Hurry Over To Caesars Online Casino While It’s Basically Giving Away Cash

Written By Daniel Smyth on March 29, 2018

Stop what you’re doing right now and login to If you don’t have an account, follower our secure sign-up link and create one and then login and click the “claim” button on your account page.

Once you’ve done that, come back to us and we’ll tell you why that was necessary. Or read on now to find out.

Log in and you could win

Back with us? Great. The reason we wanted you to get over to Caesars stat is because there is $2,500 in bonus cash up for grabs, but you’ve only got a few days left to get in on the action. (Although, if you miss out this month, you can come back and try again in April, and every month this year.)

Fortunately, the only thing you have to do is login in and hit the claim button. Unlike other NJ online casino bonuses that ask you to wager X to win Y, the rules of engagement are less demanding. In fact, the real beauty of this deal is not what you can win, but how you win it.

For us, a casino promo that caters to all players is perfect. Sure, anyone can put up a few thousand dollars and illuminate it with a glittering headline. However, if the terms and conditions exclude 95 percent of the playing public, the deal is worthless.

When we survey the bonus scene, we much prefer to see an offer that gives a lot of people a little something extra for not much effort. The $2,500 Bonus Play Giveaway from Caesars online casino falls into this category.

A few bets and the free cash is yours

Now, assuming you’ve already logged in to your account and hit the “claim” button since you started reading this guide, you’ll have earned at least one prize draw ticket.

If you’re happy with that, sit back, relax and wait for the hour hand on the clock to tick passed 11:59 p.m. on March 31. When the entry period is over, a random draw will take place within seven days of the closing date. At this point, 250 ticket holders will win a $10 bonus payout. Of course, if you prefer to be a bit more active, every daily login you make will earn you another ticket. So, at this point, you could collect a handful of tickets before time runs out.

Whichever approach you take, the following rules apply to any bonus credits you might win:

  • You can withdraw your bonus funds after meeting the wagering requirements.
  • By playing slot games, you only have to wager 5X your bonus to release the credits.
  • By playing video poker, you have to wager 10X your bonus to release the credits.
  • By playing any other game, you have to wager 25X you bonus to release the credits.

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Is this deal good for me?

As long as you complete the wagering requirements within seven days and don’t request a withdrawal until you’re finished, the cash is yours. However, fail to complete the necessary steps and your luck will have gone to waste.

Overall, this promotion is an easy one to assess. Because the entry requirements are so attainable, everyone with a Caesars Casino account can join the fun. Yes, the prize at the end of the journey may not change your life, but neither will the wagering requirements. Because you won’t have to bankrupt yourself to release any free credits you might win, we believe this deal is one that everyone should have a crack at.

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