Chase Away The Winter Blues With Virgin Casino’s Happy Hours Bonus

Written By Daniel Smyth on January 22, 2019

What’s better than a cup of warm cocoa on chilly days like these? A roaring fire? A cozy blanket?

However,  if you’re a Virgin Casino customer, there’s something even better this week. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s bonus cash.

However, instead of supporting you when the sun is shining, this week’s Virgin online casino offer is designed to chase away the winter blues.

Not sure what we mean? Let us explain.

Warm up with Virgin’s Chilly Happy Hours

In a twist on its typical happy hour promos, Virgin Casino is giving you money when you lose.

Under normal circumstances, those who play during specified happy hours get something extra based on the time or effort they put in. That could mean earning a certain amount of loyalty points, wagering cash on selected games, or simply making a deposit.

However, with the winter weather threatening to freeze your fortunes, Virgin’s happy hours have a different look this week.

By taking to the tables or slots over the next few days, you can get cash back if things don’t go your way. Running through Jan. 24, this promotion is your chance to receive a rebate worth up to $180.

Naturally, being a happy hour offer, you need to play during specific times to receive some money back.

But, before we tell you about that, there are two things you need to know. Firstly, you need to wager at least $10 during the playing periods to be eligible for a playback payment. Secondly, the more active you are, the bigger your bonus will be.

The right time to smile and be happy

Assuming you’re happy with all that, you’ll need to play at least once during these happy hours:

  • Play between 6 and 7 p.m. ET to receive a 20 percent rebate worth up to $20 in bonus cash.
  • Play between 7 and 8 p.m. ET to receive a 15 percent rebate worth up to $20 in bonus cash.
  • Play between 8 and 9 p.m. ET to receive a 10 percent rebate worth up to $20 in bonus cash.

Play all three sessions in a day and you could receive up to $60 in losses back. Manage that each day until Jan. 24 and you’ll offset a run of bad luck worth up to $180.

As you can see, the earlier in the day you play, the better your earning power will be. However, even if you only squeeze in some bets during the late shift, 10 percent of your net losses back is still a nice little winter warmer.

Only the losers win this week

Perhaps the most important caveat you need to be aware of is that only losers win this week.

If you’re in red hot form, you won’t need any help blowing off the icicles. However, if you’ve been banging your head against a block of ice for the last few days, this offer is perfect.

According to Virgin’s NJ online casino, you’re a “loser” and, therefore, eligible for a rebate if you end the day with a net loss:

“A net loss is equal to your total wager minus your total win each qualifying day during the promotional period.”

To put it another way, you’ll have a “net loss” if your daily bets outweigh your total payouts. For example, if you wagered $100 and only won back $70, you’d be down $30 for the day. If you accrued this loss during the first happy hour, you’d receive a $6 rebate (20 percent of $30 = $6).

For argument’s sake, if your net loss during the session was $130, your cash back bonus would be $20 because 20 percent of $130 is $6 above the maximum payout. So, it’s important to keep in mind the maximum payouts.

Virgin’s safety net will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside

Anyone who finds themselves fighting off the forces of bad luck will receive their playback payment in the form of a NJ online casino bonus. Virgin online casino regulars will know that this means your free funds aren’t cashable. In other words, you can’t withdraw your bonus.

However, you can use it to play any real money game you wish. The benefit of this is that you can win real money that’s yours to keep once you meant the 1x playthrough.

Even if you’re a low stakes novices, meeting the wagering requirement shouldn’t be a problem.

What’s more, this Virgin online deal as a whole is perfect for players at all levels. Everyone, regardless of how skilled they are, can go through a bad patch.

So, to know you’ve got a safety net ready to catch you this week should leave you feeling all warm inside.

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