Generosity, Thy Name Is NJ Online Sportsbooks And 2019 Super Bowl Bonuses

Written By Bart Shirley on January 30, 2019

Every sportsbook on the planet is gearing up for the biggest NJ sports betting day of the year — the 2019 Super Bowl.

NJ online sportsbooks are no exception, and three of their promotions for the week stood out as noteworthy.

SugarHouse Sportsbook’s Big Game Free Bet

The first notable promotion for Super Bowl week comes from SugarHouse Sportsbook. It’s possible that this promo, the Big Game Free Bet, could reward bettors in New Jersey with $1,000 in free bets.

Ironically enough, the amount of free bets each player acquires is based upon non-football wagering. The free bet amount is the average of the 10 highest wagers during the promotional period.

So, a player who wagers five $70 bets and five $90 bets would receive an $80 free bet because those bets average to $80. Obviously, bettors will have to make 10 $1,000 bets to maximize their free bet amounts.

Nevertheless, it’s a nice perk that runs until noon on Saturday, Feb. 2. Players will then have five hours (until 5 p.m.) to use their SugarHouse Sportsbook free bets on the 2019 Super Bowl or whatever event they wish.

The only caveat for this promotion is the timing of the 10 events. Make sure they settle before Saturday in order to get them credited.

BetStars NJ and a TD Freebie

If the previous promotion is too indirect, perhaps the TD Freebie from BetStars NJ will be more appropriate.

To participate, players must simply make a moneyline wager of $25 or more on one of the Super Bowl teams.

Then, every time that team scores, the player will receive $10.

Imagine if Tom Brady erupts for one more big game. Think of the payout if Todd Gurley discovers the Patriots can’t stop him.

All the while, the player is making money with every goal line crossing. The only thing that could spoil this bet would be a stingy defensive unit.

888 Sportsbook’s Double Celebration

Finally, the Double Celebration at 888 Sportsbook NJ offers the richest possible payouts for players who opt-in.

Ironically enough, the double celebration actually has three different promotions wrapped up inside it.

However, no matter which part of the promotion players choose, the reward is the same. Namely, each deposit of $20 or more will receive an instant bonus between 10 and 100 percent.

The first promotion relates to the 888 casino itself. Players can use promo code CHAMP2019 to access that feature.

The second promotion is for the 888 online poker room. Promo code WIN20 renders the player’s deposit eligible for the match.

The third and final promotion bumps up the NJ sports betting deposits. Using the promo code CHAMP activates the deposit bonus in that section.

Each bonus is redeemable twice per day. Players can receive a maximum of $500 in bonus money each day of the promotion.

This deal at 888 lasts until the end of Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 3). So, there’s still time to cash in for several days.

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