Hard Rock Atlantic City Is Betting Entertainment Will Attract More Visitors

Written By Kim Yuhl on March 21, 2018

The once glamorous nightlife scene in Atlantic City isn’t quite what it once was. But spring is in the air, and there is a bounce in the step of locals as they get ready for a big summer.

After several tumultuous years, Atlantic City is ready to claim the glory it had back in the day. And that glory is coming by way of a new focus on entertainment.

Hard Rock generating buzz

Hard Rock Atlantic City is the poster child for how to get the word out. Just about every step they have taken since beginning renovations on the former Trump Taj Mahal makes headlines in the press.

Nothing is getting locals more excited than two recent announcements, Hard Rock’s new beach bar and their commitment to live entertainment.

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” And locals might contend life on the Jersey Shore without music equals the death of a city.

Hard Rock, known for its connections to music and entertainment, has committed to bringing a live music scene to revitalize the Boardwalk and the city.

Promising 200 nights of live music in its first year, Hard Rock is anticipating bigger crowds and longer stays. Hard Rock isn’t focusing only on the main property. It is also expanding the existing concert space to accommodate an additional 1,800 seats.

The sweet sound of music is in the air

A schedule consisting of over 200 live musical acts is no small feat, especially for a city that has been struggling to bring visitors to the area.

For instance, last year, Boardwalk Hall hosted more non-musical events than musical ones. And musical events at the City’s casino venues were usually restricted to the weekends when visitors were more likely to attend.

Atlantic City has been less popular as a music destination than it once was, which doesn’t bode well for attracting top-notch talent on its surface. It’s a vicious cycle. Top-tier talent requires a thriving entertainment scene. And a growing entertainment scene needs top-tier talent.

Well, get ready, because Atlantic City is about to get its nightlife on and Hard Rock is hoping its connections will spur the growth.

Hard Rock isn’t the only game in town

Also getting a facelift and a new name is the former House of Blues. Located on the second floor of the Showboat, The newly-named Bourbon Room is living up to its name by hosting The Atlantic City Whiskey Social on March 31.

But it’s not just for events. There is some serious musical talent already on the schedule for spring and summer, including the Silent Disco – Battle of the Beats in April.

Even though it seems as if Hard Rock is driving the train, you can expect existing venues to follow suit. Prestigious acts will start taking a second look at playing Atlantic City if the demand becomes evident and more seats sell.

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What’s old just may be new again

It will be interesting to see what other revivals AC has planned. In late March, 95 abandoned properties are going up for auction.

There is no secret that some serious investment is happening in the city right now. New owners bringing life back to the shuttered buildings around town is a good thing. It will only contribute to the anticipation and excitement of a resurgent Atlantic City.

By the sound of it (pun intended), it’s going to be a busy summer on the Boardwalk. Lucy the Elephant better get ready for some new competition because she isn’t the only non-gaming attraction nearby.

It’s too early to call Atlantic City the comeback kid, but all the signs are pointing in the right direction. Atlantic City is betting that a revitalized city will help its budget woes and set the city on a track of regaining local control after a state takeover.

In the immortal words of the Drifters, “Under the boardwalk, we’ll be havin’ some fun.” You can bet Atlantic City is banking that fun translates into dollars.

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