SugarHouse Sportsbook Introduces Jackpot Parlay Feature On NJ Sports Betting Site

Posted By Kim Yuhl on August 31, 2018

It has been a busy week for SugarHouse online casino.

To begin with, the NJ online casino launched mobile NJ sports betting — aka the SugarHouse Sportsbook. It was the first online sports betting operator in the Garden State to offer an integrated mobile sportsbook and online casino.

As if launching a new online vertical wasn’t enough, the casino is busy differentiating itself ahead of more online sportsbooks joining the fray. The new mobile sportsbook added a new feature to its lineup of wagering options: the Jackpot Parlay.

We reached out to SugarHouse Sportsbook to learn more about the new feature. Mattias Stetz, Chief Operating Officer of Rush Street Interactive, the operator of, spoke to us about the new feature.

Stetz said the idea behind the Jackpot Parlay was to create a casino-like feature for sports betting, where the players can win big jackpots with small stakes.

“It takes some elements from a slot machine and adds a sports twist to it. The games are randomly generated, and if you want different games you can click the ‘re-pick’ button, and the randomizers spit out a new selection, very much like spinning a slot machine. You can even hold on to one or two games and re-pick the rest, just like in a video poker game.”

How to sports bet with Jackpot Parlay

The new Jackpot Parlay is something similar to a quick pick lottery ticket. A player comes in, selects a few criteria, and wagers a small amount. All that is left is to sit back, watch the games and hope for a big score.

“This feature is ideal for someone that wants to make a gameday exciting without spending a lot of time selecting games to bet on,” Stetz elaborated. “For example, tomorrow is the first full Saturday of college football with a lot of different games. You want to have a bet on, but not sure which games to pick? Select “football” in the Jackpot Parlay feature and how many games you want to include (the more games, the bigger the jackpot), and that’s it.”

To place a Jackpot Parlay bet:

  1. Select Jackpot Parlay from home page.
  2. A screen with the default of eight random games will pop up along with the jackpot for those eight games.
  3. Change the sport, the timeframe, the number of games, and the amount of the wager — or leave it as is.
  4. Place the bet and wait to see if you hold a winner.

As you start to make changes to the criteria, you will notice the jackpot changes. The jackpot is determined based on the number of games selected and the bet amount. For the parlay to collect the posted jackpot, all game outcomes on the parlay need to be correct.

“The fun thing about the jackpot parlay is that it has the potential for life-changing amounts. Combining 8 or 9 games can turn one dollar in hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Stetz.

In the example below a 50 cent bet has the potential payout of $213,749.78.

A few things to note:

  • The minimum number of games eligible for the Jackpot Parlay is three. The maximum amount of games vary based on the available games that match the criteria selected.
  • The Jackpot Parlay is open for live games and games beginning within the next 24 hours.
  • Selecting live games increases the chance of the odds changing before placing the bet.

One bettor cashed in after picking a winning nine

Stetz revealed about 35 percent of all bets during Sugarhouse Sportsbook’s first week were parlay bets. There is a strong appeal to the new sports bettor to have some help in creating a parlay. Parlays are attractive because a player can turn a small bet into a big windfall.

To illustrate the power of the parlay, last Sunday a player hit a nine-game parlay at SugarHouse Sportsbook online. It was not a Jackpot Parlay because the player manually made his picks, but it is the largest game parlay to hit in the first week of launch.

The player turned $5 into $809.51 when correctly picking the outcome of nine games. The winning player bet the moneyline on all of the games. Seven of the picks were favorites, and the remaining two were underdogs.

Here are the games that were on the winning ticket:

  • Chicago White Sox at Detroit Tigers (7-1)
  • Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays (1-9)
  • Philadelphia Phillies at Toronto Blue Jays (8-3)
  • Oakland A’s (underdog) at Minnesota Twins (6-2)
  • Cincinnati Reds at Chicago Cubs (0-9)
  • St Louis Cardinals (underdog) at Colorado Rockies (12-3)
  • Texas Rangers at San Francisco Giants (1-3)
  • Houston Astros at Los Angeles Angels (3-1)
  • San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers (3-7)

There is just over a week until football season kicks off. Expect more online and mobile sportsbooks to enter the New Jersey market.

SugarHouse, the only live casino-sportsbook combination in New Jersey, is busy rolling out features that appeal to both experienced and new sports bettors. Jackpot Parlay is evidence of that strategy. And SugarHouse Sportsbook alludes to more innovations on the horizon, so keep your eyes open for more to come.

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