Under Its Skin, Scores Is Really Just A Pala Affiliate

Written By Steve Ruddock on August 2, 2017

[toc]After its Atlantic City location shuttered its doors following the closure of Trump Taj Mahal last year, the gentlemen’s club Scores is returning to New Jersey, but in a very non-traditional fashion. Non-traditional for a strip club, anyways. The multi-location strip club chain has launched a branded online casino in New Jersey.

The Scores online casino will operate as an affiliate of PalaCasino.com in New Jersey, with both companies operating under the umbrella of Borgata’s online gaming license.

Here’s how this relationship works.

The Scores-Pala-Borgata hierarchy

As intimated above, Scores relationship with Pala and Borgata is more complex than usual.

Scores Casino isn’t bringing a new product to market or running its own promotions. Actually, Scores is more of a skin, an affiliate brand operating exclusively under the Pala brand.

As such, Scores isn’t an official “brand” as defined by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Therefore, it doesn’t count against the maximum of five brands an online gaming licensee is allowed to have.

One way to look at it is, Scores and Pala are manning two different doors leading into the same business: the Pala online casino. Scores is getting a cut of the customers who enter through its door, but beyond that, these customers are buying Pala products and are essentially Pala customers.

Another way to look at is: The present is the same but the wrapping paper is different.

This is an interesting model, as it allows other businesses access to the New Jersey online gaming market without a massive investment, and without eating up one of the precious brands online gaming licensees are allowed.

Even though Scores doesn’t count as a full brand, with the recent launch of playMGM, Borgata’s online gaming license is approaching the limit, as it now possesses four distinct brands, tallying a total of nine distinctive online gaming sites:


  • BorgataPoker.com
  • BorgataCasino.com


  • NJ.PartyPoker.com


  • PalaCasino.com
  • PalaPoker.com
  • PalaBingoUSA.com
  • ScoresCasino.com


  • casino.nj.playMGM.com
  • poker.nj.playMGM.com

A look at what Scores Casino will offer

Scores online casino will offer the same games, promotions, and player rewards structure as Pala. The difference is all in the branding.

The slots and games available are the same at both Pala and Scores.

The table games look identical, aside from the branding emblazoned on the virtual table.

Rewards are earned in an identical fashion, only they are called Pala Privileges or Scores Privileges depending on which door you entered through.

Why is Pala taking on Scores?

There are a couple of possible explanations for Pala bringing on Scores.

Pala is a strong brand in California, but the tribe lacks brand awareness in New Jersey. Even though Scores isn’t a traditional gaming brand, it has pretty good brand recognition, particularly among the demographic that online gaming tends to attract.

Pala wants to show off its software and how it can act as a white-label product for other operators in new Jersey and beyond. White-label companies supply the software and backend, and are easily packaged with any brand.

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