BetMGM Doubles Down With New Poker Fest Featuring 40 Events

Written By Anthony Cicali III on January 21, 2022 - Last Updated on December 12, 2023
BetMGM Poker DT

New Jersey online poker players will be excited to see a new series drop this month. The BetMGM Double Trouble series runs from Jan. 21-30. The events include over $300,000 in guaranteed prize pools.

Players physically located in the New Jersey boundaries can access the series through three different poker skins. All three sites share the same player pool:

More Double Trouble tournament details

Garden State players will find a wide variety of events and the series includes 40 different tournaments. The Double Trouble entry fees range from $20 up to $535. Players will get a chance to play in four events nightly. Each event starts at either 7 PM or 8 PM ET.

“Through Double Trouble, BetMGM gets to show players the depth and signature accessibility of our tournament offerings – both in variations of buy-in levels and format,” said Luke Staudenmaier, director of poker, BetMGM. “Our players embraced the bounty-centric New Year Knockout Weekend and, this month can play in one of the most entertaining formats in poker once again.”

New Jersey will see a few bigger guaranteed tournaments in this series. On Jan. 30 online grinders will get an option to participate in two $215 buy-in tournaments. These events boast a $30,000 guarantee each.

BetMGM looks to poker pros opinions

Every month MGM brand has been launching an evolving poker series. They have been taking input from the poker community and pros.

In September 2022, Partypoker US Network ( partnered with Borgata in NJ) signed a deal with Darren Elias in September. Between live and online tournaments, he has $17 million in tournament earnings.

Elias also currently holds the record for most WPT wins, final tables, and cashes.

“As partypoker US Network continues to expand, I’m excited to grow with them and bring accessible, championship-level online poker to players across the US,” Elias told USPoker.

Elias has helped design some of the monthly series to date. Among other feedback, local players have requested more Progressive Knockout (PKO) bounty tournaments.

“My favorite online tournaments are bounty tournaments generally,” New Jersey poker player Richard Waldman says. “I like the idea of taking out a couple players early and knowing I am now freerolling the rest of the tournament.”

BetMGM will be focusing on bringing that demand to the table this month. Nearly half the events in the Double Trouble Series will be PKO events.

Besides the PKO’s,  BetMGM will have Six-Max, Eight-Max, Turbos, and Pot-Limit Omaha events. Other New Jersey series highlights include:

  • $215 NLHE Re-Entry (Event 5A, Jan.23) – $30,000 guaranteed
  • $535 NLHE Eight-Max PKO (Event 9A, Jan. 25) – $15,000 guaranteed
  • $50 Pot Limit Omaha PKO Bounty (Event 10B, Jan. 25) – $5,000 guaranteed

These events will also be available in Pennsylvania and Michigan as well, guarantees may vary.

BetMGM Double Trouble Poker Fest schedule

No.DateTime (ET)Event (Gtd.)Buy-in
1Jan. 21 (F)7:00 p.m.$10K Gtd. NLH 8-Max$109
2Jan. 21 (F)7:00 p.m.$10K Gtd. PKO Bounty 8-Max$109; $50 bounty
3Jan. 21 (F)8:00 p.m.$2K Gtd. Turbo NLH 8-max$20
4Jan. 21 (F)8:00 p.m.$2K Gtd. Turbo PKO Bounty 8-Max$20; $9 bounty
5Jan. 22 (Sa)7:00 p.m.$5K Gtd. Turbo NLH 6-Max$50
6Jan. 22 (Sa)7:00 p.m.$5K Gtd.Turbo PKO Bounty 6-Max$50; $22.50 bounty
7Jan. 22 (Sa)8:00 p.m.$2K Gtd. NLH 8-Max$20
8Jan. 22 (Sa)8:00 p.m.$2K Gtd. PKO Bounty NLH 8-Max$20; $9 bounty
9Jan. 23 (Su)7:00 p.m.$30K Gtd. NLH 8-Max$215
10Jan. 23 Su)7:00 p.m.$30K Gtd. PKO Bounty 8-Max $215; $100 bounty
11Jan. 23 (Su)8:00 p.m.$7.5K Gtd. NLH 8-Max.$50
12Jan. 23 (Su)8:00 p.m.$7.5K Gtd. PKO Bounty 8-Max$50; $22.50 bounty
13Jan. 24 (M)7:00 p.m.$10K Gtd. NLH 8-Max $109
14Jan. 24 (M)7:00 p.m$10K Gtd. PKO Bounty 8-Max$109 buy-in; $50 bounty
15Jan. 24 (M)8:00 p.m.$2K Gtd. Turbo NLH 6-Max $20
16Jan. 24 (M)8:00 p.m. $2K Gtd. PKO Bounty Turbo NLH 6-Max $20; $9 bounty
17Jan. 25 (Tu)7:00 p.m.$15K Gtd. NLH 8-Max$535
18Jan. 25 (Tu)7:00 p.m.$15K Gtd. PKO Bounty NLH 8-Max$535: $250 bounty
19Jan. 25 (Tu)8:00 p.m.$5K Gtd. PLO 6-Max Turbo$50
20Jan. 25 (Tu)8:00 p.m. $5K Gtd. PLO PKO Bounty 6-Max Turbo$50; $22.50 bounty
21Jan. 26 (W)7:00 p.m.$2K Gtd. NLH 8-Max$20
22Jan. 26 (W)7:00 p.m.$2K Gtd. PKO Bounty NLH 8-Max$20; $9 bounty
23Jan. 26 (W)8:00 p.m. $5K Gtd. Turbo NLH 8-Max$50
24Jan. 26 (W) 8:00 p.m. $5K Gtd. PKO Bounty Turbo NLH 8-Max $50; $22.50 bounty
25Jan. 27 (Th)7:00 p.m.$10K Gtd. NLH 8-Max$109
26Jan. 27 (Th)7:00 p.m.$10K Gtd. PKO Bounty NLH 8-Max$109; $50 bounty
27 Jan. 27 (Th)8:00 p.m.$2K Gtd. NLH 8-Max$20
28Jan. 27 (Th)8:00 p.m.$2K Gtd. PKO Bounty NLH 8-Max$20; $9 bounty
29Jan. 28 (F)7:00 p.m.$20K Gtd. NLH 6-Max $215
30Jan. 28 (F)7:00 p.m.$20K Gtd. PKO Bounty NLH 6-Max$215; $100 bounty
31Jan. 28 (F)8:00 p.m.$5K Gtd. Turbo NLH 8-Max$50
32Jan. 29 (Sa)8:00 p.m.$5K Gtd. PKO Bounty Turbo NLH 8-Max$50; $22.50 bounty
33Jan. 29 (Sa)7:00 p.m.$10K Gtd. PLO 6-Max $109
34Jan. 29 Sa)7:00 p.m.$10K Gtd. PLO PKO Bounty 6-Max$109; $50 bounty
35Jan. 29 (Sa)8:00 p.m.$2K Gtd. NLH 8-Max$20
36Jan. 29 (Sa)8:00 p.m. $2K Gtd. PKO Bounty NLH 8-Max$20; $9 bounty
37Jan. 30 (Su)7:00 p.m.$30K Gtd. NLH 8-Max$215
38Jan. 30 (Su)7:00 p.m.$30K Gtd. PKO Bounty NLH 8-Max$215; $100 bounty
39Jan. 30 (Su)8:00 p.m.$7.5K Gtd. Turbo NLH 8-Max$50
40Jan. 30 (Su)8:00 p.m.$7.5K Gtd. PKO Bounty Turbo 8-Max $50; $22.50 bounty

Poker Fest includes weekly PKO for NJ players

For New Jersey players that love the PKO format, BetMGM runs a weekly event every Thursday at 8 PM ET.  The operator offers a $10,000 guaranteed event. This will also be running during the Double Trouble series.

Here’s some of the finer points on that weekly tournament:

  • Buy-in: $320
  • Starting chips: 75,000
  • Late registration: re-entries allowed until the end of Level 15
  • Blinds: 12/15 minutes long





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