C Is For Cashback At Caesars Online Casino So Let The Good Times Roll

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When good fortune, timing, and skill aren’t on your side, it’s not the end of the world. Even though a combination of bad bets and beats can leave a dent in your bankroll, there are ways to win when you lose at CaesarsCasino.com.

Now, before we go any further, it’s important to point out that the information we’re about to give you is valid regardless of your results. Even though we’ve come at this from the negative side of the equation, you can also collect bonus cash when you win.

However, in a bid to give those of you on a downswing something to smile about, we’re using Caesars online’s cashback scheme as a way to offset your losses.

Join Caesars, play games, earn credits

The way this ongoing promotion works is simple. Every time you play for real money, you’ll earn credits that can be converted into real cash. As per Caesars Casino’s literature, “Your play is worth real money.”

The starting point for anyone that’s not already a Caesars online player is to create an account. If you follow our secure sign-up link, you’ll not only skip straight to the registration page but get the best welcome offer possible. As long as you use the promo code PLAYFREE25, you’ll receive an exclusive no deposit bonus worth $25.

After this, you can get up to $300 in additional credits courtesy of a 100 percent deposit reward.

Once you’ve created a new account or logged into an existing one, the road to cashback is paved with bets. In other words, you simply have to play any of the real money games at Caesars NJ online casino to earn Reward Credits. Unsurprisingly, slots are valued more highly than table game.

This means you’ll earn Reward Credits in the following two ways:

  • 1 Reward Credit for every $10 in slots bets you make.
  • 1 Reward Credit for every $100 for all other bets you make.

Play and earn, it’s that simple

Although you don’t need us to do the math for you, we will.

Let’s assume you log in to your account, play slots for an hour or so, and manage to wager $500. Under the bonus terms outlined by Caesars online, you’d receive 50 points for your efforts.

Now, if you went through the same process every day for a month, you’d accrue 1,500/1,550 points. When you take this total and hit the convert button, you’d receive $10. Because cashback payments are handled in batches of 1,000, you’ll have to keep 500/550 Reward Credits and convert 1,000 for $10 in cash.

Now, the great thing about this payment is that it’s free of any casino bonus wagering requirements. Unlike traditional NJ online casino bonuses, the money you receive is yours to keep without any strings attached.

Another positive to keep in mind is that money wagered does not mean money lost. As we’ve said, you can be a winner or a loser and the cash will flow regardless. Indeed, if we continue our example from above, there’s nothing to say you can’t end the month in profit. For example, you may end up wagering $500 in a day but win $600. This would put you $100 in the black and still earn you 50 Reward Credits.

Caesars online efforts equal real-life rewards

As a final clincher, Caesars gives you an additional claim to extra value.

By linking your Total Rewards account to your Caesars online casino account, your online play will contribute to a second loyalty scheme. Valid at all three Caesars casinos in Atlantic City and at 40 casinos around the world, Total Rewards points allow you to climb the status ladder from Gold to Seven Stars and earn an ever-increasing number of prizes.

As well as discounts and vouchers, you can receive complimentary room upgrades, invites to special events, and more.

Basically, if you’re playing online casino games for real money, you can’t afford to ignore Caesars’ cashback system. Because things won’t always go your way, it’s nice to have a system in place that means your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Yes, you may not be able to get rich by converting Reward Credits. However, you can certainly lessen the impact of a dry spell. What’s more, when you combine this system with Total Rewards, you can make your live gaming experience even more enjoyable.

In a world of uncertainty, taking advantage of a sure-fire way to make money is a must. This, in our opinion, is why cashback rewards at Caesars Casino stand out as impressive.

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Daniel Smyth is a freelance writer with almost a decade’s worth of experience in online gambling, online poker, and the NJ online casino industry. Daniel has produced content for a variety of publications including a stint at WPT Poker Magazine.