Cancer Survivor Gets A Sweet SugarHouse Surprise From Divine Fortune

Posted By J.R. Duren on April 30, 2019

The good luck keeps on rolling.

A Deptford, NJ, woman won a $139,000 jackpot playing Divine Fortune on SugarHouse NJ online casino. The woman, whose first name is Pamela, said the jackpot came five years after she won her battle against uterine cancer.

Ironically, the jackpot win was so unbelievable that nobody in her family believed her when she first broke the news — not even the dogs.

“I couldn’t believe it was real,” she said in her statement to Rush Street Interactive. “I woke my fiance, but he didn’t believe me and went back to sleep. So, I called my parents, who also didn’t believe me. So, I turned to my six dogs and told them, but they could care less.”

She was skeptical about trying online slots

Pamela’s backstory is a fascinating one, as it represents the progression that a land-based casino customer moves through when he or she considers betting via NJ online gambling.

She told Rush Street that she was used to playing land-based slots at SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia. In fact, she hit a $15,000 jackpot this past October, Rush Street’s statement noted.

Pamela said that she was skeptical about NJ online casinos, but the win broke down her walls, and she took the plunge.

“After hitting the jackpot at the casino, I felt lucky and decided to try Now I’m a believer you can definitely win online.”

Pamela said the big win came via a $10 bet that she intended to be her last one before heading to bed.

The $3 million Divine Fortune legend lives on

Divine Fortune has shown up in headlines multiple times, as the NJ online casino game seems to have a penchant for pumping huge jackpots into the bank accounts of NJ gamblers.

According to the Rush Street statement, since its inception in 2017, the game has surrendered “well over” $3 million in mega jackpots. And most of those wins came via mobile devices.

What’s fascinating is that Rush Street claims that, since online gambling launched in 2014, Divine Fortune jackpots account for roughly half of the $6 million that progressive slots have paid out.

Furthermore, the Divine Fortune wins seem to show up at interesting times or seasons in the winner’s life.

For example, a New Jersey woman won a nearly $290,000 jackpot playing Divine Fortune on via her mobile device while she was on a conference call for work.

“I almost screamed out loud,” Pamela said.

Another woman was playing Divine Fortune while she was working out on a treadmill. She played for about five minutes and spent $10 before she hit a $61,226 jackpot.

“I was so shocked I almost fell off the treadmill,” she said.

NJ online casinos and a new daily routine

Online casinos are certainly not anything new for the Garden State. However, as stories continue to emerge about gamblers winning big jackpots on their mobile phones, the world gets to see what the typical online gambler looks like.

Limiting the sample space to Divine Fortune, you see that people have incorporated gambling into their daily routine.

One winner is a cancer survivor who was trying her luck a few times before bed. Another winner was a teacher who was at home working out on her treadmill.

Yet another Divine Fortune victor was a construction company superintendent whose knees were literally knocking after he pulled down a nearly $194,000 jackpot. His wife thought he needed to go to the emergency room.

If these examples show us anything, it’s that the average NJ gambler is starting to shift. Online gambling has made playing slots, in particular, something you can do anywhere, even during a conference call.

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