Sharing Is Caring With Tropicana Online Casino’s $7K Giveaway

Written By Daniel Smyth on March 5, 2018

If you live by the phrase “sharing is caring,” has you covered this week.

Starting today and running until 11:59 p.m. on March 8, the latest Bonus Share promo has $7,000 up for grabs.

As per Tropicana’s standard playing conditions, the money is split between everyone that meets the minimum requirements. So, it’s important to note at this point that you won’t be able to win $7,000 in free credits. However, what you can get is a share of the prize pool based on two factors:

  • The number of challenges you complete.
  • The number of players that complete at least one challenge.

Win when your peers win

For those that haven’t quite got the gist of what this offer entails, think of it like this: Tropicana online casino has a pot of money and everyone can claim an equal share of it.

Now, as we’ve said, the actual amount you’ll receive at the end of this promotion will depend on how much you stake and the total number of entries. For example, let’s say there were 20 people who all completed two challenges. This means there would be 40 tickets in circulation, which would entitle each player to $350 in bonus cash. How did we arrive at that figure? Easy:

  • One challenge = One ticket
  • 20 players times two challenges = 40 tickets / $7,000 = one ticket is worth $175
  • $175 times 2 = $350 in bonus cash for each player

The more you play, the bigger the split

Naturally, the more entry tickets you earn and the fewer players that complete challenges, the better your cut of the prize pool will be.

Unfortunately, there are some caveats. The first is that you can only earn three tickets during the promo period. On top of this, you’ll have to get busy. Although the challenges aren’t impossible to complete, they will require a little bit of effort:

  • Make a net deposit of at least $50 and wager through your net deposit one time.
  • Wager at least $50 using the NJ mobile casino app.
  • Wager at least $50 on two or more days during the promotional period.

As you can see, the first challenge is fairly straightforward and shouldn’t really tax the majority of players. The same goes for challenge two and those that like to game on the go.

The one hurdle that might cause low stakes players to stumble is the third challenge. Although staking a total of $100 isn’t outrageous, the “consecutive” part might catch some players out. In other words, you’ll either have to play today (March 5) and Tuesday, Tuesday and Wednesday or Wednesday and Thursday.

Slots will make your life easier

Fortunately, we do have a way for you to make this a little easier: play slots. With the average slot spin taking less than two seconds, you can literally race through hundreds of bets per hour.

Based on an average stake of ten cents per spin and a rate of five spins per minute, you’d only need to play for 100 minutes (just over an hour and a half) to reach your daily target. Assuming you can manage this, there’s no reason you can’t complete all three challenges by March 8. But, even if you can’t hit the max number of tickets, it’s still fairly simple to tick off at least one.

Naturally, like any Tropicana Casino bonus you claim, there are some bonus restrictions. On this occasion, your free credits aren’t cashable. This means you can’t withdraw the bonus. However, you can use the funds to play and win on any real money casino game at Tropicana.

Anything you earn from your reward is then yours to keep once you’ve wagered your bonus amount once.

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Embrace the Tropicana Casino community

If that latest “sharepot” isn’t enough to pique your interests, Tropicana also has a community jackpot. Anytime you’re playing a real money NJ online casino game at Tropicana Casino (or Virgin Casino), a key could appear on the screen. By clicking on the key, you’ll enter a special game where you win one of four prizes:

  • Gold: $10,000
  • Silver: $5,000
  • Bronze: $1,000
  • Green: $500

If you’re not quite lucky enough to play for the community jackpot, you still have a change to win a community prize. Basically, if someone else unlocks the jackpot in the 60 minutes since you’ve played for real money, you’ll collect a prize. The more you’ve wagered, the more you’ll win. However, even if you’d only completed a single slot spin for ten cents, you’d win a share of $20,000 in cash.

The online casino world can often feel like a cold, somewhat lonely place. At Tropicana, things are different. By taking part in this week’s community giveaways, you’ll not only feel the love, but you’ll win when your peers do.

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