Don’t Worry, Be Happy Because You Have NJ Sportsbook Insurance Coverage

Posted By Bart Shirley on February 28, 2019

The time between the Super Bowl and March Madness is typically a lull for the sports world.

However, New Jersey sports betting promotions are keeping things lively with a full slate of insurance and early payout options. So let’s dive in and see what’s out there.

You won’t be outta luck with this NHL OT insurance

There are few events in sports more exciting than a game that goes into overtime. However, there may be no worse feeling than watching your team lose in overtime — particularly if you had money on the game.

Hockey fans take heart. FanDuel Sportsbook will bail you out if things go wrong on Tuesday games.

The NHL Tuesday OT Insurance covers bettors who bet the moneyline for Tuesday NHL matches. If the game wagered upon goes into overtime, FanDuel will refund up to $25 of any losing bets.

The site will issue the refunds in the form of site credit. There is a 1x playthrough requirement to release the credit. In other words, the bettor must wager the same amount again in order to convert the refund to cash.

According to a 2017 Chicago Tribune article, NHL regular season games go to overtime roughly 24 percent of the time. That’s just an average though. On Feb. 26, only 1 out of 11 games proceeded beyond regulation.

However, half the games the day before went to extra time. So, it’s good to have some protection if the two teams can’t settle things in three periods.

PointsBet’s Early Payout is a win-win

PointsBet Sportsbook takes a slightly different approach for its soccer bettors. The EPL Early Payout allows players to get their cash if their team takes a two-goal lead.

So, if your EPL team comes out like a house on fire and rings up two quick goals, your Match Result bet wins instantly. There’s no waiting around to see if the team can hold on; you just get paid.

PointsBet is nothing if not generous either. The site will honor this promotion for the first pre-match bet up to $500.

So, for instance, Manchester United fans can wager confidently if they believe their team will run roughshod over Southhampton this weekend. If the boys come out firing at St. Mary’s Stadium, those bets may wrap up pretty quickly.

Time for a little Multi-Sport Parlay Insurance

It’s possible that those two promotions are a bit too specific though. Bettors who are neither hockey nor soccer fans might be feeling a bit left out.

Thankfully, FanDuel has a deal that will appeal to everyone.

Multi-Sport Parlay Insurance covers players that want to spread their parlays around to different sports.

Much like other parlay insurance promotions, this one kicks in if the bettor hits every leg of their parlay except one. FanDuel will refund $25 of any parlay that comes up one leg short for parlays in any sport or market.

The parlay must be four legs or more to qualify. No leg can have shorter odds than -200 for the bet to be honored.

However, each account holder can exercise this deal four times per day. So, if your luck is coming up a bit short, things might not end up so bad.

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