Spin Your Way On To The Ski Slopes With Virgin Casino’s Adventures Promo

Posted By Daniel Smyth on November 14, 2017

[toc]If you feel like your profits are on the slide lately and things are starting to snowball out of control, sit tight. We’ve got a deal for you.

After scouring the New Jersey online casino scene, we’ve managed to pick out a cool little deal that will lift your spirits as you slide down the mountains in Vermont.

Not quite sure what we’re talking about? Well, if you’re a casino player and fan of skiing, Virgin Casino New Jersey is giving you the chance to indulge your two passions this month with its latest giveaway. Part of the operator’s “Adventures” series, this promotion is giving you the chance to win a weekend skiing trip worth $2,000.

Of course, you don’t have to be a wizard on the slopes to enjoy this mini-vacation. The après-ski in Vermont will be more than enough to keep you warm. Basically, if you love playing online casino games of all shapes and sizes, you can win a trip to Vermont worth $2,000 by placing a few bets at Virgin Online Casino this November.

Login, play, repeat and (possibly) win

Now, as a point of order, this promotion actually started on Nov. 1. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter because the outcome isn’t solely dependent on the amount you’ve wagered throughout the month. To explain what we mean, here’s a breakdown of the latest Virgin Adventures promo:

  • This deal is set to run from 12:01am ET, Nov. 1 until 11:59pm ET, Nov. 30.
  • Every registered real money player on Virgin Casino can enter this promotion and will be given a single entry to a prize draw for every $50 they wager during the promo period.
  • Each day, you can claim a maximum of 5 prize draw entries based on your wagering activity. For example, if you wager $50 on a valid game, you’ll receive one entry. Wager $100 on the same game or any other and you’ll receive two entries. Continue this pattern throughout the day until you reach the five-entry maximum for that day.
  • Valid games in the context of this promotion are: 90 ball bingo, slots, tables games, video poker, and keno.
  • Once the promo period closes, a random draw will take place on Friday, Dec. 1.

Now, when you look at how this deal works, it doesn’t really matter if you start playing on Nov. 1 or Nov. 30. Because the winner is determined by a random draw, you could technically bag a single entry and win the $2,000 prize package. However, as you can also see, the more entries you obtain, the greater your chances of getting picked.

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Is this deal +EV for me?

At this point, you’re probably wondering what the catch is. Well, unlike many of the best New Jersey online casino bonuses, there isn’t much you have to do once you’ve followed the steps we’ve outlined above. Because you aren’t receiving any bonus credits, you don’t have to worry about wagering requirements or betting restrictions.

As long as you’re not an employee of Tropicana Atlantic City and/or Gamesys and you’re not using bots or other illicit tactics to game the system, you simply have to play.

The counter to this is that there is only one prize up for grabs and you’re not guaranteed to win anything at the end of the deal. However, it’s worth noting that the value of the prize is more than you’d typically receive with a standard bonus. In fact, if you’re a low stakes player who only goes online a couple of times each week, this Virgin Casino NJ promo is fantastic, as it doesn’t unfairly favor the high rollers.

What’s more, $50 isn’t a huge investment when you consider that this figure is based on the amount you wager and not the amount you lose. So, you could win $100 on your first a lot spin, lose $50 of that money but gain entry to a draw and still exit the game with a $50 profit. That’s something that casual players should be aware of and, in our opinion, a reason this deal is worth shooting for this November.

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