Which NJ Online Game Of The Week Is Tops? Breaking Down The Deals

Written By Daniel Smyth on January 10, 2018 - Last Updated on January 11, 2018

[toc]Ever found yourself clicking through the lobbies of New Jersey’s top-rated online casinos and not known what to play? With the market still growing at a rapid rate, the number of games to choose from is forever increasing.

Naturally, this is great news if you’re a regular player because it means there’s always something new for you to try. But, this blessing can also become a source of frustration if you can’t decide which of the many options are best. Basically, what we’re saying is that it can be hard to choose a game when there are so many options out there. Now, given our position in the industry, we could give you a few pointers. However, there are times when information from the horse’s mouth is more useful.

Fortunately for you, the Garden State’s casino horses are more than ready to speak up. In fact, some of the leading platforms will often boast about their “Game of the Week.” Although the games listed might not always float your boat, they are a great source of inspiration and, in many cases, extra value.

You see, in order for a game to become the hot tip, it has to have something about it. In some cases, this might mean it has a progressive jackpot about to burst. Other times, you might find that a Game of the Week has just been released or it offers some extra bonuses.

Games of the Week: Betfair Casino and Golden Nugget Casino

Whatever it is, Games of the Week often offer more value than usual and are, therefore, worth playing. With this in mind, we’ve picked out two of the latest recommendations from Betfair Casino and the Golden Nugget:

A bit more at Betfair

Over at Betfair Casino this week, you can take out your frustrations on a group of pigs by hitting Smash the Pig’s bet button. For those that ante-up between Jan. 8 and Jan. 14, a $5 bonus is available if you smash the pigs for at least $250 in a single day. To put it another way, if you stake $250 in a single day during the promo period, you’ll receive a $5 bonus.

The free credits are available once per account, per day, which means you could collect as much as $35 in free play cash. Assuming you meet the pre-collection wagering requirements, you’ll be able to use your credits to play any of the site’s real-money games. Although the bonus cash can’t be withdrawn, any winnings from it will be converted into real money and yours to keep. This is also a promotion that runs weekly, so if you do not play this week, you can check it out with a different game in the future.

[show-table name=cta-betfair]

Plenty of points at Golden Nugget

For something similar yet slightly different, Golden Nugget is shining a spotlight on Icy Wilds this week. Another popular online slot, Icy Wilds has a Frozen-esque feel to it and, thanks to Golden Nugget, an equally cool offer this week. Anyone that wagers $100 on Icy Wilds between Jan. 8 and Jan. 11 (at 11:59 pm ET) will earn extra Golden Points. So, in this instance, you’ll get 10 points instead of five. This holds true for every $100 you bet. So, if you wagered $500, you’d receive 50 instead of 25.

[show-table name=cta-golden-nugget]

Which game is best for you?

As you can see, the two Game of the Week offers have a similar underlying theme. However, the value of your prize will differ depending on where you play. In real money terms, Betfair Casino’s offer is more instantly rewarding. As long as you meet the minimum contributions each day, you’ll get some free credits which you can then turn into cold hard cash. For newbies and novice players, this is the deal to take as even the smallest financial boost can help your bankroll dramatically.

In contrast, Golden Nugget’s deal is easier to claim but its value is less obvious. The important thing to note here is that you can earn an unlimited amount of extra points. Betfair Casino’s deal limits the amount you can win each day, but Golden Nugget is a lot more generous. For high volume players, this is obviously much more beneficial. Aside from giving you more bang for your buck, it’s the best way to improve your Golden Points total with the minimum amount of effort. Indeed, the long-term benefit of this promo is that you can earn more points which can, in turn, be used to claim more prizes and bonuses.

When you compare the two offers in this way, it’s fair to say that Betfair’s is better for casual players and Golden Nugget’s will suit regulars. Of course, you’re free to take part in both if you wish. However, if you’re looking to maximize your returns, we’d suggest Betfair if you’re a newbie and Golden Nugget if you’re a seasoned pro.

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