PokerStars Hosting First NJ, MI Online Series, $2.5 Million Guaranteed

Written By Anthony Cicali III on January 6, 2023 - Last Updated on December 12, 2023

After weeks of anticipation, on Jan 1, the PokerStars market finally shared liquidity in the US. The shared player pools of Michigan and New Jersey are now live. To celebrate PokerStars is getting ready to  host its first combined tournament series on the NJ online poker platform. 

This festival, known as the PSPC Online (PokerStars Players Championship), will take place from Jan. 13- 30 and will feature 85 events with a guaranteed prize pool of $2.5 million. It will also be the largest ever online tournament series held by PokerStars in the United States. 

“We’re now excited to bring players our first multi-state online series and our largest online series to date in the US,” said PokerStars US Managing Director, Severin Rasset

PokerStars PSPC Main Events showcase over $500K

The PokerStars NJ series will house 85 tournaments but three of those events will stand out. The following tournaments on Sunday Jan. 29 will showcase some big guarantees to go along with the big expected player pools. 

  • $250 NLHE Main Event  – $300K Gtd. 
  • $50 NLHE Mini Main Event Event  – $75K, Gtd.
  • $2,500 NLHE Min Event  – $125K Gtd.

PSPC Online Series Schedule

Here is the full events schedule for the PSPC online series:

Date Event Time Entry Fee Prize Pool
Jan. 13#01: NLHE [Nightly Stars Warm Up]7 p.m. $50$12.5K
Jan. 13#02: NLHE [Nightly Stars Knockout Warm Up]7 p.m. $50$12.5K
Jan. 13#03: HORSE [Mixed Game Warm Up, HORSE]8:30 p.m. $30 $3.5K
Jan. 14#04: NLHE [Afternoon Warm Up]4 p.m. $20 $7.5K
Jan. 14#05: NLHE [Big Kickoff]6 p.m. $100$60K
Jan. 14#06: NLHE [Mini Kickoff]6:20 p.m. $10 $12.5K
Jan. 14#07: NLHE [ Mini Stars Turbo]8:30 p.m. $25 $10K
Jan. 14#08: NLHE [Mini Stars Turbo Knockout]8:30 p.m. $25$10K
Jan. 15#09: NLHE [Marathon]2 p.m. $50$20K
Jan. 15#10: NLHE [Sunday Warm Up]5 p.m. $30$12K
Jan. 15#11: NLHE [Players Special]6 p.m. $100$100K
Jan. 15#12: NLHE [Mini Players Special]6:30 p.m. $10$20K
Jan. 15#13: NLHE [High Roller Players Special]7 p.m. $500$100K
Jan. 15#14: NLHE [Turbo Stars]8 p.m.$50 $12.5K
Jan. 15#15: NLHE Sunday [Turbo Stars Knockout]8 p.m. $50$12.5K
Jan. 15#16: NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaine]9:30 p.m. $30$12.5K
Jan. 16#17: NLHE [Battle Royale, Players Championship Edition]7 p.m. $250$40K
Jan. 16#18: NLHE [Turbo Battle]7:20 p.m. $10$5K
Jan. 16#19: PLO88 p.m. $100$12.5K
Jan. 16#20: NLHE [Heads-Up, Zoom,Progressive Total KO]9 p.m. $30 $10K
Jan. 17#21: NLHE [Freezeout]9 p.m. $200$25K
Jan. 17#22: NLHE [6-Max, Zoom]9:20 p.m. $10$5K
Jan. 17#23: NLHE [Super Tuesday]8 p.m. $100$40K
Jan. 17#24: NL 5-Card Draw8:30 p.m. $30$3K
Jan. 18#25: NLHE [Storm, Players Championship Edition]7 p.m. $250 $35K
Jan. 18#26: NLHE [Storm Turbo]7:20 p.m. $10 $5K
Jan. 18#27: NLHE [9-Max Classic]8 p.m.$100$25K
Jan. 18#28: PLO [Progressive KO]8:30 p.m.$30$7.5K
Jan. 19#29: NLHE [$10 Stars Turbo]7 p.m.$10$5K
Jan. 19#30: NLHE [4-Max Stars]7 p.m.$50$10K
Jan. 19#31: NLHE [4-Max Stars Knockout]7 p.m. $50$10K
Jan. 19#32: NLHE [Thursday Thrill]8 p.m.$100$40K
Jan. 19#33: Razz [Razz]8:30 p.m. $30$4K
Jan. 20#34: PLO7 p.m.$200$20K
Jan. 20#35: NLHE [Friday Night Fight, Progressive KO]8 p.m.$100$30K
Jan. 20#36: NLHE [Turbo Fight, Progressive KO]7 p.m. $10 $5K
Jan. 20#37: NLHE [6-Max, Zoom, Progressive KO]8 p.m.$30$10K
Jan. 21#38: NLHE [Players Championship Big]5 p.m.$10 $5K
Jan. 21#39: NLHE [Deepstack Saturday, Players Championship Edition]7 p.m.$250 $35K
Jan. 21#40: NLHE [Turbo]8 p.m.$100 $20K
Jan. 21#41: NLHE [Mini Deepstack Saturday], 8:30 p.m. $30 $10K
Jan. 22#42: NLHE [Sunday Warm Up, Progressive KO Edition]5 p.m.$30$12K
Jan. 22#43: NLHE [Championship Special, 2-Day]6 p.m. $200$200K
Jan. 22#44: NLHE [Championship Mini Special]6:30 p.m. $20$30K
Jan. 22#45: NLHE [Championship High Roller Special]7 p.m.$1,000$100K
Jan. 22#46: NLHE [Turbo Stars]8 p.m. $100$12.5K
Jan. 22#47: NLHE [Turbo Stars Knockout]8 p.m. $50$12.5K
Jan. 22#48: NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaine]9:30 p.m. $50$15K
Jan. 23#49: NLHE [ 6-Max Stars, Big KOs]7 p.m.$50$10K
Jan. 23#50: NLHE [6-Max Stars, Mini KOs]7 p.m.$50$10K
Jan. 23#51: NLHE [ $10 Total KO Turbo]7 p.m. $10 $5K
Jan. 23#52: NLHE [Battle Royale]8 p.m.$100$30K
Jan. 23#53: NLHE [Turbo]8:30 p.m.$30 $8.5K
Jan. 24#54: NLHE [Super Tuesday, Players Championship Edition]7 p.m.$250$50K
Jan. 24#55: $10 NLHE [Turbo Tuesday]7 p.m.$10 $5K
Jan. 24#56: 8-GAME8 p.m.$100$10K
Jan. 24#57: NLHE [Big Stack, Progressive KO]8:30 p.m.$30$10K
Jan. 25#58: NLHE [Stars Freezeout]7 p.m. $50$12.5K
Jan. 25#59: NLHE [Stars Freezeout, Progressive KO]7 p.m.$50$12.5K
Jan. 25#60: NLHE [ Adrenaline]7 p.m.$10$5K
Jan. 25#61: $100 NLHE [Storm], $30K Guaranteed8 p.m.$100$30K
Jan. 25#62: 5-Card PLO8:30 p.m.$30$6K
Jan. 26#63: NLHE [Thursday Thrill, Players Championship Edition]7 p.m.$250$50K
Jan. 26#64: NLHE [Turbo Thrill]7 p.m.$10$5K
Jan. 26#65: NLHE [Zoom]8 p.m.$100$25K
Jan. 26#66: NLHE [Last Man Standing]9 p.m.$30$7.5K
Jan. 27#67: NLHE [riday Night Fight, Players Championship Edition]7 p.m.$250$40K
Jan. 27#68: NLHE [10 Adrenaline]7 p.m.$10$5K
Jan. 27#69: NLHE [6-Max, Turbo]8 p.m.$100$25K
Jan. 27#70: NLHE [ Bounty Builder Adrenaine]9 p.m.$30$5K
Jan. 28#71: NLHE [Main Event Walk Through]7 p.m.$250 $35K
Jan. 28#72: $10 NLHE [Turbo Main Event Run Through]7 p.m.$10$5K
Jan. 28#73: NLHE [Deepstack Saturday]8 p.m.$100$30K
Jan. 28#74: NLHE [Freezeout]8:30 p.m.$30$6K
Jan. 29#75: NLHE [Marathon]2 p.m.$50$25K
Jan. 29#76: NLHE [Main Event Warm Up]5 p.m.$30$15K
Jan. 29#77: NLHE [Main Event, 2-Day]6 p.m.$250$300K
Jan. 29#78: NLHE [Mini Main Event]6:30 p.m.$50$75K
Jan. 29#79: NLHE [Super High Roller Main Event]7 p.m.$2,500 $125K
Jan. 29#80: NLHE [Main Event Second Chance]9 p.m.$100$30K
Jan. 29#81: NLHE [Bounty Builder Adrenaline, Big KOs]10 p.m.$75 $20K
Jan. 30#82: NLHE [The Closer]7 p.m.$100$40K
Jan. 30#83: NLHE [Phase]7 p.m.$100$100K
Jan. 30#84: NLHE [Mini Closer]7:30 p.m.$10$10K
Jan. 30#85: NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO, Last Chance, Big Kos]8 p.m.$300$50K

PokerStars New Year Day events a big hit

To celebrate the merger, PokerStars held some big events on Jan. 1. This combined market held two New Years Day tournaments: a $100 buy-in event with a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000 and a $10 buy-in tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $50,000. 

Both of these events exceeded their guarantees, with the $100,000 event more than doubling its advertised prize pool and the $50,000 event producing a $58,000 prize pool.

One player from New Jersey was exceptionally happy with the combined player pool.

“I decided to play the $100, 100k event and was glad I did,” says NJ online poker player Roger Downes of Englishtown. “I ended up final tabling the tournament and took fifth place for $5,501. First place was just about $30,000. That is incredible for only a $100 buy-in, so I am happy for the merger to finally take place.”

PokerStars merged player pools for Michigan and New Jersey.  This now provides a wider range of options, tournaments, and players for poker enthusiasts in the two states, as well as larger prizes.



“There’s plenty more to come for the Michigan and New Jersey community and we look forward to exciting and rewarding our players in 2023 and beyond.” Rasset said. 

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