It’s Time To Play Family Feud, Online At Virgin Casino In New Jersey That Is

Family Feud Debut Virgin Casino NJ
Thanks to Virgin Casino, yet another screamingly popular TV game show is now available in slot form.

The NJ online casino operator recently debuted Family Feud for its desktop client, becoming just the second NJ-based operator to do so, behind sister site Tropicana Casino.

With the launch, Virgin Casino continues upon its recent trend of delivering exclusive or near exclusive game show-themed content to the market.

Last August, Virgin went live with Deal Or No Deal — a slot title that remains unique to the Virgin platform to this day.

More top-tier content for Virgin Casino

The launch of Family Feud on Virgin Casino is significant for a variety of reasons:

  • First and foremost, it brings with it a ton of brand recognition, as Family Feud is currently the #1 game show in syndication.
  • The show’s popularity is reaching a boiling point, with ratings up “nearly fivefold” from the 2009-10 season to the present.
  • Most NJ online casino slot lobbies are nearly carbon copies of one another, sharing most of the same games. By introducing top-tier and hard-to-find content, Virgin provides players with a compelling reason to choose its platform over another.

A statement from Leon Earp, General Manager of Gamesys US (operator of Virgin Casino), in a recent presser, sums up these sentiments best:

“Family Feud is a long running and well-loved name in TV game shows, and we’re always looking ahead to introduce more new and exciting content to our players.”

The Family Feud brand is probably more familiar to gamblers hailing from the Garden State than most, as the program has held live auditions in Atlantic City, and more recently in nearby Philadelphia.

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The basics of gameplay

Family Feud should feel pretty familiar to players that frequent Virgin Casino’s slot lobby.

The game is a penny slot, featuring five reels and 15 paylines. Wagering denominations run the gamut from just $0.15 per spin all the way up to $30 — far wider than the bet spread offered by most land-based casino slots.

Family Feud Virgin Casino NJ

From our experience, we found that there were three ways to hit it big:

  • Wild symbols: Line match payouts for Family Feud tend toward the bigger side, so even the addition of one or two well placed Wild Symbols can see players rack up the winnings in a hurry.
  • Scatters: Unlike most other games, scatters don’t award free spins or unlock a special feature. Instead, they offer players an immediate payout: 3x – 50x the wager size depending on the number of symbols.
  • Bonus Spins Feature: Three bonus symbols on any payline will activate the Pick Bonus feature. From there, players will be whisked away to a new screen where they’ll choose from 15 cards, accumulating free spins and win multipliers. The bonus game initiates when players choose the “Play” card.

Survey says: Great fun, but ties to game show are skin deep

In terms of presentation, the designers took great pains to capture the spirit of the Family Feud game show. The music, art design, even the reel icons, are all in tune with what Family Feud fans might expect.

It’s just too bad they didn’t adapt more of the TV show’s gameplay mechanics for the slot title, similar to how Deal or No Deal did with its Banker’s Offer and briefcase themed bonus round.

And no Steve Harvey, that’s a shame.

That small grievance aside, Family Feud proves a more than worthy addition to Virgin’s slot lobby, for the following:

  • Like the majority of penny slots, a lot of the return is wrapped up in the bonus game, but it’s not so bad where players cannot keep their head above water without hitting a bonus. In fact, the biggest payout (10,000x) can occur during normal spins.
  • The scatter feature is a nice touch, that hits with a rather high frequency.
  • The gameplay is as smooth as butter, with no apparent lag. Server disconnects were non-existent.
  • The low number of paylines makes it so players can get their fill on the cheap — as little as $0.15 per wager.

While we weren’t able to determine the exact return for this product, our trials suggest that it’s a fair play, in line with some of the industry’s better slot terminals.

Give it a try on desktop, and (hopefully) mobile in the near future.

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