March Madness Bracket Contests Are Everywhere Thanks To NJ Online Sportsbooks

Written By Daniel Smyth on March 18, 2019 - Last Updated on March 19, 2019

March Madness is officially underway, which means a slew of New Jersey sports betting promos are filling up the skyline.

With that in mind, we’ve picked out a proverbial three-pointer of offers from some of the best NJ online sportsbooks. And all of them involve free bracket contests.

That’s right. The following March Madness promotions could have you slam dunking some extra cash into your bankroll during the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

SugarHouse Sportsbook bracket contest

The tip-off this week comes courtesy of SugarHouse online sportsbook and its March Mania Brackets.

Picking up on basketball fans’ penchant for picks, this operator is giving you the chance to earn bonus store credits.

In order to join the competition, you’ll need to log in to your account and complete a bracket before 11:59 p.m. ET on March 21. That’s coming up fast by the way.

This competition is free to enter and, once you’re in the mix, each correct selection earns you bonus store points.

To make this deal even sweeter for seasoned sports bettors, you can earn extra points if you stake real money. By wagering $25 or more on a bracket pick that wins, you’ll receive additional credits. (Note: You won’t be able to bet on Seton Hall or Fairleigh Dickinson. State law prohibits betting on NJ college teams.)

RoundWinning Bracket PickWagered $25+
15 points (32 games)20 points (32 games)
210 points (16 games)40 points (16 games)
320 Points (8 games)80 Points (8 games)
440 Points (4 games)160 Points (4 games)
580 Points (2 games)320 Points (2 games)
Championship160 points (1 game)640 points (1 game)

At the lowest level, you’ll scoop $10. However, the more correct moves you make, the higher you’ll climb and the better your payout will be. In fact, if you can prove you’re the best NCAA forecaster at, you’ll receive $1,000 in bonus cash!

Everyone has the chance to earn store points that can be traded for bonus items and cash. However, if you finish within the top 100, you’ll receive even more free credits.

Enter a bracket, earn points, and win at Caesars Sportsbook

Even though the odds of selecting the perfect bracket are astronomical, Caesars Sportsbook doesn’t care. What matters for its free March Madness bracket contest is that you make good picks.

As long as you make enough correct selections to earn a place on the March Madness leaderboard, you’ll win a share of a prize pool worth more than $50,000!

If that wasn’t enough to stop you in your tracks, the real clincher is that, as we said before, this competition is free! That’s right, as long as you’re a Caesars Casino & Sports customer, you can enter your bracket and win without spending a dime.

Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a loyal follower of Caesars NJ online sportsbook, you need to log into your account and fill in your bracket before the first tip-off on March 21. Early birds can supplement their shot at $50,000+ with free sports bets.

If you complete your bracket before 11:59 p.m. ET on March 18, you’ll gain entry to the competition and a $20 free sports bet. Submit a bracket between 12 a.m. ET on March 19 through to the final closing date of March 21, and you’ll receive a $5 free sports bet.

Even if you don’t pick up some extra credits, everyone who submits their bracket in time will have a chance to win some fantastic prizes. Before we tell you about those, let’s break down the points system.

In simple terms, correct picks later in the tournament are worth more.

EventDatesPoints Awarded
First FourMarch 19-20No points
First RoundMarch 21-2210 points per winning selection
Second RoundMarch 23-2420 points per winning selection
Sweet SixteenMarch 28-2940 points per winning selection
Elite EightMarch 30-3180 points per winning selection
Final FourApril 6160 points per winning selection
ChampionshipApril 8320 points for picking the outright winner

Money, trips, and more up for grabs

As you can see, it pays to be right later into the tournament.

However, to get into the mix, you need to build a solid foundation. In other words, you can’t look toward the higher scoring rounds without getting some correct picks in the early stages.

Whichever way you earn points, the top 800 players will receive a share of this epic prize pool:

  • First: $250 free sports bet per week for a year
  • Second: $100 sports free bet per week for a year
  • Third: A trip to Las Vegas
  • Fourth-13th: Ten $100 sports free bets (per person)
  • 14th-20th: A two-night stay in Atlantic City
  • 21st-70th: $100 sports free bet
  • 71st-170th: $50 sports free bet
  • 171st-470th: $25 sports free bet
  • 471st-800th: $25 in casino bonus play
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PointsBet NJ’s bracket contest is more than a bracket

For a March Madness with a difference, PointsBet NJ has the answer.

Although you’ll have to make real money wagers to enter, which means this is an NJ-only contest, this competition has some definite upsides.

Firstly, you have to place a moneyline bet of $10 or more on an NCAA game to earn points. By doing that, you’ll have the opportunity to profit from your bet and earn your way into the leaderboard.

Secondly, you can dip in and out of the bracket at will. Seriously.

Unlike other March Madness brackets that lock you into a series of selections before the tournament starts, PointsBet allows you to pick and choose. In other words, if you fancy a specific team in a specific game, bet on them. If you don’t like the look of a match, ignore it.

Naturally, the more selections you make, the more chances you have to earn points. However, the key to this offer is flexibility.

Each time you place a $10+ wager, PointsBet will determine the favorite and the underdog just before the tip off. If the favorite wins and you made the correct pick, you’ll receive one point. If the underdog wins and you choose them, you’ll earn two points.

At the end of March Madness, the top performers will receive a bonus payout worth up to $5,000.

If this pick’em contest has captured your attention, log in to PointsBet and start making some wagers today. However, just remember, they have to be moneyline bets worth $10 or more. Anything else, such as parlays, won’t count.

More free bracket contests at NJ sportsbooks

If the three sports betting sites above have your interest piqued, then don’t forget these two March Madness bracket contests at DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook.

At DraftKings, players can opt into a free bracket contest with $64,000 in prize money. But you’ll be going up against college basketball fans across the US.

If that doesn’t suit you, a far more lucrative option is the $100,000 contest reserved just for New Jersey customers. It requires a $20 buy-in and you have to be in the Garden State to play.

Over at FanDuel, March mania kicks into gear with Bracket Madness. In this contest, it’s not about being perfect. It’s about being right. Pick correctly and you’ll earn points. The more points you have, the larger your share of $150,000 in cash. If you finish first, you’ll bank $100,000.

And yes, it’s free to play and available nationwide.

Anyway, what we’re saying here is that you have plenty of free bracket contests worth gobs of money courtesy of New Jersey online sportsbooks. What are you waiting for?

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