At SugarHouse Sportsbook, NFL Betting Was The Story Of The Week

Written By Bart Shirley on December 11, 2018

Sometimes sports betting is a matter of making do with what’s there.

Last week at SugarHouse Sportsbook, bettors had a slate of NFL games and one lone college match to get into the NJ sports betting groove.

The ups and downs of NFL betting

Football continues to rule in the USA. This week’s edition, though not as demonstrative as in previous weeks, offered plenty of intrigues.

For one thing, the New England Patriots found themselves uncharacteristically on the losing end of luck. The playoff contenders lost heartbreakingly to the Miami Dolphins by a single point.

The Dolphins won thanks to a desperation play that involved two laterals. The play allowed the Dolphins to cover point spreads resoundingly, which mostly predicted that the Patriots would win by more than a touchdown.

The Los Angeles Raiders also prevailed in their showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Raiders were 10 point underdogs to the Steelers but found a way to squeak out a 3-point victory.

However, bettors could not have known that a Dolphins or Raiders win was in the offing. Instead, the game that drew the most action was the collision between two playoff contenders, the Los Angeles Rams and Chicago Bears.

Popular options for SugarHouse Sportsbook

Two other popular games were the Cowboys/Eagles game and the Saints/Buccaneers game. The Saints, as it happened, improved their performance against the spread to 10-3 for this season.

In fact, the New Orleans team has been one of the top performers all year.

As far as the games that made bettors smile, none provided more grins than the Titans‘ blowout of the hapless Jaguars. Jacksonville continues to struggle regardless of whether it Bortles or not.

Finally, there were only one college football game thanks to the lull before the bowl season. Thankfully, the lone college football game this weekend was the latest chapter in one of the most storied rivalries in the land.

The annual Army-Navy game drew more action than most NFL games thanks to its monopoly on the schedule.

As usual, the rivalry brought out the best in both teams. Ultimately, though Navy lost by a touchdown, the 3-10 team proved a game challenger to the 10-3 Black Knights.

An epic parlay and an epic win

Perhaps the happiest player at SugarHouse Sportsbook this week was the parlay bettor that took the Dolphins, Colts, Browns, Eagles and Ravens to cover the spread. A $1,000 wager turned into a $25,000 bonanza when the smoke cleared on Sunday.

The Duke basketball team is also performing better than expectations in the early stretches of the NCAA basketball season. The Blue Devils are 6-4 against the spread and have two freshmen players that are expected to be top 5 picks in next year’s NBA draft.

All in all, it was a good week to be a football fan.

For those who want to look ahead, the Kansas City Chiefs will duel the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 15, so get ready for what will be a preview game for the playoffs.

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