What Are The Best New Jersey Online Slots Features And Bonuses?

Posted By Matt Perry on November 28, 2016

[toc]One of the best parts of playing online slots in New Jersey is hitting a nice bonus feature round.

It’s what sets online slots and video slot machines apart from their simpler cousins the fruit machine and video poker games.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top slots bonus features you can look forward to hitting if you spin the reels at online casinos in New Jersey.

5. Pick me bonus

This simple bonus feature is exactly what it sounds like.

You’re given several options to choose from, and pick one or more. These options will contain different prizes and bonuses; think of it as being a slots version of Deal Or No Deal.

Often, these can evolve into fully-fledged mini-games with multiple levels and ever-increasing prizes. Just look at the Into The Cave Bonus Round in Aladdin’s Legacy, which you can play at Betfair.

In this feature, you’ll pick gemstones, then go on to pick a cave entrance, then pick various ways through the treasure room to find a huge payday.

4. Re-spins

Re-spins are a very simple feature that are often frequently triggered on slots that have them. Generally, you’ll find them triggered after a winning spin, and you get an additional spin for free – but whatever you win is added to your bankroll.

Most games that offer a re-spins feature will just give one re-spin after a winning spin, but sometimes you’ll find more. Additionally, you’ll often see wild symbols or winning payline combinations locked in place to increase your chances of winning on the re-spin!

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3. Instant wins

This one is a contentious affair with online slots fans, with a very obvious pro and a very obvious con.

The pro: You can receive a bet multiplier or instant cash prize at any time.

The con: You don’t actually do anything.

Now, some people consider the second point a pro as well!

The instant win style of slot bonus is generally triggered at random, and is much more common with themed slots. In these, it will be accompanied by an animation or cut-scene.

A great example of this is the Brave Sir William Bonus on the fantastic NextGen game A Dragon’s Story, which you can play at Resorts.

This instant win is triggered after any random spin, and will see Sir William the Knight rush onto the reels, dropping treasure along the way which you can then pick up in an instant cash win.

2. Free spins

This is the most common type of online slot bonus feature, with practically every single game offering some sort of free spins bonus.

It’s usually easy to trigger, simply by hitting two or three assigned symbols, and awards a set of free plays at your current wager without you risking any money.

Obviously, free slots spins works out to be a pretty nice deal already, but some games really go above and beyond. For example, many games will award double or triple prizes for all free spins wins, which is fantastic value when you trigger the feature.

Other games go even further, for example by adding extra wild symbols to the reels; other games will remove all low-scoring symbols; some even lock a wild reel in place.

Because you’ll often get five or more free spins, they’re much better features than the similar re-spin bonus you find in some games.

1. Progressive jackpot

Naturally, the daddy of all online slots features is the progressive jackpot. It’s with these gargantuan jackpot prizes that headlines are made and lives are changed, and many online slots fans won’t play a game without one.

Progressive jackpots can be connected to many games and build rapidly, awarding millions of dollars to the lucky player who triggers them. Some are accessed via a feature round similar to those described above and others are triggered randomly after any winning spin.

The randomly-triggered ones can hit whether you bet $0.10 or $1,000 per spin, though the more you bet the higher your chances of triggering a monster win.

So, of course, with progressive jackpots awarding upwards of $10 million to online slots players, how could we put any other bonus feature at number one?

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