Golden Nugget’s Multiview Roulette Gives Players A New POV

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Golden Nugget NJ recently released Multiview Roulette, the latest in its series of live dealer games. The game offers players several different camera angles on its live dealers, providing a far greater immersion into the game play.

In other words, you can take different “seats” at the wheel. The live dealer will be able to interact with you throughout those camera shifts, and each seat will provide its own unique point-of-view.

Otherwise, the game proceeds like a typical roulette game. Two zeroes are in play on Multiview wheels.

It is worth noting that Multiview Roulette features a 94.76 percent return-to-player (RTP) ratio. This ratio, achieved by dividing the amount a player wins by the amount he or she wagered, is a measure of how “loose” or favorable games are to players.

Compared to other games featured on Golden Nugget, Multiview Roulette’s return is slightly lower than the aggregate averages of all game types offered. However, Multiview’s return is comparable to other roulette games on the site, and is superior to many slot and table game options.

Multiview Roulette, Golden Nugget’s most recent live dealer game

This game is the latest from Golden Nugget to feature a live dealer. Live dealer games are available through the website from 3 p.m. – 3 a.m. ET. All live dealing is broadcast from Golden Nugget’s onsite studio in Atlantic City.

Players can interact fully with the dealers through their computers or mobile devices. They can also chat with other players at the table. All in all, the only differences between playing in a live New Jersey casino and this approach are the lack of cigarette smoke or melodic jingles from nearby slot machines.

Golden Nugget debuted live dealers in August 2016. At the time, Golden Nugget was in a tough battle with Borgata for the top spot in the market.

Live dealers are part of a winning strategy for Golden Nugget

Since then, Golden Nugget has left everyone in the dust in terms of revenues, including Borgata. It has done so even without a poker site, exceeding any other New Jersey site in September 2017 by over $2 million.

This dominance equates to almost 31 percent market share in New Jersey, more than 10 points higher than Borgata. Although Golden Nugget has expanded its slot machine selection dramatically in the last 14 months, it would be impossible to ignore the live dealer innovation as part of the reason for Golden Nugget’s ascendance.

There’s no denying that it is a unique experience.

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