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Written By Matt Perry on January 25, 2017

[toc]Blackjack is the casino game of choice for New Jersey casino players seeking an edge.

The game of course has a wide reputation for being beatable with card counting, and it’s well-known that blackjack, played correctly, offers a very low house edge.

Well, at SugarHouse Casino, that edge just got a lot lower. New Jersey online blackjack fans can now play Single-Deck Blackjack there.

As you might imagine, this is the same as your regular old blackjack game but with just one 52-card deck in play rather than the usual six to eight.

This is great news for blackjack aficionados.

What’s so great about single-deck blackjack anyway?

When it comes to blackjack decks, less is most definitely more.

Ask any blackjack expert and they’ll tell you that the fewer decks in the shoe, the better – and you can’t get fewer than one!

Fewer decks means more blackjacks

It may seem counterintuitive, but the fewer decks that are being used in a blackjack game, the higher your chances of being dealt blackjack. You have a 4.83 percent chance of being dealt blackjack and an automatic win in any given hand of Single-Deck Blackjack!

In a regular six-deck game, that drops way down to 4.5 percent.

We won’t get too mathematical, but it’s basically as follows: In a single-deck blackjack game, if you are dealt an ace, then there are 16/51 remaining cards to make blackjack. In a double-deck blackjack game, there are 32/103 remaining cards to make blackjack.

You might be thinking: sure, but the dealer gets more blackjacks too! That’s true, but remember that a blackjack to you is worth 3:2, whereas a dealer blackjack is simply an even-money loss.

Double downs are more effective

For the same reason, doubling down is a much more powerful play in Single-Deck Blackjack games. If you double down on an 11, then you are marginally more likely to draw a 10 or face card to make 21.

More online casino games at Sugarhouse NJ

If you want a break from the blackjack tables, we’ve got you covered.

On top of this great new addition to their range of blackjack variants, Sugarhouse boast a huge arsenal of online slots games, as well as other classic casino table games such as roulette.

Sugarhouse Casino is one of the newcomers to the NJ online casino scene, has hundreds of online casino games on offer and a $10 to $20 free bonus for all new players who sign up.

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