FanDuel Sportsbook Adds An NFL Promo If You’re Lucky, An NBA Promo If You’re Not

Written By Bart Shirley on November 8, 2018

FanDuel Sportsbook understands that there are two sides to NJ sports betting. That’s why the site has created promotions for both the lucky and unlucky out there.

So if something doesn’t go right, or if it goes better than you could have ever imagined, you’re covered.

NFL Big Win bonus at FanDuel Sportsbook

There is nothing more satisfying than a big win. Fans of a dominant team feel like their squad could beat anyone. Now, they’ll have more money, too.

Available through Nov. 12, FanDuel’s NFL Big Win Bonus rewards bettors who detect that a first-class beating is imminent.

Here’s how it works:

  • Bettors must make a moneyline bet on a Week 10 game.
  • If the bettor’s selection wins by 14 points or more, FanDuel will double the payout to the winner.
  • Be aware that the doubled payout has a $50 maximum.
  • Payouts are received as site credits.
  • In theory, players could qualify for the bonus on every game; however, only one bet per game will be eligible for the bonus.

Hot picks

If this bet looks interesting, there might be some decent opportunities this weekend to cash in. Four games look favorable to get out of hand, and one, in particular, shouldn’t be much of a contest.

Best pick: Kansas City Chiefs (-16.5) over Arizona Cardinals

According to FanDuel, and as of Thursday, this game is the only one with a point spread over the 14-point threshold. The Chiefs have only lost a single game so far and appear near the top of many power rankings charts.

The lowly Cardinals, on the other hand, appear to be lost this season. The team has a record of 2 – 6 and has allowed 89 more points than it has scored.

This game should be a mashing. Whether it would qualify for the bonus remains to be seen, but this game is probably the best candidate to do so.

Other opportunities

Three other games have point spreads of 10 points or higher, according to FanDuel. None of them are over the 14-point threshold, but the difference between a 10 point win and a 14 point win is pretty small in football.

These three games might be sleeper picks to qualify for the bonus. They are:

  • Los Angeles Chargers (-10) over Oakland Raiders
  • Green Bay Packers (-10) over Miami Dolphins
  • Los Angeles Rams (-10) over Seattle Seahawks

Other games not on this list could turn into a laugher for one reason or another. However, these four are probably the most likely to trigger a double payout.

NBA Overtime Insurance for those tough losses

At the other end of the fan-experience spectrum is the crushing agony of the overtime loss. For a team to come up short after a hard-fought 48 minutes can seem quite unfair.

FanDuel understands. Through Nov. 9, bettors will get a full refund on their bets if the dreaded overtime loss comes to pass.

To qualify, players must cast a moneyline bet on an NBA team before the game. The refund only applies up to a $50 maximum, too, so bet accordingly.

The refund might not take away the sting of a close loss. But at least bettors won’t be lighter in the wallet, too.

Make sure to check FanDuel every day for new promotions. FanDuel is one of the more active sites in New Jersey with plenty of deals to take care of its players.

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