NJCOOP Returns to PokerStars NJ Sept. 10-27, 60 Events, $1M in Guarantees

Written By Martin Harris on August 31, 2021 - Last Updated on December 12, 2023
PokerStars NJ Tournament

Fall is coming, which means it is time once again for the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars NJ. The annual series returns Sept. 10-27 with at least 60 events and guaranteed prize pools totaling just over $1 million.

Expanded NJCOOP to run alongside Michigan, Pennsylvania series

With the World Championship of Online Poker already running on PokerStars’ global site, PokerStars plans to stage simultaneous “COOP” series on each of its three US sites in Sept. PokerStars NJ, PokerStars PA, and PokerStars MI are each ring-fenced, meaning players on each site can only compete against others within their state.

Both the MICOOP in Michigan and PACOOP in Pennsylvania will feature at least 65 events. In Michigan, the guarantees will total $1.5 million, while in Pennsylvania they’ll add up to $2 million.

PokerStars PA is running its third-ever PACOOP and PokerStars MI its second MICOOP. Meanwhile, the NJCOOP has been around since 2016.

With at least 60 events on this year’s NJCOOP schedule, that represents an expansion over last year’s NJCOOP. Taking place last October, the 2020 version of NJCOOP had 54 events and $1 million in guarantees. Ultimately players won a little more than $1.12 million across the series.

The upcoming NJCOOP follows the New Jersey Spring Championship of Online Poker (NJSCOOP) held in May. That series featured three tiers’ worth of buy-ins and 165 total events, ultimately awarding just over $1.36 million.

NJCOOP Main Event sports $300 buy-in, $200K guarantee, trophy for champ

Once again, the NJCOOP will climax with a $300 buy-in, two-day Main Event. That tournament begins Sunday, Sept. 26 and will sport a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The Main Event guarantees in Michigan and Pennsylvania are larger as well. On PokerStars PA, the PACOOP Main Event has a $200,000 guarantee, while on PokerStars MI the MICOOP Main Event’s guarantee will be $150,000. Both also have $300 buy-ins.

The winner of the NJCOOP Main Event will not only win first-place prize money, but also earn a handsome NJCOOP trophy. There will be six other NJCOOP events designated as “Championship Trophy Events,” meaning seven champs will be earning hardware to go along with their riches.

NJCOOP also to feature freerolls and other promotions

As usual, PokerStars NJ will run frequent satellites throughout NJCOOP to give players opportunities to win seats in events for less than the buy-ins. Additionally, there will be freerolls and other promotions happening throughout the 18-day series.

PokerStars NJ will run $3 Spin & Go tournaments in which $300 Main Event entries will be included among the possible prizes.

The site will also host a NJCOOP Depositor Freeroll on Sunday, Sept. 26. To receive an entry, PokerStars NJ players need only deposit at least $30 into their accounts using the promo code “NJCOOP” up until Sept. 26. The top 50 finishers in the tournament will each receive a ticket into the Main Event happening later that day. That’s $15,000 worth of Main Event entries.

PokerStars NJ will additionally run Second Chance Freerolls throughout NJCOOP. Any player eliminated shy of the money in a PACOOP event receives entry into the following day’s Second Chance Freeroll. They can then win entries into future NJCOOP events, with these freerolls ultimately awarding $5,000 worth of tourney tickets.

2021 NJCOOP complete schedule

No.DateTime (ET)EventBuy-inGtd.
1Sep. 10 (F)6 p.m.NLHE (NJCOOP Warm Up)$10$5,000
2Sep. 10 (F)7 p.m.NLHE (NJCOOP Big Warm Up)$100$8,000
3Sep. 10 (F)8 p.m.NLHE (Turbo, NJCOOP Turbo Warm Up)$50$6,000
4Sep. 11 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, NJCOOP Big Kickoff - Championship Trophy Event)$100$25,000
5Sep. 11 (Sa)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max)$300$22,500
6Sep. 11 (Sa)9:30 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Turbo, Zoom)$75$12,500
7Sep. 12 (Su)2 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Deepstack)$200$25,000
8Sep. 12 (Su)3:30 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO)$150$20,000
9Sep. 12 (Su)5 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Special)$250$45,000
10Sep. 12 (Su)5:30 p.m.NLHE (Mini Sunday Special)$30$12,500
11Sep. 12 (Su)7 p.m.PLO (6-Max)$100$7,500
12Sep. 12 (Su)10 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Sunday Supersonic SE)$150$10,000
13Sep. 13 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (4-Max, Progressive KO)$100$20,000
14Sep. 13 (M)8 p.m.PLO8 (8-Max, Rebuy)$75$10,000
15Sep. 14 (T)7 p.m.NLHE (Super Tuesday, NJCOOP Edition - Championship Trophy Event)$250$35,000
16Sep. 14 (T)7:30 p.m.NLHE (Mini Super Tuesday)$30$10,000
17Sep. 14 (T)8 p.m.NLHE (Escalating Antes)$150$15,000
18Sep. 14 (T)9:30 p.m.NLHE (Turbo, Bubble Rush)$100$10,000
19Sep. 15 (W)7 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO)$100$20,000
20Sep. 15 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, High Roller - Championship Trophy Event)$1,000 $40,000
21Sep. 15 (W)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max)$150$15,000
22Sep. 16 (Th)7 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, Bigstack)$200$20,000
23Sep. 16 (Th)7:30 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO, Bigstack)$20$5,000
24Sep. 16 (Th)9:30 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo)$100$8,000
25Sep. 17 (F)7:30 p.m.8-Game (Championship Trophy Event)$300$15,000
26Sep. 17 (F)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO, BigStack)$200$10,000
27Sep. 18 (Sa)5 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Deepstack)$100$12,500
28Sep. 18 (Sa)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO, $100 Bounty)$300$20,000
29Sep. 18 (Sa)8:30 p.m.NLO8 (8-Max)$100$6,000
30Sep. 18 (Sa)9:30 p.m.NLHE (7-Max, Turbo)$100$7,500
31Sep. 19 (Su)1 p.m.NLHE (Marathon)$100$10,000
32Sep. 19 (Su)2 p.m.NLHE/PLO (6-Max)$100$6,500
33Sep. 19 (Su)3:30 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Big Antes)$150$20,000
34Sep. 19 (Su)5 p.m.NLHE (Championship Trophy Event)$300$50,000
35Sep. 19 (Su)7 p.m.NLHE (Progressive KO)$200$25,000
36Sep. 19 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo)$100$8,500
37Sep. 20 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (4-Max)$300$22,500
38Sep. 20 (M)8 p.m.HORSE (6-Max)$100$6,500
39Sep. 21 (Tu)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Bigstack)$200$32,500
40Sep. 21 (Tu)7:30 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Bigstack)$20$7,500
41Sep. 21 (Tu)8:30 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Progressive Total KO)$50$7,000
42Sep. 22 (W)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max)$30$10,000
43Sep. 22 (W)8 p.m.NLHE$200$17,500
44Sep. 23 (Th)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill, NJCOOP Edition - Championship Trophy Event)$250$30,000
45Sep. 23 (Th)7:30 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill)$30$7,500
46Sep. 23 (Th)9 p.m.NLHE (Turbo)$150$15,000
47Sep. 24 (F)8 p.m.FLHE (6-Max)$200$6,500
48Sep. 24 (F)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo, Deep)$200$10,000
49Sep. 25 (Sa)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO, Saturday Battle Royale)$200$17,500
50Sep. 25 (Sa)7:30 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Progressive KO)$20$5,000
51Sep. 26 (Su)2 p.m.NLHE (Big Antes)$100$12,000
52Sep. 26 (Su)5 p.m.NLHE (Main Event - Championship Trophy Event)$300$100,000
53Sep. 26 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Mini Main Event)$50$22,500
54Sep. 26 (Su)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Win the Button)$100$10,000
55Sep. 26 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Sunday Second Chance)$200$12,000
56Sep. 26 (Su)10 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Hyper-Turbo)$75$8,500
57Sep. 27 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, NJCOOP Wrap Up)$100$20,000
58Sep. 27 (M)7:30 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Mini Wrap Up)$20$5,000
59Sep. 27 (M)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Last Chance)$150$10,000
60Sep. 27 (M)9:30 p.m.NLHE (Heads-Up, Turbo, Progressive Total KO, Zoom)$100$7,500
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