Detroit Lions Roar To Top Of Thanksgiving NFL Handle At DraftKings Sportsbook

Written By Kim Yuhl on November 29, 2018

The first Thanksgiving with legal sports betting is in the books. Undoubtedly, NJ sports betting saw plenty of action.

Of course, the weekend got started with the always anticipated Thanksgiving-day NFL matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins. The action didn’t stop with football. The first made-for-sports betting golf match took place between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

And both the NHL and NBA were also in action over the weekend.

To get a handle (pun intended) on how busy the Thanksgiving weekend was, we have to look no further than DraftKings Sportsbook.

NJ sports bettors’ favorite bets from NFL Week 12

DraftKings shared its top and bottom five NFL teams by handle. (As a reminder, handle is the total amount of sports wagers.)

Four of the top five teams played on Thanksgiving:

  • Detroit Lions ($513,338)
  • Dallas Cowboys ($493,036)
  • New Orleans Saints ($433,076)
  • Chicago Bears ($399,640)

The only team in the top five that did not play on Thanksgiving is the New England Patriots.

After failing to make the top five last week, the team came in at fourth place with $414,203. It is notable that the team did see the most players make wagers on their success.

Week 12: Top five teams by handle

Detroit Lions11,65717,212$513,338
Dallas Cowboys11,70019,287$493,036
New Orleans Saints11,13218,984$433,076
New England Patriots14,09730,561$414,203
Chicago Bears9,83715,049$399,640

New Jersey’s pseudo home team, the New York Jets, made an appearance in the bottom five. It should not be so surprising, though, considering the team was up against the Patriots.

Week 12: Bottom five teams by handle

New York Jets2,4764,505$44,508
Oakland Raiders2,4794,855$33,069
Houston Texans2,7335,264$31,769
San Francisco 49ers2,6165,572$31,237
Tennessee Titans8361,598$10,819

Note: The totals reflect wagers made through Nov. 25. Monday night’s game between the Texans and Titans likely produced additional bets leading up to kick off on Nov. 26 not reflected here.

NJ sports betting favorites for the NFL season

After 12 weeks of NFL games, some sports betting darlings are starting to emerge. Darling and NFL usually bring to mind the Patriots and its no different at the virtual betting window at DraftKings Sportsbook.

The Patriots lead the NFL in total handle with $4,377,848. Two New Jersey area teams, the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, also made the top five.

Season to Date: Top five teams by handle

New England Patriots42,957215,433$4,377,848
Kansas City Chiefs39,631199,946$3,454,075
New York Giants38,171145,802$3,219,058
Philadelphia Eagles37,026149,852$2,973,415
Green Bay Packers38,927163,295$2,953,719

Season to Date: Bottom five teams by handle

San Francisco 49ers20,03751,745$780,543
Tampa Bay Buccaneers22,83776,167$764,724
Arizona Cardinals20,14558,517$747,345
Miami Dolphins21,20364,878$737,514
Buffalo Bills17,96251,568$478,324

Two DraftKings players are more than thankful

Two DraftKings Sportsbook customers were especially thankful over the Thanksgiving weekend.

One player successfully picked the correct score of three NHL games at +1,554,700 odds. The 10-cent bet resulted in a $1,550 payday for the sports bettor.

Another player hit seven legs of an eight-leg parlay and used DraftKings’ Cash Out option, which put the effective odds at 4141.76.

Cashing out after the seventh leg allowed the player to turn $5.31 into $26,700. It is a good thing the player cashed out, too. They missed the eighth leg of the parlay by 1/2 of a goal.

In case you are wondering, Cash Out is a relatively new feature for DraftKings. It allows players to close out an active bet before the final outcome.

It is available for selected sports and on certain types of bets. The actual payout can be more or less than the wagered amount, and it allows a player to lock in some winnings or minimize their losses.

After placing your wager, your bet slip will tell you if Cash Out is an option.

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