Cash In The Bank: Which Online Casinos In NJ Host The Most Rewarding Slot Clubs?

Written By Robert DellaFave on March 21, 2017 - Last Updated on March 19, 2017

[toc]Anyone who frequents the video poker or slot machines in Atlantic City is probably already familiar with the term “slot club.”

The concept of a slot club is fundamentally simple: Place wagers on a game and the casino will allow you to convert a certain percentage of those wagers into cash.

But determining what exactly that conversion rate is can be akin to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics. Why? Because not only do casinos tend to award different rates for different games, but VIP members may receive better deals than baseline loyalty card holders.

Not only that, but some casinos only allow conversions to bonuses, which are worth less than an equivalent amount in cash.

Luckily, NJ online casinos detail their slot clubs more clearly than their land-based counterparts, so players (and us analysts) can easily grasp what kind of return they’ll see on their investment.

Here’s a look at a few sites that offer a serviceable bang for the buck.

#1 – Play SugarHouse

The slot club over at Play SugarHouse is that ever so rare blend of lucrative and fun.

Players accumulate loyalty points in much the same way that they do on any NJ online gambling website. But once they reach a new loyalty tier, they’re gifted a spin on the site’s unique Prize Wheel.

There, they are guaranteed a minimum bonus prize, the amount of which scales in correlation with a player’s tier. The minimum award works out to 0.50 percent cashback on slots and 0.10 percent cashback on blackjack and video poker.

Roulette and other table game rates walk the middle line at 0.25 percent cashback.

These rates are already above what the average Atlantic City casino offers, and on par with some locals casinos in Las Vegas. But remember, we said these are the minimum cashback rates.

Fact is, players can win significantly more on their Prize Wheel spins. For instance, a Tier 7 player is guaranteed to win $60, but they could win as much as $125. This works out to 1.04 percent cashback on slots — unheard of for a slot club these days.

Additionally, the site has rolled out a new program where it awards scratchers to players that reach loyalty tier 1 or higher by the end of the month. The bonus amounts won via these cards push the value of the site’s slot club even higher.

Play more, get more

Then there are the VIP rewards, which are a whole other can of worms.

Each and every month, tier 7 and above players will be granted access to the site’s VIP Mystery Calendar, where they’ll receive additional goodies.

From the looks of it these perks are worth about two percent cashback to a baseline VIP who plays slots exclusively, and somewhere along the lines of 0.4 percent cashback to video poker and blackjack players.

Add this all up, and we’re talking about an average of roughly 2.5 percent cashback on slots, and 0.5  percent on video poker/blackjack for VIPs.

Those are rates we can get behind.

Any drawbacks?

If there’s one drawback to Play SugarHouse’s slot club it’s that all loyalty kickbacks are awarded as bonuses.

However, this is a very minor deterrent, as the bonuses are only subject to a 1x wagering requirement on slots and video poker.

Effectively, each bonus dollar on the site is still worth between $0.95 and $0.99.

#2 – Betfair Casino

The revamped Loyalty Club at Betfair Casino offers a decent cashback rate to entry-level players, all while providing plenty of incentive to move up the ranks.

At the VIP Iron (baseline) level, players will receive the following rates:

  • 0.10 percent cashback on slots
  • 0.06 percent on roulette, video poker, and table games
  • 0.02 percent on blackjack

These are roughly equivalent to average Atlantic City casino slot club rates. Although that might seem like anything to brag about, consider that on average, online casino slot clubs are far less lucrative than their land-based counterparts — in New Jersey and elsewhere.

But what truly sets Betfair’s program apart is that each time a player reaches a new loyalty tier (there are five in total), their cashback rates will jump up dramatically.

For instance, even players who reach the site’s second tier (VIP Bronze) will receive a notable bump to 0.125 percent cashback on slots.

Reach VIP Platinum — the site’s top tier — and that figure jumps to 0.5 percent, as cash that can be immediately withdrawn.

So what’s the catch?

Reaching the highest loyalty ranks on Betfair Casino is hardvery hard. Players will have to wager $500,000 on slots to cross the VIP Platinum threshold.

The upside is that once they achieve that level, they’ll only have to wager half that amount to retain their ranking. Betfair Casino is the only NJ online casino to incorporate this “half-off” sale into their loyalty scheme.

[show-table name=cta-betfair]

#3 – Party Casino

Party Casino may only score in the “average” range in most departments, but it’s slot club ranks as one of New Jersey’s best.

The oft-forgotten NJ online casino site allows players to convert their accrued loyalty points into either bonuses for use at the casino or directly into cash. The only caveat is that they must reach a specified loyalty tier before they’ll able to make the trade.

For casino bonus conversions, players will only have to reach Silver status, which is easy enough to achieve. However, cash conversions will require Gold status, which will require nearly $20,000 in monthly slot wagers.

And for for the best possible cashback rates, players will have to reach the site’s highest monthly tier, Palladium ($50,000 in monthly slot wagers).

The good news is that once players reach these thresholds, the conversions rates are phenomenal. To wit, slot players can exchange their points for up to 0.4 percent cashback, or up to 0.67 percent as a casino bonus.

What’s the downside?

For one, the cashback rates on blackjack wagers are pretty terrible.

That, and in order to clear any casino bonuses, the funds must be wagered 15 times on slots and jackpot slots only.

Here’s a tip: Video poker games have a better conversion rate on Party Casino than even slots. This is a rare occurrence, and something certainly looking into if you’re a video poker aficionado.

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