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Posted By Robert DellaFave on August 5, 2016

Who says that you need to be an Olympic class swimmer, cyclist or runner to finish a triathlon? At least one NJ online casino doesn’t seem to think so.

Starting August 5, and spanning the entirety of this year’s Summer Olympics, Mohegan Sun Casino will be hosting a three-legged promotion that will see players walk away with plenty of extras — paid out not in Bronze, Silver or Gold, but in the form of bonus dollars and cold hard cash.

No exhaustive training required. Just login and get to playing.

Triathlon leg #1: Bonus Bash

First up in the Olympics betting triad is Bonus Bash. From August 5 – 10, Mohegan Sun Casino players that opt-in using the coupon code CHAMP will automatically become eligible to receive bonus funds, based on the amount and type of their play.

What’s nice about this event, is that players can earn bonus on each day of the event, according to the following prize matrix:

  • 200 gems: $10
  • 500 gems: $40
  • 800 gems: $100
  • 1,500 gems: $200

Notice that players who put in more volume receive the most bang for the buck.

Mohegan Sun awards slot players 1 Gem for every $10 wagered. Thus, during the promotional period, players who accumulate 200 Gems will receive an additional 0.5 percent cashback.

On the higher end, those who rack up 1,500 Gems will receive a 1.33 percent return on their wagers; good enough to make a significant dent in the house edge for many of the online casino’s nearly 250 slots.

All bonus funds will be awarded the day after the player earns the required number of Gems. Also worth noting, is that bonus funds are subject to a 5x turnover requirement on slots and 25x on all other games (video poker, table games).

Any Gems accumulated during the promotional period will be applied toward a player’s loyalty tier. By moving up the ranks, players open up new rewards, such as higher loyalty point conversion rates, exclusive bonuses, complementary hotel stays at Mohegan Sun land-based casinos, and free entertainment.

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Triathlon leg #2: 2x Gems

The second leg of Mohegan Sun’s promotion will see players earn 2x Gems on select games.

This segment of the promotion runs between August 11 – 16. In order to see what games are eligible on a particular day, click on the Triathlon image under the Promotions tab from the site’s main page.

There is no need to opt-in to this promotion.

Mohegan Sun has not specified whether the additional Gems will count toward your loyalty tier score. If you’re curious, we advise that you contact the online casino via the Live Chat feature.

Triathlon leg #3: Cash refund

Players that opt-in using the coupon code SPORTS between August 17 – 22 and incur net losses over that time frame, will be eligible for a 10 percent return up to $2,000.

Admittedly, this is probably our least favorite segment of The Triathlon promotion, as for one, it only rewards players who absorb losses. By contrast, winners will not benefit at all — think of it sort of like an insurance bet.

And while the monetary cap is set exceptionally high, players will have to eat a massive loss to receive the full amount. Also, only slot games are eligible for the promotion.

At the same time, if you’re planning on frequenting Mohegan Sun Casino that week anyway, there’s really no good reason to not opt-in — especially since the refund is sent to you by way of cash.

Is this a Triathlon worth running?

Generally, yes. While we wouldn’t necessarily go too far out of our way to run the third leg of the promo, the first segment in particular offers players a solid return on their investment.

2x Gems sort of walks the middle line. To clarify, players that have already achieved a high loyalty rating will receive a generous cashback boost, while lower tier players will hardly notice.

For them, it might be best to wait until the promo features games they would anyway.

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