PointsBet Calls New Batter’s Box An ‘Exciting’ Change Of Pace For Baseball

Posted By Bill Gelman on March 8, 2019 - Last Updated on April 17, 2020

When it comes to Major League Baseball games, there is one question with no real answer: How do you speed up the game?

PointsBet Sportsbook does not have the answer. But they will make the 2019 MLB season more exciting.

PointsBet’s Batter’s Box, a unique baseball betting experience, will be rolled out to the NJ sports betting market.

Seth Young, PointsBet’s chief innovation officer, told Play NJ that the Batter’s Box sets up a microcosm of betting opportunities:

“To say we are excited is an understatement as PointsBet is unveiling a product that can save baseball. Batter’s Box will create micro-markets in every inning of a baseball game, allowing our clients to bet on what’s going to happen in any individual at bat to result in one of three outcomes – hit, out, or walk/hit-by-pitch.

“PointsBet’s Batter’s Box shortens a long, drawn-out game into exciting, heart-pumping batter-by-batter action. The average baseball game has 75 at-bats, and with our innovation all of those at-bats will become exciting betting opportunities for baseball fans.”

How PointsBet Batter’s Box works

Unlike basketball or ice hockey where the action is constant until the whistle blows, baseball is one of those sports where there is time to think between plays.

Let’s say the Philadelphia Phillies have the bases loaded with two outs and Bryce Harper is coming to bat (may happen once or twice this season). What will the opposing team do? Will the pitcher go with the fastball, slider, or curve?

But the PointsBet bettor will be thinking about what Harper will do.

Young said the rules to Batter’s Box are straightforward and will be easily accessible when the product is launched.

Basically, this first-of-its-kind betting opportunity allows baseball bettors to bet on every at bat to result in one of three outcomes: hit, out, or walk/hit by pitch.

But Young shared some additional details on what to expect:

  • PointsBet players will have the opportunity to place bets on the two and three batters coming up next.
  • As soon as the player currently at bat has their bet settled, the person on deck comes off the board.
  • An at-bat is defined as a hitter, a pitcher, and an inning.
  • A sacrifice bunt would equal an out because official MLB stats would say that person went 0 for 0, not 1 for 1.

In-play betting to the extreme

For example, if there are two outs and the gambler is betting on the on-deck player, but the at-bat player gets out, the bet will be voided. This is where the end-of-inning variable would come into play.

“Batter’s Box is easy enough for a first-time client to enjoy their first in-play bet,” said Young. “And sophisticated enough for the sharp clients to do their best to beat it.”

On the flip side of it, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has publicly recognized the benefits of in-play betting, added Young.

“[Manfred said] the pace of play for baseball is perfect for this type of betting and has heralded the value of sports betting as it relates to fan engagement,” said Young.

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PointsBet thinks outside the box

The Australian-based PointsBet is no stranger to these rewarding, outside-the-box, sports betting concepts.

Batter’s Box is just one in a series of unique innovations from PointsBet Sportsbook since the online platform launched in NJ back in December.

The Good Karma Payment is one of the more popular ones and provides relief to bettors when “unlikely events that sway the fate of the game” occur.

One of the more recent payouts occurred after Duke University star freshman Zion Williamson suffered an injury in a game against the University of North Carolina.

And earlier this week, the company announced early payouts on all bets for Houston Rockets guard James Harden as NBA MVP.

But with 162 regular-season games, Batter’s Box has the potential to be the biggest one yet.

Young said the PointsBet team is made up of big baseball fans. The focus is to “create engaging products that make sense for the sports fan, and for us, this was a no-brainer.”

The end result of Batter’s Box, according to Young, is that bettors will be engaged in baseball far longer than might be expected.

“This innovative betting type will create new moments of tension and excitement in a baseball game, when ordinarily the average fan probably wouldn’t care what happens in a blowout game with empty bases in the top of the ninth.”

PointsBet + NJ sports betting

Young describes Batter’s Box as a “completely transformed fan experience.”

Such innovation is necessary when considering the crowded market that PointsBet joined a few months ago. There are now 13 legal online sportsbooks available in New Jersey.

But first-time NJ sportsbook app bettors will not need to take a crash course on run lines (aka point spreads) or moneylines at PointsBet online sportsbook. It comes down to a hit, out, or walk/hit by pitch.

“It’s a great entrée for a new fan and a perfect dessert for the sophisticated fan,” said Young. “Everything changes when you have a little skin in the game.”

Like an MLB manager setting the lineup card, PointsBet could just be getting started with its baseball betting options.

We’re always planning something exciting. So I’ll say stay tuned,” Young said.

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