New Jersey Online Sportsbooks Have Basketball Promos All Over The Place

Written By Bart Shirley on February 8, 2019

Now that the 2019 Super Bowl has come and gone, New Jersey sportsbooks are looking for other ways to capture bettors’ attention (i.e. Oscars betting).

But with basketball season in full swing, here are three great basketball NJ sports betting promos for this week.

Halftime insurance from FanDuel Sportsbook

College basketball is not a terribly reliable game when it comes to rankings and outcomes. That’s why FanDuel is offering College Basketball Halftime Insurance for the weekend.

How it works

In order to qualify, simply place a moneyline wager on any regular season NCAA basketball game. Then, watch the game.

If your team is winning at halftime, then a payout of some sort is assured. If your team wins the whole game, obviously, you win the bet. However, if they manage to bungle away the game in the second half, FanDuel Sportsbook will reimburse your loss up to $25 in site credit.

In other words, you can wager on college basketball games and relax. You can be secure with the knowledge that you’re protected if things fall apart down the stretch.

The only catch is that you have to wager through that site credit once before you withdraw it. You will also need to make those wagers within a week, or the credit will expire.

888 Sport’s NCAA Basketball Challenge

On the other hand, an insurance promo might be a bit of a downer. You’d prefer to wager and think about the upside with your basketball promos.

888 Sport has got you covered with the NCAA Basketball Challenge. Potentially, this 888 Sportsbook promotion could be worth $100 extra for your wagers.

How it works

This promotion is for parlay wagers only. In order to qualify, you must make a parlay bet with at least 3 legs and at cumulative odds of -200 or higher.

Then, you have to win the parlay. It’s no easy feat, but it is doable.

Should you manage to pull it off, 888 Sport will double your winnings up to $100. So, in theory, a $100 win could become a $200 win in the blink of an eye.

The bonus is also freshly available each day of the promotion. Potentially, that’s 20 days of winning an extra $100 each day.

There are only two caveats about the wager itself, however. First, only the first parlay bet will qualify for the bonus.

Second, only settled bets can receive the bonus payout. So, make sure your wager fits the criteria before you put your money down.

Grab a little parlay insurance at FanDuel, too

If you like the idea of parlays but don’t trust the college kids, that’s no problem. Head back over to FanDuel for their NBA Parlay Insurance.

How it works

For most parlays, all legs of the bet must be correct in order to pay out to the player. Few things are as frustrating as parlays that come up one leg short.

FanDuel will help players bridge that gap. For any NBA parlays with 4 or more legs, the sportsbook will refund up to $25 to the player if all but one of the legs comes through.

The nice thing about this promotion is that the refund is in straight cash. There are no playthrough or wagering requirements to withdraw insurance money from the site.

However, you should make sure that none of the legs have shorter odds than -200 in order to qualify. Also, Round robin-type wagers do not count for the promotion.

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