Before The Buzzer Sounds, You Should Snap Up These FanDuel And BetStars Promos

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New Jersey online sportsbooks continue to search for ways to appeal to new and returning customers. With so much competition, the books are literally throwing money at bettors with their promotions this week.

It’s also a hectic time for sports leagues. The NFL just reached the halfway point of its 2018-2019 season. NBA teams are still shaking off the rust, but the games count for them, too. And the NCAA basketball season kicked into gear.

So, make sure to keep track of the best NJ online sports betting promotions out there right now.

Best current promotions at NJ Online Sportsbooks

$500 Risk-Free Bet from FanDuel Sportsbook

First and foremost, now is a great time to give FanDuel Sportsbook a try. Players who have not signed up for an account yet are eligible for the $500 Risk-Free Bet.

FanDuel used to offer new players a $100 deposit match on their first deposit. While that promotion was generous, this new offer to replace it far outpaces it.

Just sign up for a FanDuel account and make the first bet. FanDuel will refund the full value of that first bet up to $500.

The only caveat about the offer has to do with the odds of the selection. Bettors must choose a team with odds of -200 or shorter. In other words, selections of overwhelming favorites are not eligible for the free bet.

Event of the Day at BetStars NJ

Not to be outdone by FanDuel, BetStars NJ is offering players the opportunity to win up to $1,000. Taking advantage of this offer is as simple as logging into an existing account and placing a bet.

Interested bettors will need to opt into the Event of the Day under their Challenges window. After opting in, players will see that BetStars has selected an Event of the Day.

From there, the player merely needs to wager on this event. BetStars will issue a random free bet reward to any players that make an eligible bet. That reward could be worth as much as $1,000 in bonus cash.

Much like the FanDuel promotions, bettors cannot choose overwhelming favorites to take part in the promotion. So, in order to be eligible, bets have to be on teams with odds equal or shorter to -200.

There is also a playthrough requirement for any rewards issued. The voucher expires in seven days, so time is of the essence to redeem it.

NBA Parlay Insurance from FanDuel Sportsbook

Finally, the last choice of this week’s promotions comes from FanDuel again. FanDuel is offering NBA Parlay Insurance on up to four NBA parlays per day.

In the early portion of the NBA season, there can be quite a bit of uncertainty in game outcomes. Players may be still working through early season issues. There may be sudden injuries that change the outlook for teams.

To add more instability, coaches are experimenting with lineups and rotations at this point in the season. So, placing a November parlay on NBA games is a bit dodgier than usual. FanDuel wants to take away some of that sting.

So, simply place an NBA parlay with four legs or more. Like the other promotions, selections need to have odds less than -200.

If a player wins all but one leg of the parlay, all is not lost. FanDuel will compensate them with a refund of 100 percent of their bet — to a $25 maximum.

With so many opportunities out there, sports betting in New Jersey is almost a risk-free proposition this week. And in sports, that’s saying a lot.

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