Be It Nothing But Net Or Nothing For Nets, You Can Win On FanDuel Sportsbook

Posted By Bart Shirley on October 15, 2018

The NBA’s Opening Day is upon us, and soon, pundits will be making predictions about the entire season based on way too little evidence.

In the meantime, FanDuel Sportsbook is offering a host of Opening Day bonuses for basketball fans who need a reason to watch. It’s the NJ sports betting gift that keeps on giving.

FanDuel makes it rain if your team rains from three

The first type of FanDuel promotion will reward bettors who dig the long ball. For every three-point shot that the player’s team makes, he or she will win $5.

The catch is that you have to wager a minimum of $25 in order to be eligible for the promotion. In other words, five threes in a game is the breakeven point.

However, the teams involved definitely have some sharpshooters. It would only take one of them going off to make the bet worthwhile.

The games for this promotion are:

  • Thunder vs. Warriors, Oct. 16
  • Celtics vs. 76ers, Oct. 16

You can only make one of these wagers per game, and it has to be on the moneyline. However, you can bet on both games.

If it’s a rebuilding year, FanDuel will help

The second promotion is for teams that are closer to home. For these two games, FanDuel will insure wagers on either the Knicks or the Nets up to $100.

In other words, if the local teams struggle out of the gate, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is the prospect of another tough year. Thanks to FanDuel, you won’t have to deal with a $100 kick in the teeth, too.

The games for this promotion are:

  • Knicks vs. Hawks, Oct. 17
  • Nets vs. Pistons, Oct. 17

As with the first promotion, you can bet on both games, but you need to take the moneyline when you do. Only one bet from each game will be subject to the insurance policy.

All aboard the hype train

Finally, as most people with eyes and/or ears know, NBA superstar Lebron James will play for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. For one game, at least, FanDuel is clearing some space on the bandwagon.

For every point Lebron puts up, players will receive a $3 bonus. So, if King James decides to make it rain in his purple and gold debut, you could find some decent money in your account.

However, because Lebron is likely to score a few buckets no matter what, you have to put up a bit more collateral. This promotion carries a minimum wager of $50.

The game for the promotion is:

  • Blazers vs. Lakers, Oct. 18

As with the other promos, you must make a moneyline wager to qualify. However, barring some kind of injury, this bet is probably the best chance to see at least some kind of return.

All three NBA sports betting promos are available up until the start of the respective game. So now is the time to place your NBA bets in New Jersey.

What does this all mean for you? Well, FanDuel Sportsbook’s got you covered. And a shot at some bonus cash is just a slam dunk, er a three-point play, away.

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