Automatic Drink Ordering System At Caesars Atlantic City Improves Service

Posted By PlayNJ Staff on November 24, 2018

There is a lot of talk in Atlantic City about drink monitoring and ordering systems. Some players are worried that this is a way for casinos to cut down on comped drinks.

All Caesars Atlantic City casinos use an automated system to order drinks. It is simple to use.

How to use the automated drink system in Atlantic City

Players start with a menu of drinks. There are sections for beer, wine, liquor, and non-alcoholic options.

The guest uses a touchscreen to choose the preferred drink. The machine sends a message to the service bar with the machine number and a map of its location.

Once the order is received, there is a message on the machine that alerts the player. It beeps when the drink leaves the service bar.

A message tells the player not to leave or they’ll miss their drink. Once the drink arrives, the player or server clears the order from the screen as a successful delivery. The drink can be easily canceled before it is made if the player chooses to move.

A first-hand account from Harrah’s

I played at Harrah’s during my two-night Atlantic City stay. Some drinks arrived within a minute. The average time was three or four minutes. It took longer than 10 minutes one time, and the polite server apologized repeatedly even though I was not the upset by the delay.

The official policy is no more than one drink every 20 minutes. However, I often received a second drink within that time frame upon request.

In addition to the ease of ordering, the chance of mistakes is drastically reduced. I often order a vodka with club soda. The server or bartender sometimes hears or writes down “seven” instead, so I end up with a much sweeter drink than I like.

That error is impossible in this setup.

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Favorites, accounts, and Total Rewards

The drink system remembers previous orders when a Total Rewards card is inserted in the machine, so you can reorder your favorite drink with one click, as opposed to having to scroll through all the options.

However, I did find one minor annoyance with this system.

I like to get a bottle of water with a drink to help with dehydration. This is impossible in this drink system. Many of the servers carried extra bottles of water for this reason. Some did not or ran out before getting to me. This is a minor nuisance for an otherwise great service.

If Caesars or any other company rolls out an identical system in Las Vegas, I think it will work out better for players. Drinks are delivered faster under this system than when an order must be taken in person.

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