How To Play Your Best Online Roulette And Where To Find It

[toc]To win at roulette, mastering the betting moves and the odds is essential. You also need to know which online casinos in NJ offer the game. This ultimate guide to winning at roulette in NJ breaks it all down.

Roulette basics

Roulette is a game of perfect mathematics that favors casinos. There are different versions of the game:

  • American
  • European
  • French

Playing roulette online is not very different from playing in a physical casino. One difference is in the options though. As an online player, you can play free games or play roulette for real money. You can also play on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

The main feature on roulette games is the wheel. In a live casino, you will have a dealer known as a croupier spinning the wheel and rolling the ball around the circumference of the wheel. The croupier will wait for the ball to bounce into a slot, then declare the winning color and number. Online, a random number generator determines the outcome.

You win if you placed your bet on a color, number or other feature that matches the winning number slot. You can place bets on:

  • One number
  • A set of numbers
  • A color
  • Other special bets

Almost all roulette bets have the same odds.

American and European odds

When playing roulette online, you’ll see games clearly marked as American and European. American roulette has two zero slots, while European-style has one. The difference between the 37 number spots on European-style roulette wheels and the 38 on American-roulette wheels affects the odds of both.

The added wagering spot is why players prefer European roulette. The addition of another slot of American-style roulette wheels compromise the odds. If given a choice between the two, you should always pick European roulette to reduce house edge.

Payouts on roulette bets

There are different bets covering different amounts of numbers. Those bets have different chances of winning, so there are varying payouts. It begins with a payout ratio of 1:1, where you bet $1 and can win $2 back. It goes all the way to a 35:1 payout for a Straight Up number bet, where you bet $1 on a single number and can win back $36.

Picking the best and safest online roulette game

New Jersey has over 14 recognized and licensed online casinos and most of them offer roulette. There are many scam websites where players play and win only for casinos to refuse to pay them. This is why it is best to play on legally recognized online casinos in New Jersey.

Before you put your money down, check that the online casino has the following qualities:

  • Withdrawal times that do not exceed 24 hours
  • A significant history of fair play
  • Customer support that is in-house rather than outsourced
  • Table limits that work for low as well as high stake players
  • Graphics that give a player a realistic look and feel of the game
  • Variations of the game
  • The option to play other games from the same account

Beware of scam roulette betting software

Since the launch of online roulette and other online casino games, people have been looking for ways to beat them rather than win at them. People started to sell with gambling-related software programs. These programs are supposed to run as players play at an online casino. The software is then supposed to tell you where to place a winning bet.

The truth is these software programs are scams. However, they have managed to take many players for a ride. They come with false claims of being able to siphon money from the casino on autopilot or to have been developed by a former casino programmer.

Others claim that they exploit flaws in a casino’s software or that they have helped players to win millions. Examples are:

  • World Best Roulette System
  • Roulette Killer,
  • Roulette Sniper

Where to find online roulette

If you are a beginner, you can take advantage of free games offered that allow you to try your hand at roulette without any risk. If you are a seasoned player, or if you feel confident about your abilities, you can play for money at any of the following top-rated New Jersey online casinos:


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