BINGO! NJ Sportsbooks Offering Free Promos As Part Of Super Bowl Betting Menu

Written By Dave Bontempo on February 10, 2022 - Last Updated on December 12, 2023
Super Bowl promos

Here’s a pleasant side street for New Jersey online sports gamblers regarding Super Bowl LVI on Sunday. While the main thoroughfare concerns legalized sportsbook wagering, with forecasts of $125 million or higher coming from New Jersey,  some books have initiated the first wave of free participation.

DraftKings and FanDuel in NJ posted the first set of free offers that focus simply on the joy of watching the game. Free entry, small prize opportunities and a longshot chance for a major score target casual fans even more than engaged bettors.

This concept mirrors the social end of Super Bowl parties in people’s homes, where football knowledge is not a prerequisite.

No knowledge is required here, either, but everybody loves contests. And squares. And Bingo cards.

Here’s a sample from the books.

Did we hear free Super Bowl bets?

DraftKings is awarding up to $10 million in free bets, including five $1 million free selections, for the game. Most participants won’t connect with a shot at the biggest prizes but will gain some type of free wager.

It may be difficult to win much money, but here is one sure thing;

You can’t lose. No purchase is necessary.

As far as how it works, find the Free Million Dollar Super Bowl LVI Bet. It’s often visible at the top of the DraftKings board, above the game betting lines, and is part of a group of special deals.

This one has a green backdrop with green and white lettering.  An image of the Goddess of Fortune, whom patrons may also recognize from a video describing this offer, confirms you found the right place.

Here’s how it works:

  • Opt-in before Sunday at 2 p.m.
  • Check back at 6 p.m. on game day to see if you have nabbed one of the many free wagers or one of the few life-changing ones.
  • Then bet it all on the game.

For the $1 million bet, only the moneyline, point spread and game total wagers will be honored.  No alternate spread will be allowed.

Pick a Super Bowl Square, any square

DraftKings customers also can play the Big Game Squares and try for a piece of the $75,000 total prize money.

Find the Wrangler Big Game Squares either at the top of the DraftKings page or in the promos section.

Click on a square to select it. This is your square for all four quarters.

All entrants with the winning square will share in the prize pool for that quarter.

Entries are capped at one per person.

They can even be edited prior to the start of the game.

If there are no winners in a particular quarter, the money rolls over into the next quarter.

What about overtime? In that case, the final score of the game will serve as the fourth-quarter payout.

If for some strange reason, there are no winners for the final score, prizes will be awarded evenly amongst all the contestants.

This is a relaxing chance to sample the world of Super Bowl Squares, in which fortunes change on a crazy bounce, a timeout or strange play call. Some contests (played outside of sportsbooks) are quite expensive and filled with tension.

But here, free means no fee and the ever-changing outcome can be a source of amusement.

If you are one of those NJ sports bettors who doesn’t like the random numbers draw just before kickoff, there is another option.

The bets aren’t free but the Caesars Sportsbook version allows gamblers to pick desired number combinations. The odds vary based on the selected numbers.

FanDuel Bingo: Creative free bets

FanDuel offers $100,000 in prizes for its free-to-enter bingo promo.

Players love the sense of anticipation that builds with covered numbers on a bingo card.

It’s the same here, only one can’t hear fellow competitors across the country buzzing about the final number getting close.

This bingo card has a spectrum of game and entertainment developments. They include sacks, timeouts, a punt from inside an opponent’s territory, muffed snap, some prop-yardage considerations and unusual developments like the playing of Straight Outta Compton during halftime.

The 2015 movie starring Super Bowl halftime performer Dr. Dre figures to be referenced during the broadcast. So will Ice Cube, who also was in the movie. Both selections are on some cards.

There’s a free square in the middle. When the card fills out, click Bingo and hope for a big prize.

The first 20,100 participants who get bingo (five squares in a row) will win some type of payout, but the fastest 10 will make real financial scores.

Here is a rundown of the potential payouts:

  • First to register bingo receives $10,000 in site credit.
  • Second through 10th is worth $1,000 credit.
  • A $250 prize awaits the 11-20th bingo confirmations.
  • $100 greets those who are 21-200.
  • $50 goes to confirmations between 201 and 600.

The sign-up period ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday.

This is free entertainment and one could get lucky. No purchase nor handicapping skills are required.

Watch for further specials as books try to both entice gamblers and recruit casual fans for contests and casino games across their menu.

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