11 Twitter Accounts You Must Follow In 2017 If You Care About Online Poker

Written By Steve Ruddock on May 27, 2017 - Last Updated on May 29, 2017

[toc]Daily fantasy sports and other emerging industries like eSports may be commandeering most of the gaming industry’s headlines, but more traditional industries like poker are trying to work through some of their problems. The field could undergo a rebirth of sorts in 2017.

Disruption is occurring on several different fronts, from online gaming legalization efforts in several U.S. states, to the emergence of new media channels, to the infusion of new ideas to promote the game.

Here are the people and outlets you should be following on Twitter to make sure you don’t miss any of the developments on the online poker front in 2017.

11. Joe Ingram

Joe Ingram’s poker stock is at an all-time high. In addition to his popular podcast, Ingram is a ubiquitous figure in the poker world. From collaborating with Doug Polk, to starting the GTO club, to writing a book, to his high-profile social media presence, it’s hard to avoid Ingram these days.

Follow Joe Ingram on Twitter.

10. Doug Polk

Doug Polk is rewriting the poker training site rule book. Polk, a legend in the high-stakes community, recently transitioned to the business side of the game. As a result, he’s embraced social media, YouTube, and Twitch. Additionally, he brings  a level of entertainment to his podcasts and videos the poker world hasn’t seen before.

Polk’s ability to blend strategic advice and entertainment has made him a household name in poker.

Follow Doug Polk on Twitter.

9. Jason Somerville

Jason Somerville continues to be one of the most popular and entertaining players in the poker world. Despite his success, he continues to be one of the hardest working people in poker.

Somerville ushered in the livestreaming era to poker. He is a member of Team PokerStars Pro, an online poker legend, a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner with over $3.6 million in career tournament earnings, and launched the RunItUp brand, which has taken on a life of its own from live events to merchandise.

Somerville is also an outspoken advocate for legalized online poker, a role he takes very seriously.

Follow Jason Somerville on Twitter.

8. The Poker Players Alliance

Online gambling expansion may have slowed down a bit. There are still several states exploring online gaming expansion, and the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is on the scene to keep its members and the poker community updated and informed.

Furthermore, there is always the threat of some Sheldon Adelson-inspired federal ban, and for this alone, the PPA is a good follow, as the organization will keep you up to date on any developments on that front.

Follow the Poker Players Alliance on Twitter.

7. Kevin Mathers

Kevin Mathers is now settled into his new role at PocketFives.com, as well as a the social media czar for the WSOP during the summer series. KevMath also continues to do the Lord’s work on Twitter, where he keeps the poker community updated on anything and everything going on, and patiently answers the countless queries he receives every day.

Follow Kevin Mathers on Twitter.

6. Alex Dreyfus

After an up and down first season, Alex Dreyfus’s Global Poker League is prepping a Season 2, as well as some offshoot projects, such as GPL China and esports integration.

For these reasons, as well as his insights on the industry at large, his social media account is a solid source of information on Poker Twitter.

Follow Alexandre Dreyfus on Twitter.

5. Adam Small

Adam Small is the big cheese over at PocketFives.com, but the reason Small is included on this list is because the longtime industry veteran provides a unique, informed perspective on many of the poker debates that occur on Twitter. He brings a point of view that is often overlooked by the media and players.

Follow Adam Small on Twitter.

4. Alex Weldon

Weldon’s work on PartTimePoker.com is some of the freshest poker writing in the industry. Whether he’s discussing game design, offering opinions about the latest issue in the poker world, or breaking down key hands from major tournaments, Weldon has unique perspectives and takes on different issues.

Agree or disagree with his takes, his columns always provide plenty of food for thought.

Follow Alex Weldon on Twitter.

3. Matt Glantz

Glantz is a lightning rod of sorts in poker, but in all of his exchanges, the Poker Night in America surrogate is honest, informed, forthcoming, and civil.

Matt’s also privy to a lot of the behind-the-scenes action in poker, and is a solid follow for anyone trying to get a glimpse at the “real” poker world.

Follow Matt Glantz on Twitter.

2. Daniel Negreanu

Negreanu is still “the man” when it comes to poker. His social media account runs the gamut from veganism to the power of a positive mindset, but the primary focus is and always be poker.

Negreanu isn’t afraid to chime in on any of the latest poker controversies. Whether its shot clocks, controversial players, or the poker ecosystem, Negreanu will have a strong opinion, and he’ll let you know what it is.

Follow Daniel Negreanu on Twitter.

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