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The company behind PokerStars is now bringing sports betting to New Jersey thanks to its BetStars platform.

Resorts Atlantic City and its online partner, the Stars Group, announced their plans to launch a new BetStars-branded online sportsbook in New Jersey in the summer of 2018. On Sept. 13, BetStars launched its Android app in the NJ online sportsbook market, becoming the eighth to enter the field. Its iOS app went live on Oct. 20.

The new platform is expected to carve out a significant portion of the NJ sports betting market, completing the iGaming trifecta started by the PokerStars casino and poker room.

While it is a Canadian company, the Stars Group holds global licenses. The company prides itself on being strictly regulated and efficiently certified. The goal of the company is to help players be in full control of their accounts. BetStars online sports betting wants players to feel comfortable with every aspect of their sportsbook.

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BetStars NJ
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BetStars NJ is the sports betting arm The Stars Group and PokerStars NJ. Available on iOS and Android, BetStars offers an easy-to-use software program with a wide variety of sports and bets. Well-known in Europe, BetStars is making a name for itself in New Jersey sports betting with perhaps the best selection of bonuses and deals.

Bottom line: BetStars NJ sportsbook builds on a popular poker brand in New Jersey.

BetStars online sports betting is kin to the famous PokerStars and demands similar respect. The platform was created by the Stars Group Inc., which prides itself on being one of the most trusted and reputable companies in online gaming.

Downloading the BetStars app for Android and iPhone

The BetStars sportsbook app is user-friendly and quick to download. The app is available for either iOS or Android mobile devices. Plus, the location verification is simple, hasty and accurate.

Downloading the app on either an iOS or Android device is simple and efficient. With BetStars, players do not have to wait forever for multiple functions to secure and authenticate the download. Merely visit the BetStars website on the chosen mobile device and follow the onscreen prompts. Once the sportsbook app has downloaded, players will be able to sign up from the same mobile device.

Download the BetStars NJ app on your phone today

Signing up at BetStars

Creating an account on BetStars is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. The platform can be accessed from the BetStars website via the player’s mobile device. Once the download process is complete, the new player creates an account, verifies their location and then they are ready to go.

After a player logs in for the first time, the system recalls login details from the same device. That way, the login process is even quicker for subsequent logins. This feature is nice in that it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the game or getting in the zone.

BetStars NJ Odds Boosts and Promos – March 2019

Bet Three Get One Free: BetStars NJ Sportsbook is offering customers a free $10 bet. Customers need only make three point-spread bets of $10 each on any NCAA Tournament games. The free offer is available to use on any bet. The free bet must be used on any sport within seven days. Promotion applies to all March Madness games until March 31.

Home of the Underdog: Do you enjoy rooting for lower seeds in the NCAA Tournament to cause chaos? If so, you will enjoy the new offer from BetStars NJ Sportsbook. Place a $20 wager on a No. 2 seed or lower to win this year’s NCAA Championship and earn a $10 free bet for every round they advance. The free bet can be used on any sport within seven days. Promotion applies to all NCAA Tournament games until March 31.

Betting on BetStars sportsbook

Sports betting is serious business. The way a person bets and the preferences a person has is essential to the enjoyment of the platform. If the player does not have the option to bet the way he or she likes, the player likely has no use for the platform.

Fortunately, there are many types of betting options available throughout the BetStars platform. Here is a list of the different betting options that each player has across the span of different games:

Straight bets

When a player makes a straight bet, it is contingent on the outcome of one particular selection within an event. The result could be the winner of the game or the outcome of the next play. The point of a straight bet is that there is only one variable determining the outcome.


Parlays are a little more complex and can become even more so, depending on the number of bets involved. However, players are drawn to this type of bet because the payout is usually substantial. The point, though, is that all the conditions are right to win the bet. The more terms, the better the rewards, but also the higher the stakes. Here are the most common parlays played throughout the BetStars platform:

  • Two-bet parlay
  • Three-bet parlay
  • Four-bet parlay
  • Other parlays: Akin to the parlays as mentioned earlier, bets can consist of five or more (up to 20) different selections. All selections must align successfully for the player to win the parlay.

Round-robin bets

Round-robins take parlays to the next level. While parlays are different sections, Round-robins are different parlays. The way the BetStars platform is set up is to create all possible bet combinations for the player. That means it does not matter how many picks the player selects; the platform can do this.

Odds boost and enhanced parlays

Odds boost is an exclusive betting option at BetStars that allows players to enhance their original bets. Usually, features of odds boost include an improved price for a number of teams, players or fighters to win their respective events on a given day. The boosted bet is generally greater than the combined price for the same exclusive collections. The boost enhances the reward, should these bets pay out.

It is important to note that the rules for wagers may vary game to game. Each game will have a list of exemptions that will override a general rule.

Cash-out option

Cashing out of existing bets is not possible for odds boosts and enhanced plays. However, on many other forms of bets, throughout the different sports available on the platform, there is a cash-out option provided. The most common availability though is on parlays and straight bets.

BetStars does everything possible to allow the cashing out of existing bets. Although, the platform reserves the right to void the cashing out of bets, due to errors or changes in policy.

Sports available on BetStars sportsbook

Sports betting is serious business across the globe, and as sports fans are aware, there are many different sports. Fandom, however, is usually overshadowed by the availability of odds and wagers for most sports bettors. Fortunately, there is a plethora of different sports available throughout the digital BetStars sportsbook field.

Here is a list of sports that players can follow in real time, bet on, and enjoy through the BetStars platform:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby Union
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Bet on all your favorite sports at BetStars NJ

Three areas that are exceptional for BetStars sportsbook

Sportsbooks are a new concept. BetStars and other sportsbooks are making their own rules, based on what has worked for other online gaming platforms. Therefore, the exceptional standards that BetStars upholds are praiseworthy.

Even compared to the other gaming platforms, BetStars has created a mobile platform that is a cut above the rest. Here are a few of the excellent additions that make this online gaming outlet so user-friendly:

BetStars app download

Notoriously, downloading online game platforms are a hassle. There are so many hoops that platforms must jump through; it is understandably difficult to create an easily downloadable app, especially for sportsbooks.

However, BetStars has figured out how to make downloading the app quick and considerably less invasive. Of course, players appreciate this because it means they do not have to wait as long. Fluidity in the download also inspires confidence in the security of the platform.

One wallet, many functions

Some popular sportsbooks, which have other online gaming platforms attached, separate the finances. The separation makes it incredibly difficult and confusing for players. It’s frustrating figuring out which funds are available for which account, ultimately when the money is going to the same place.

Thankfully, BetStars has experience enough to know that this is not the experience players want. Thus, BetStars offers players one wallet, where all funds can be bet, on either poker or sports. The simplicity eliminates confusion and annoyance, making it more fun to play the games.

Quick and efficient service

The parent company for BetStars, the Stars Group, strives to provide quality service to their players, across all their platforms. Thus, take extra care so its support is quick and efficient, while its transactions are smooth. The support team available for BetStars is always available, every day, to facilitate a fast response.

Three areas of BetStars that could be improved

The creators of BetStars sportsbook did a great job getting the app ready for sports fans to enjoy. However, there are still some aspects that the platform might want to think about improving. After all, even all-stars have their weaknesses. Here are three places where BetStars could improve:

Welcome bonus

BetStars is not the only sportsbook to offer a miscategorized welcome bonus, which seems to be the going trend for sportsbooks. However, that does not make it any less frustrating. When players are trying out a new online gaming platform, there is an element of trust to be established. With online casinos, players became accustomed to building that trust by having free-play available without a deposit.

With sportsbooks, including BetStars, it seems that free-play (welcome bonuses) and first-deposit bonuses have melded together. This forces players to invest in the platform without ever having a chance to try it out.

No reward option

Generally, there is an option for a VIP program. Sometimes that program is fair, and sometimes it is seemingly only there to fill the void. However, either way, having such a reward system is typical for online gaming platforms and physical casinos worldwide.

BetStars has opted to forgo the VIP program. There is an option for players to sign up for the company loyalty program, yet even that takes some digging. It is not a priority for the platform. Instead, the platform promotes specials and challenges. While it is a unique idea, the VIP reward system is traditional and should be offered alongside promotions.

Lack of browser-playing option

BetStars is a little odd in this respect. The lack of a browser-playing option is something that is costing players. Not everyone wants to be completely mobile; some players are more comfortable using a browser. BetStars not accounting for that is abandoning a large pool of players. Even if the browser option is not a priority, BetStars should at least offer it. If nothing else, having a taste of its mobile sportsbook empire might convert a few players.

Depositing money at BetStars sportsbook

BetStars sportsbook knows how to handle your money.

Here are the different ways players can utilize the unique deposit structure of their BetStars Sportsbook account:

  • ACH/e-check
  • Cash at Cage via Resorts Casino in Atlantic City
  • Neteller
  • PayNearMe
  • PokerStars instant online banking
  • PokerStars+ prepaid card
  • Skrill
  • Visa/Mastercard

Deposit now and start claiming your free bets at BetStars

Withdrawing through BetStars

Often, getting your winnings from online gambling entities can be difficult. Fortunately, with BetStars, receiving funds is easy, with a multitude of secure ways to withdraw money. Here are all the withdraw options available to players:

  • ACH/e-check
  • Cash at Cage via Resorts Casino in Atlantic City
  • Neteller
  • PokerStars+ prepaid card
  • Skrill

Traditional PokerStars and BetStars sportsbook accounts

PokerStars is a well-known platform that has dominated the online poker world. The link that BetStars has to this platform gives it a strong notoriety. However, the traditional PokerStars is not the only reason BetStars sportsbook has been successful.

The success of BetStars sportsbook has a lot to do with the construction of the platform. The notoriety associated with the popular online game did play a role in BetStars initial hype. However, eventually, the app had to break out on its own and forge its own path. BetStars has certainly done that with the quality of the platform. Throughout the short amount of time BetStars has been available, the online sportsbook has successfully cultivated its own following.

Fund accessibility in BetStars

The fund availability is quick and easy. The multifunctional wallet makes depositing and withdrawing funds a simple process.  Plus, players love that there is no distinction between the availability of funds for playing poker and sports betting. BetStars has mastered the duel-purpose of funding, which adds merit to its claim of operating a trustworthy online gambling environment.

BetStars browser betting only

Unfortunately, there is not an option for browser betting through BetStars. While the desktop allows players to research information, login and bankroll their account, the bets are all made via mobile.

This is slightly surprising, considering this is not typical for online gaming platforms. However, the system must work for this platform, because it excels in so many other ways.

Special promotions for BetStars

BetStars has many ongoing special offers players bonus plays, free cash and notoriety throughout the platform. While there is no true loyalty system specifically for BetStars, the platform does offer challenges and special offers constantly.

BetStars sportsbook FAQs

How old does someone have to be to play BetStars Sportsbook?

All BetStars sportsbook players must be at least 21 years old to play, bet, and receive winnings.

Do you have to play in New Jersey?

Yes. BetStars sportsbook is compliant with the regulations set by the Gaming Commission. All players must be physically located in New Jersey while playing. However, the player does not have to be a New Jersey resident. If the person is physically located in New Jersey throughout the betting process, anyone older than 21 can play, deposit and withdraw funds.

Where does BetStars sportsbook get its gambling license?

Resorts Casino in Atlantic City is the online gaming partner for BetStars. It’s interesting because the oldest casino is hulking up its online presence quite a bit. Not only is it becoming a force to be reckoned with throughout online gaming, but it is also excelling in uncharted waters.

Even though there are other sportsbooks available now, this is still a novel concept. Therefore, it is interesting that the oldest casino in Atlantic City is embracing the newest gambling trends.

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