888 Casino’s Football Surprises is more suited to mid and high-level players at NJ online casinos. Even though novices may strike it lucky and receive the top payout, the reality is that you’re going to be doing what the best NFL teams do and constantly rack-up the yards, i.e. pick up incremental wins.

What’s more, the 30X playthrough has to be completed within seven days, which may be tough for low-volume players. Therefore, even though it’s not impossible for casual players to get something from this bonus, we’d think you’ll get more surprises if you’re willing to deposit big and often.

If you’re not yet a member of 888 Casino, follow our secure sign-up link and take advantage of this bonus offer and $25 free today.

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