Record Setting Jackpot Hit at New Jersey Online Gaming Site

Record Setting Jackpot Hit at New Jersey Online Gaming Site

A New Jersey player at (partnered with Golden Nugget in New Jersey) has over one million reasons to be smiling this week after hitting a $1.5 million payday at’s Let it Ride tables on February 14th. The player, who chose to remain anonymous, is the second person in the past three months to hit a seven-figure jackpot while playing at one of the New Jersey’s legal online casinos.

“I first heard of on a television commercial where they were offering a generous bonus for first time sign ups,” said the winning patron, who chose not to reveal his identity. “I was playing one night for about two hours…and I was ready to end my night of play and I was dealt Queen, Jack, and 10 of Diamonds. Great! I have a mini straight flush! To my amazement I was dealt the King and Ace of Diamonds! A Royal Flush! Really! I was in total shock! Not my first royal either and yes, still in shock! Then I realized it was a $1,522,000 payout! NOW I WAS IN SHOCK! I thought it was a dream! This is why I love playing and will only be playing on because the site lets you play and in turn gives you a fair chance to win!”

“It’s always exciting when a player hits a big win,” said GM Don Ryan. “We’re thrilled to be a part of US online gaming history and to be able to provide generous bonuses, high payouts, and a secure and fair online gaming experience to our players in New Jersey for years to come.”

As noted above…

This is New Jersey’s 2nd big Jackpot

In November of 2014 Cathy Ruella won a $1.3 million jackpot playing online slots at

This was the first big jackpot hit in a legalized online gaming market in the U.S. and it was a great bit of P.R. for Harrah’s Casino as well as the New Jersey online gambling industry in general.

One major difference between Ruella’s jackpot and the one hit a week ago at was the stakes the two iCasino patrons were playing.

Ruella’s money was won playing 50-cent online slot machines (Ruella stated she would deposit $20 here and there to play online), while the Let it Ride jackpot was the result of a heavy bettor (placing three $500 bets on a Let it Ride table is a lot of money) willing to gamble.

The contrasting jackpots clearly demonstrate that online gambling players come in all shapes and sizes.

In addition to giving other players hope, these types of jackpots are important because they…

Add credibility to iGaming

What these types of jackpots prove is that online gambling isn’t rigged.

Forget all the mumbo jumbo about the sites playing around with the odds and/or hitting the “doomswitch” on players. Legal, licensed online gaming sites are heavily regulated, and you have the same chance to win as you do at brick & mortar casino.

These games are fair.

If online casino games were rigged it would be the small time bettor, the person placing $1 bets that would hit a 1,000-1 jackpot on Let it Ride, not the very rare $500/wager player.

With all that being said, there is one negative aspect of the jackpot, as…

Revenue numbers will suffer

Because of the $1.5 million payout, the New Jersey iGaming industry’s revenue numbers for February will be down. An unfortunate development considering online casino hit an all-time high in January.

Following Ruella’s big score in November, online casino revenue plummeted month-over-month (dropping from $7.5 million to $6.8 million), and with the current fight going on at the state and federal level between advocates of legalizing online gambling and those calling for a prohibition, a significant revenue decline can be used to argue the case against expanded online gambling.

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